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If you follow them, you know they’re not their usual selves

“Summary - on Tohoshinki at Sukkiri this morning. (Japanese schedules are arranged in advance and primetime slots are usually difficult to get especially for Korean artists, so this was hard for them”

“You can see how heartbroken Yunho and Changmin are, they will be returning to send Jonghyun off“

At the end of the broadcast, the MC Kato-san said ‘I’m sorry there was a live broadcast at such a time. Thank you for appearing on broadcast although it must have been tough’. Yunho bows in appreciation”

“You know they hardly slept. They didn’t just lose a colleague, they lost a friend, a younger brother”

“Nothing is changed yet. Tokyo Dome is difficult to book and the dates were sold out. If they push on with it, I hope fans going will give them the strength they will need. In all this dark, it will be music that gives light”

“If you are a fan of TVXQ, you will know the dedication they put to their work and performances. Changmin flew in and flew out for a relative’s death a few years back as well. This is not a simple case of money, please don’t ever think that”

“TVXQ couldn’t just cancel a concert. It isn’t just an event, and SM also not in charge of the concert. It is a Tokyo Dome concert, and tickets already sold out. It is a contract. Don’t blame TVXQ, they lost a dear brother and unable to attend his funeral. Imagine how they feel“


171219 TVXQ on Sukkiri -  The news of Jonghyun’s passing reached TVXQ before a scheduled live broadcast and unfortunately the boys had to proceed with the recording. The hosts were respectful about their feelings, and TVXQ clearly struggled to hide their emotions. [sc]

Tohoshinki on Sukkiri- At the end of the broadcast, the MC Kato-san said “I’m sorry there was a live broadcast at such a time. Thank you for appearing on broadcast although it must have been tough.” ㅜㅜ [sc]

Rin finally has hair I’m satisfied with! Gotta fix his bangs a smidge but i think it can just be combed. Went with navy since Kato-san often colors his hair that way. I think it’s more fun lol. I’m really happy with it. It’s from custom critter designs on etsy. Hooray! Also my mom randomly bought mini macarons

Now i just have to redo his tail and make his sword…

Heartwarming bits from NY mags

K: Isn’t Kato-san (the MVP)? Since thanks to him being in the drama “Kirawareru Yuki” we were able to release “Emma”. Because of one man’s hard work a song came out! 

T: EMMA~ Thanks to Shige I was able to meet a cute dog! ♥

S: That’s not it…

K: That’s right. Tegoshi’s dog’s name became “Emma”.

Q: What is cute about Massu?

S: Massu’s existence itself is cute, isn’t it? Also how much he eats. Recently he’s also been eating all the time. He’s cute when he’s eating. The way he’s chewing. (laugh)

2017.12.14月刊 TVガイド

On Shige’s “Green Mile”

K: Kato-san shined so much in the play! He also worked out a lot for his role so when I met him after gym I could see his overflowing sense of accomplishment. Like, “He’s really into it…” (laugh)

S: Hahaha! So this is how you saw me! (laugh) [mimicking John Coffey] Thank you very much, boss.

T: [also mimicking John Coffey] I also went to see the play, boss. But I can’t remember the contents.

S: So try and remember! (laugh)

T: Ahaha! But I went on the last day and suddenly it turned out that next to me was Masuda, I was so surprised! 

M: It was really an accident. We came to the venue separately and the play started right away so we didn’t speak and it was only after it ended and we met in the dressing room that we went “Hey!”

T: Right, right. (laugh) At any rate, Kato-san really did shine… boss.

S: You liked that? You’re inserting that from time to time. (laugh)

2017.12.12 ザテレビジョン

I’m amazed they somehow managed to pull a gag out of a play about death sentence.


Yuzuru’s 1st interview of 2017! On Hero’s (Fuji TV):
[from 1:37 of 1st video below]
Happy new year!
-Happy new year!!

How are your feelings for the new year?
- I’m feeling very fired up. (laughs) Because 2017 is the year before the Olympics. I feel that I must work hard and do it well from here.

Any wishes/prayers?
- I haven’t gone for the New Year shrine visit yet. (laughs)
It is important to pray (or make the wish) but the one who has to carry it out is me…

About 4CC
- I haven’t participated in 4CC in a long time. Usually, after nationals, there are 3 months of having nothing until Worlds. So in a way, I can compete while there is still the competition feel/sense. I have not won 4CC before, so I would like to take the title.

It is at the same venue as the Olympics, right?
- Yes. I would like to fit/adjust my peak going towards that. It’s an important chance to be able to skate at the same place. And it is also at the same time (of the year), so it is good practice for adjustments.

Narration: He won the gold at Sochi Olympics in 2014. The year before, he also went to the same venue for a competition, GP Final. He said it was good to get a feel of the ice and the atmosphere of the place and things like that.

- (from another video) The temperature of the ice and the temperature of the venue directly affects our bodies and our skating. And whether each note of the piano for my FS can be heard, things like that. I would like to look at these things carefully. (t/n. this part was aired in another news programme later, see 2nd video below)

About PyeongChang Olympics
- It is getting nearer and nearer. When you say one year, it feels short but then there are 365 days, so there is a lot of time. I would like to treasure/make good use of each moment of this time.

[old footage shown –he said “Efforts tell lies but it will not be in vain.”–translated before in my old post]

Y- It’s the year before the Olympics, so I feel I have to improve/evolve in every area. Training that will show results in competition, ways of putting in effort, I am also working on things like that.
Kato-san: But Hanyu-senshu’s evolution is already amazing….
Y- No, still far from it, far from it…… 
First, I want to do my FS with no mistakes. This season’s FS, I have added in a quad loop, 2 quads in the 2nd half, the quad salchow and quad toe in the 2nd half, and also 2 (triple) axels; there are still many areas in my programme that I need to work on, so that’s the first thing that has to evolve.

[interview ends]

Kato-san in studio: The 4CC next month is in the same venue as Pyeongchang Olympics, so he will check out the feel of the ice, the reverberation of the music and things like that. The World Championships in March will determine the number of places for Japan at the Olympics. He said ‘it will be alright if I get first’.

Videos, much thanks to YzRIKO: (1) and (2)

Translated by me;  pics–thanks to fans on twitter.

2017.02.11 Music Fair - Talk ¼

Since the show was aired shortly before Valentine’s the guests were asked to talk about their favourite saying about love.

H: Kato-san, please.

S: A phrase I like, yes? “Even the women who hate me actually think about me which means they like me.” Don’t you know who said this? You don’t know such an amazing saying? 

Everyone: ??

S: It’s by Tegoshi-san!

Kato-san is a gift.

Koyama-san suddenly kisses Tegoshi-san on the cheek ♥ 

When Tegoshi-san wants to get away, Kato-san softly holds him down.

Masuda-san, who watches them with a warm smile and sighs a ”I hate it when they get like this…”

When the 4 of them get close, suddenly happy scenes like this happen!

(This is NEWS’ group dynamics in a nutshell, if you ask me.)


Hero’s Special on Mr Sunday. Great programme, so much of Yuzu’s wisdom, so I translated it to share. (If you know Chinese, the video has subs.)

Yuzuru Hanyu became the first person in the world to do a successful quad loop jump, in both the short and free programmes (Autumn Classic 2016). He is a hero that keeps challenging his own limits and many junior skaters look up to him.

Girl skater: I wish I can also be like that.
Boy skater: How does he turn pressure into strength?

Kato-san went to Canada to ask Hanyu some questions from the juniors.

[14 September in Toronto]
Kato: I have a question from a junior skater in Japan for Hanyu-senshu (athlete), I mean Hanyu-sensei (teacher).

Yuzu: Ha…. Yes alright. (laughs)

Marin Honda: Hanyu-kun, I am Marin. [footage of Marin in competition and feeling the pressure]   In so many big competitions, you always seem so strong. In order to give it all that you have done at practice, do you have a routine?

Yuzu: Routine…. in a way, I have, and in a way, I don’t.

Narrator: Before each performance, Hanyu does a gesture in the rink that looks like a cross. That is his routine.

Y: It looks like a cross and it’s a reminder to keep the axis straight from my head down, and to keep my shoulders and waist parallel. I do that every time. But even though I do it, there are times that I don’t perform well. So you should not be shackled to continue doing a routine, and instead, you should have the courage to change it if necessary. Or you can use it as a tool for focusing. There is also no need to hate the pressure too much.

K: (showing a past quote from him) This was something you said in the past. “I like that feeling when others have expectations of me. That is not pressure but ____.” What was the word you said?

Y: What was it?? …. Not pressure but…. support?

K: The answer is this! (the word is “a thrill”)

Y: A thrill! (laughs) Yes I know what it means. Well, I said it myself, so I know. (laughs)
Being supported means receiving a lot of power. I think I can definitely do a good performance precisely because of the pressure. So when I confront it, there is a thrill. In other words, I’m just an extreme masochist. (laughter)

K: Specifically which competition were you able to turn it into a thrill?

Y: Basically, all competitions are like that. Of course there are also times when I am so nervous that I am trembling, and I even laugh due to being too nervous.

A few words from his coach.
Orser: I learned from Worlds in Boston last season that he sometimes gets bothered by certain things, so what we can do is to get to the root of it, so that he can be free to skate. (t/n. I can’t hear his English fully, so half is translated from Japanese)

[footage from Worlds]

Y: People often say to me, you don’t feel the pressure? Well, it is impossible not to feel nervous. Like doing a TV interview like this, I also get nervous. And my words are not well-organised. (laughs) So I do get nervous but I know that one cannot help feeling nervous. In a sense, nervousness is a human instinct. So if you can make it an ally, it would be good; that’s how I think and I want to tell this to Marin-chan. I would like her to believe in her own abilities and work hard. She is really a very strong and talented skater.

Hanyu’s message for future heroes (he writes on a board): “Efforts tell lies, but it will not be in vain.”

K: I thought you were going to say ‘Efforts will NOT tell lies’.

Y: I can’t write that! (laughs)
If efforts do not tell lies, then the person who has worked the hardest would win every time. The recent Olympics (Rio), I watched various competitions. No matter how hard a person has worked, sometimes they just don’t win. Conversely, a very young competitor might win by vigour/momentum. It is also like that in figure skating. So in that way, efforts tell lies. However, the lies are not in vain. Because of the lie, you might have to make a different kind of effort or search for the correct understanding of your efforts. I think that is very valuable, isn’t it?
Man in studio: Thank you for the privilege of learning this.
Kato: The weight of the words of 21 year-old Yuzuru Hanyu.
(this last part in the studio is at the end of this longer video)

-my translation;  thanks to the respective uploaders for the videos.

[Translation] 100% SKE48 vol.1 Shibata Aya

The last translation of 100%SKE48 vol.1 is Aya-chan!!

Yeah, she graduated longgggggggggg ago lol But still, it’s worth reading. 

I will definitely continue translating with vol.2 but I cant promise when I will post them. *just like this one*

PS. Aya-chan talking about her brother is cute. www

Sister is top idol, brother is batter no.4 of university baseball team.

This kind of siblings only exists in manga!

Due to many feelings that overwhelmed Shibata-san recently,

We changed the atmosphere by taking her to see a baseball match.

But, it became an in-depth talk.

Baseball field in a sunny day, sister’s cheering sound echoes in the sky.

Watching her brother’s match for the first time

(Aya’s younger brother: Shibata Yoshiki, Hosei university baseball club, no.4, first base)

Members of Shibata family

- Today, it’s the first time we interview while watching baseball match.

Aya: And the weather is nice today, this is good.

- That’s right. Anyways, how is your relationship with your brother?

Aya: It’s ordinary. When I come to Tokyo, we would go for a meal sometimes. The last time we met may be around new year. We both quite busy recently, so we don’t see each other much.

- I see. February is the time of training camp for university baseball team, so he doesn’t have time. Are there times you two quarrelling?

Aya: Though our study class is 2 years apart, but we are actually 1 year apart (Shibata Aya was born on 1 Apr.) So, it doesn’t feel another one is older. We weren’t quite close when we were teenagers, but we played Yu-Gi-Oh card game together when we were kids.  

- Now, your brother is no.4 of Hosei. Has he been good at sports since childhood?

Aya: He played football in kindergarten. He also started to play baseball around that time. In primary school, he was tall and ran very fast. He’s a regular in sport events. Shibata house is good at sports. My dad had played baseball until high school. And now he plays golf often. He said his best score is 81. He’s also good at skiing. For my mom, she’s also sportswoman. Looks like she also played some sports when she was in school.

- Sportsman blood passed on to daughter, too.

Aya: For muscle strength, maybe yes. *laugh*

- There must be many fans who like Shibata-san’s calves. *laugh*

Aya: Fufufu Recently, I started to play golf. I started to understand that only practice will make it better but I don’t like sports *laugh* I didn’t get good grades in P.E. Well, I don’t like sweating.

- But when you are in Koen, you sweat like hell *laugh*

Aya: That’s it. I truly sweat for the first time when I entered SKE48.

- Back to your brother a bit, there were times you kept quiet about your brother.

Aya: Yes. I just think that it’s not necessary to tell anyone. He’s ordinary person. I don’t want to cause him any trouble. Anyways, one day it’s revealed.

- Why was that?

Aya: It’s from people at my brother side. When sports reporters knew this, they asked him “SKE48’s Shibata Aya is your sister, isn’t she?” and my brother didn’t refuse. Then, he got on the news *laugh*

- But isn’t it something to be proud of? Sister is an idol who gets to Senbatsu in election, brother is batter no.4 of Hosei.

Aya: Yeah. When the news said about him, he didn’t seem to be bothered or anything.

- Have you ever come to cheer your brother at stadium?

Aya: Never, this is the first time in my life to watch him play.

- First time!?

Aya: When Yoshiki was crazy about baseball, I was busy with study that I almost never go out. I basically don’t like going out. Only when Yoshiki was competing for Koshien (national high school baseball tournament), I watched him on TV a bit.

- I did some research. When he was 3rd year high school at Toho, his team went to play-off round in Summer. But they were narrowly defeated by Aiko Daimeden 3:2, they even cried. However, going to play-off round of Aichi prefecture was great already!

Aya: I had practice on that day, so I only watched half way. Seemed like he cried real hard.

- Getting eliminated from play-off in summer of 3rd year high school, anyone would cry *laugh* What about sister being an idol, has he ever said anything about it?

Aya: At first, he kept it quiet. It’s a pity that it got revealed so fast *laugh* After that, it seemed that his friend told him “(Your sister) She’s on TV today” Come to talk about it, he also voted and had my election poster hanged in his room. It’s funny *laugh*  

- He’s a good brother.

Aya: But he always tells me “You can’t do anything at home, people must be shocked” because I can’t do housework. So, celebrities he likes are all the type that’s opposite to me.

- Maybe, you are a bad example *laugh* In Koen, you once said that “my brother’s oshi is Saito Makiko” right?

Aya: He said that her appearance is his favorite. He also said “that’s cutest! So beautiful!”

- One more question, how do you call each other?

Aya: “Aya” and “Yoshiki”. I never have the feeling of being older sister and he always behave like he’s older son. Anyways, he’s different from me. He’s friendly type.

- But sister conversely is isolated type.

Aya: Everyone in Shibata house is friendly, good at sports. Only me who is timid and always study *laugh*

- Has he ever gone to Koen or concert?

Aya: In concert “Minogashita Kimitachi e” (at TDC hall in 2011), I invited him. In fact, he also came to theater in Nagoya *laugh* it was “Saga Akari” stage (Team E period). I felt a bit guilty for leaving him watch in standing area.

- If there’s someone looks that similar, fans would notice.

Aya: Really?

- You both really look similar.

Aya: Do we? I’m more like my dad, Yoshiki’s more like my mom. But maybe, both our parents’ eyes are distinctive.

Drinking companion

(Now players are warming up)

Aya: Here they come!! Whoa, people look tiny from here. He was a catcher, so his shoulder is big.

- Since he got shoulder pain, he changed to play base instead, right?

Aya: That’s right. But this is not the first time I watch baseball. In the past, I went to watch Chunichi Dragons match with dad many times. Around the time of Gomez.

- The time of Gomez!

Aya: No.1 Lee, No.2 Fukutome, No.3 Kazuyoshi, No.4 Gomez, I was still in primary school. That time Hoshino (Senichi) was head coach. I also got his autograph! It’s still hanging in my house.

(5th inning, Hosei offense, Keio is 7 points lead)

- …Never thought it would come out like this.

Aya: Even though I came to watch…let’s get a drink!

- Then, I’ll order now! Excuse me, beer please!

Aya: *gulp* Ha! This is angel of victory!

- How much can you drink?

Aya: That’s not the point. I can drink but I restrain myself.

- What if you get drunk?

Aya: I would keep smiling.

- There must be people invite you to drink often.

Aya: Fufu However, I won’t go with men. *gulp* Ha!

(Now, batter hit the ball to the left)

Aya: Yossha!! They hit!! But I like drinking while listening to other people stories.

- What about drinking with members?

Aya: That’s right. Who should I go with…

(the next batter hit the ball but too light)

Aya: Whaaa!! Ah! It’s Gettsu!

(Gettsu is “double play” in baseball term means defense side eliminate 2 offense side in a row)

- Hearing “Gettsu” from Shibata-san feel weird *laugh*

Aya: Oh right! Going for a drink with Kato Rumi-san would be good. Her stories are very funny. I also would like to know how she thinks about me. And she might teach me about delicious fish. *laugh*

- True fisherwoman.

Aya: And Saito Makiko-san. She seems to endure burden too much as a captain. So, I want to tell her “wouldn’t it be better to enjoy with it more?” even though it may not work…

(Now, first base hit a foul ball. Her brother missed it.)

- Eh! This is bad!

Aya: Ah…it doesn’t look good today.

- When they did engine, he might have said “Today, my sister comes” so everyone’s spacing out.

Aya: I don’t think he said!

- When the team’s in tough situation like this, what would Shibata-san do?

Aya: I’m the type of person “I am me” *laugh* Although we helped each other during Team E, but I was changed for real only after moving to KII.

- Spirit “For the Team” of KII changed you?

Aya: That’s right! In the past, I only thought of my own result. But after that, I started to think of team’s victory.

- Comparing to a baseball game, right?

Aya: My result wasn’t really good. In KII, team’s atmosphere was great. When the team got more attention, people also started to pay more attention to me. So, that shuffle was a success for me.

- Was there anyone told you “you look changed”?

Aya: Many! Before that, I’ve never gone out with other team members. That was the first time that I, myself, would like to invite everyone to a dinner.

- Revolution!

Aya: The present Team E is also full of energy and very steady. Now, we are performing shuffle Koen with other team’s members. It’s fun to know the other side that I’ve never known, just like CE-PA league.

(CE-PA league is a cross-region league: central league and pacific league)

- It’s nice, comparing with baseball.

Aya: Feels like WBA, maybe?

- It’s WBC *laugh* (WBC = World Baseball Classic)

Aya: Ah it’s wrong! That’s basketball.

- Basketball is NBA! Maybe, you are drunk *laugh*

Aya: No, I’m not!

- Then, let’s have one more.

Aya: …alright *smile* Excuse me, beer please. *gulp* Ha!

- It’s great to have a drink like this. Now, let’s talk about the group. Are there young members that look interesting?

Aya: Yes! The ones who perform Koen together recently and I think they’re interesting are Hidaka Yuzuki and Asai Yuka-chan. Yuzuki can show facial expression like a grown-up, very impressive. As for Asai-chan, I feel that she has potential. Saying like this may seem overpraising though *laugh* In cheerful songs, she can do better than expected, just as good as regular members.

(T/N: Yukatan was still a Kenkyuusei at the time of this interview)

- Saying like this, Shibata-san’s votes may go to Asai Yuka-san. (T/N: Aya didn’t run for election in 2016)

Aya: That’s okay. My votes can go to any members as long as they’re SKE48. But of course, I want them to vote NonMei (Kimoto Kanon and Sakai Mei) the most. I want 4th gen to get higher. There are lots of children in SKE48, of all these high schoolers, I want both of them to be outstanding. They are children who will carry on SKE48 hereafter.

- For example, Ego-chan?

Aya: That’s right! Just a little bit more for Ego-chan, she really has potential.

- Shibata-san doesn’t run for election this year…

Aya: That’s because I had already decided.

“propriety” and “talent”

- Next is the same question that we ask other members in this issue. There are times when the atmosphere in the group doesn’t look good, now it seems to be better, what do you think?

Aya: After Mae no Meri, the atmosphere wasn’t quite good. Both fans and members all got “Rena Loss” effect. However, another important event just has passed, it’s (Miyazawa) Sae-san’s graduation concert. There was also “Sae-san Loss” before and after the concert.

- This is interesting.

Aya: Because of Sae-san’s word, everyone becomes united. Everyone’s so ready to fight. We keep the memories in that day and continue to do our best.

- Sae-san was the center of everyone. Seems like she gave solidarity as graduation present.

Aya: It might be. It was a huge thing that Sae-san joined us…um…

(Now, another double play happens)

Aya: Wahh!! Gettsu again, how many times now!?

- 3rd time today.

Aya: Eh, where we left off?

- Sae-san *laugh*

Aya: Ah, that’s right *laugh*

- Come to talk about it, in graduation concert, after Sae-san left the stage, there was announcement about new system, right? There was captain and vice-leader appointment which let us see the next chapter of SKE48. That was great.

Aya: Yeah!

- Anyways, there was nothing like this when Rena-san graduated. That’s why, there’s sadness left inside.

Aya: That’s true. Now, atmosphere in the group is much relieved.

- One more thing we would like to ask. For SKE, the period of WMatsui is the longest period. But not only those 2, there was also the period that Shibata Aya, Takayanagi Akane, Suda Akari competing for “A”

(T/N: “A” is their initial, these 3 have the same. After JR, they compete for A. However, I think most people comprehend that A belongs to Akane.)

Aya: Including me? Thank you. *laugh*

- I think you are all can reach to WMatsui level. To be like that, what do you think is needed?

Aya: What is it…I am the rebel type, kind of like “there’s no way she gets into Senbatsu” That time, I was only competing with myself because I wanted to get into Senbatsu. I tried with all my might both in Koen and handshake event. But, you can’t just focus on handshake event. It’s completely different from being a survivor in entertainment industry.

- That’s right.

Aya: It’s very important to have many fans. But to be better, you need to have your own talent. In this past year, I didn’t care much whether my handshake ticket sold out or not. But of course, as long as I’m here in the group, I dedicate myself into it more than anything. However, I also need to think about the future, both “propriety” and “talent”. I also have to learn to broaden my perspective.

- Talking about “talent”, are there any members who seem interesting?

Aya: It’s (Goto) Rara! She’s good at English and golf. And she’s trying her best earnestly. She’s very talented. (Furuhata) Nao-chan’s also good at singing and acting. (Azuma) Rion’s also like that, she has so many charm points. I’m so jealous of them.  

- So right now, there are many juniors that could make seniors jealous.

Aya: That’s right! But we also need to have someone, whom fans infatuate with, like Yunana. There are children who are different from Jurina-san and Rena-san competing. Isn’t it what we would like to see?

(match ended, Hosei lost 1-11)

Aya: Ah!! They’re lost!

- You missed an opportunity to be “Angel of Victory”…

Aya: Um…we should have a rematch. I will come again in Fall season! I promise!

Q: A story about other Johnny’s

Kato: I often meet Kento at the gym and his return rate is 100%. Recently we also met suddenly and when I said “We often meet here, don’t we?” he replied “I come here to meet Kato-san.” I’m sure it’s totally not true but it was cute. (laugh)

Wink Up 2017.08

Kato-san is so thick.

Anan 2016.8.31 NEWS Crosstalk

At times, these four struggle together, encourage each other, and laugh together from morning until late at night. The shocking episodes and unspoken group rules that only the members know will come to light now. Do they fit their image, or are they unexpected? That depends on how you take it!

Masuda: Shige is the one who is never late when we gather in the morning. However, his face is sleeping.

Kato: I’m awake, but by no means am I good at waking up.

Tegoshi: From the moment I wake up my excitement level is high. But in the middle of travel and such there are times when I’ll fall asleep suddenly.

Koyama: That’s right, I’ve seen all three of you asleep, but Tegoshi’s sleeping face is the cutest.

Kato: He’s like a baby, isn’t he.

Koyama: Massu is the worst.

Masuda: Don’t say things like that!

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Yokoyama Reina


It’s Yokoyama Reina

Today was the recording for Saturday’s Young Town~🌼

Tomorrow’s guest is Kato Noriko-san🎶

Looking forward to it🌼

Like I mentioned a few days ago,
It’s become so cold that walking around is getting tough…

Today I was walking somewhere for about 20 minutes
But after walking for just 30seconds I couldn’t take it and went to buy hot cocoa

As expected the cocoa tasted delicious 🐻

Recently I’ve been getting obsessed with cocoa, and I’ve been drinking it a lot

Attamaru! It’s the best

By the way the drink that I was most obsessed with this year was Jasmine tea!
Even though I don’t really like it that much,

I began to take notice of it and ended up buying it everytime. lol

So now when it comes to tea I like jasmine tea the most

Even while talking about how I like cocoa, I still end up talking about jasmine tea

That’s funny lol (maybe only to me)

Finally the day after after tomorrow is Christmas 🎄

Faster! Faster! Faster! Fasterー!

Christmas is a day that Reina really loves

Of course, I’m looking forward to our Christmas event on the 24th,
As well as the gift exchange we do every year💕

So then see you tomorrow~


22 Dec 2017