Caroline Appreciation Week: Day 2: Favourite Sassy Scene

Choosing just one scene? Again, not possible! We are talking about the fabulous sass queen. I love that she is always sassy, she doesn’t care who’s in front of her, she says what she thinks. It’s funny and just fantastic!


NO MORE ELENA -the world revolves around me- GILBERT!

Nadia & Katherine

Damon confessing his love and Katherine breaking his heart + Stefan saying he doesn’t miss Katherine

Katherine: “Who’s my favorite? Bonnie or Caroline? *mumbling* Please say Caroline!”

Katherine to Caroline: “Caroline, you are the least horrible person I know.”

Katherine intentionally speaking of Klaus when Tyler is coming

Caroline about kissing Klaus: “it felt really good

Caroline can’t stop thinking about Klaus

Tyler vs Caroline


Stefan defending Caroline


Damon and Caroline having scenes together

Tyler, drunk and sad

Matt & Tyler on a road trip?


Damon teared up Aaron’s neck with his teeth


(Belated) Caroline Appreciation Week: Day 5: Favorite Badass Scene

  • Every time Caroline has kicked Damons ass. She needs to do it more often because he deserves a lot worse than what he has gotten from her.
  • Caroline manipulating Klaus into curing her from his bite. I believe that a part of what she said is true, but she did what she had to do to save her own life.
  • I like this scene because it’s a role reversal. In season 2 Katherine had the power, she could have ended Caroline easily, but now Caroline has the upper hand, she’s the stronger one now.

Caroline and Katherine

Queens of Nola

Part 4

Even still more to come

I also posted an Elijah/Kalijah Gifset… Kings of NOLA!!! you can find it on my page!!!

Once Upon A Character: Caroline Forbes

Now, it’s like I said before. I am not playing favorites here. This is purely on first come, first serve basis. I just wanted to make that announcement. What I want to do and what I plan is that I want to give a deep description of our favorite major characters. This is going to be for EVERYONE. So, there is going to be different characters that people may not like. I’m going to tag this appropriately so don’t worry. However, I do not want any hate going between different groups. So please, enjoy this.

Anyway, on with the show. :)

Anyway, my lovelies, I think most of my people can remember this lovely lady right here. The one and only, Caroline Forbes. 

In her beginning, she started out just like everyone was once upon a time. Humanity. As humans, we’re fallible and we will always make mistakes. Caroline had her own flaws to work through. Despite that, she was your typical popular blonde teenage girl you would see in your own high school

Head Cheerleader. 

Fashionable Teen Vogue.

Bubbly Blonde. 

What girl hasn’t thought about the opposite sex? 

Now, we’ve all done this. We thought we could turn our head away from the screen because you think, ‘Oh, forget it. She’s a typical blonde.’ We think the stereotype of a shallow, superficial blonde. Then we see these scenes, and our attention is caught. 

It was then we started to feel a connection to her. A part of us can relate to whatever she’s going through. That’s what kept our attention to her, giving us hope for that character. The potential of what she could do keeps us watching her. 

Over time, she was human. She had all the qualities that brought out and reminded most of who we are as humans. Our emotions. How we feel everyday, so and so forth. The same routine we go through. Then everything changed when she became a vampire. 

We all thought that would be the end of it all. Caroline became a monster, and there was no change. It was the end of her. 

Little did we know, we were so wrong. 

It was only the beginning. 

Through the seasons, she became the kickass…




And honest.

(Just a bonus for my Klaroline peeps. We all know what happened in that scene.)

Let’s forget how blondes want to have fun.Caroline didn’t miss a bit with that. :) 

How can you not love this girl? Anyway, sh’s a beloved character with a huge support behind it. Still, it’s always good to take a step back and look at the character instead of the ship. There’s too many damn ships if you know what I mean. Anyway, there’s more to come. 

Stay tuned. ;)

5 Reasons Why Katherine and Caroline Would Make Awesome Besties

Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) and Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) may just be our new favorite Vampire Diaries duo! These two badass women made such an excellent team getting the truth out of Dr. Wes, we couldn’t help friend-shipping them together. Here are five reasons we think Caroline and K…

Aww…the last sentence!
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