My Convert Life update

So I finally said the words “I’m part of the church now” to my mom last week. 

If you haven’t been following my conversion story, I got baptized without telling my parents. This was almost 4 years ago.

And I finally told my parents last week and they took it well!

It kinda broke my heart though when my mom said, “When it comes to decisions like this, you should’ve talked to me first.” but she’s okay with it and I love her for that. 

I honestly wish my parents were able to be there for my baptism but i always think back to what my bishop said whenever we would talk bout this - “You made the right choice because if you didn’t get baptized that night, you wouldn’t have received all the blessings Heavenly Father gave you since then.”

So after 5 and a half year of dating, we’re engaged! And here’s the story! p.s. sorry for the bad quality of the video. I haven’t gotten all the videos and pictures from that night so this was from Daniel’s mom’s phone.

His mom decided to throw a NYE party at their house and asked us to entertain the guest by doing any kind of performance/skit (like a magic tricks, play the drums, etc). Little did I know this was all planned by Daniel, not his mom! Daniel wanted to do this weird/funny dance we saw on Vine but I knew we couldn’t get the costumes on time.  We were listening to Love is an Open Door from Frozen at that moment so I randomly said we should “sing” and dance to that song instead and we both kinda started liking that idea!  Which is weird because Daniel was already planning on performing with that song from the beginning but I was the one who suggested it. It worked out perfectly for him! So yeah, at the end of the performance in front of everyone, he got down on one knee :) I didn’t want to spoil it but I actually kind of started expecting it when I realized almost all my family and relatives were randomly there at the party… hahah but I was still shocked because I honestly didn’t think my parents would give us their blessings since I wasn’t even done with school yet! So I was like, “No, it can’t be… Daniel hasn’t asked my parents yet! Did he? No, my mom would’ve spoiled it! She can’t keep a secret! Did he!!!? AH!” So I was half expecting it and half not expecting it. And NOW WE’RE ENGAGED.

And I love it when he says “My fiance and I” to others. It’s the best!

I’m sorry but this honestly offends me. 

I’m obviously Mormon and I personally don’t have a problem with civil gay marriage at all (yeah, one of them rare Mormons) but when somebody goes out of their way to do this - especially at a place that is super special to me (and to other Mormons)….. I kinda get angry.

I don’t get it.

You don’t see Mormons going out and mocking other religions. You don’t see them mocking Atheists. Have you ever seen Mormons go to sacred places of other religions and take an inappropriate picture? If you have, I want to apologize for that. To me, the LDS church may be perfect but the people in it are humans and they themselves aren’t perfect so please don’t judge Mormons based off of one person. Just like how I’m not judging the gay community off of this one post. Okay, sorry I’m going on a different topic here. 

But I just don’t get it. 

And I will definitely apologize if this guy is actually Mormon and he didn’t mean any harm posting this but after doing my research (looking at his social media profiles, Google, etc), I don’t think this was posted for an uplifting, spiritual reason.

Okay, bye. This is just my random rants on my blog.