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Rin finally has hair I’m satisfied with! Gotta fix his bangs a smidge but i think it can just be combed. Went with navy since Kato-san often colors his hair that way. I think it’s more fun lol. I’m really happy with it. It’s from custom critter designs on etsy. Hooray! Also my mom randomly bought mini macarons

Now i just have to redo his tail and make his sword…

Q: A story about other Johnny’s

Kato: I often meet Kento at the gym and his return rate is 100%. Recently we also met suddenly and when I said “We often meet here, don’t we?” he replied “I come here to meet Kato-san.” I’m sure it’s totally not true but it was cute. (laugh)

Wink Up 2017.08

Kato-san is so thick.


Yuzuru’s 1st interview of 2017! On Hero’s (Fuji TV):
[from 1:37 of 1st video below]
Happy new year!
-Happy new year!!

How are your feelings for the new year?
- I’m feeling very fired up. (laughs) Because 2017 is the year before the Olympics. I feel that I must work hard and do it well from here.

Any wishes/prayers?
- I haven’t gone for the New Year shrine visit yet. (laughs)
It is important to pray (or make the wish) but the one who has to carry it out is me…

About 4CC
- I haven’t participated in 4CC in a long time. Usually, after nationals, there are 3 months of having nothing until Worlds. So in a way, I can compete while there is still the competition feel/sense. I have not won 4CC before, so I would like to take the title.

It is at the same venue as the Olympics, right?
- Yes. I would like to fit/adjust my peak going towards that. It’s an important chance to be able to skate at the same place. And it is also at the same time (of the year), so it is good practice for adjustments.

Narration: He won the gold at Sochi Olympics in 2014. The year before, he also went to the same venue for a competition, GP Final. He said it was good to get a feel of the ice and the atmosphere of the place and things like that.

- (from another video) The temperature of the ice and the temperature of the venue directly affects our bodies and our skating. And whether each note of the piano for my FS can be heard, things like that. I would like to look at these things carefully. (t/n. this part was aired in another news programme later, see 2nd video below)

About PyeongChang Olympics
- It is getting nearer and nearer. When you say one year, it feels short but then there are 365 days, so there is a lot of time. I would like to treasure/make good use of each moment of this time.

[old footage shown –he said “Efforts tell lies but it will not be in vain.”–translated before in my old post]

Y- It’s the year before the Olympics, so I feel I have to improve/evolve in every area. Training that will show results in competition, ways of putting in effort, I am also working on things like that.
Kato-san: But Hanyu-senshu’s evolution is already amazing….
Y- No, still far from it, far from it…… 
First, I want to do my FS with no mistakes. This season’s FS, I have added in a quad loop, 2 quads in the 2nd half, the quad salchow and quad toe in the 2nd half, and also 2 (triple) axels; there are still many areas in my programme that I need to work on, so that’s the first thing that has to evolve.

[interview ends]

Kato-san in studio: The 4CC next month is in the same venue as Pyeongchang Olympics, so he will check out the feel of the ice, the reverberation of the music and things like that. The World Championships in March will determine the number of places for Japan at the Olympics. He said ‘it will be alright if I get first’.

Videos, much thanks to YzRIKO: (1) and (2)

Translated by me;  pics–thanks to fans on twitter.

Happy 30th Birthday Shige!

And now it’s Shige’s time to shine! It was only a week ago that we were celebrating Massu, aww. I’m going to be another list of good qualities, so here goes! 10 Awesome Things About Shige! 1. He’s the voice of reason 2. Has the natural black hair beauty 3. Worked hard to improve his singing, and did! 4. Wrote many of his own songs, including Ayame. 5. News na Futari w/ Koyama 6. He’s a really good storyteller! In other words, ~writer~ 7. (Jumping off of that point) PINK AND GRAY OMG 8. Actual angel; has never been in a scandal 9. KoyaShige gives me life And finally… 10. NEWS could clearly never operate without him! >.< Yay! Happy birthday to our dearest Kato-san! Now for some GIFS for your viewing pleasure:

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Koyama-san suddenly kisses Tegoshi-san on the cheek ♥ 

When Tegoshi-san wants to get away, Kato-san softly holds him down.

Masuda-san, who watches them with a warm smile and sighs a ”I hate it when they get like this…”

When the 4 of them get close, suddenly happy scenes like this happen!

(This is NEWS’ group dynamics in a nutshell, if you ask me.)


Hero’s Special on Mr Sunday. Great programme, so much of Yuzu’s wisdom, so I translated it to share. (If you know Chinese, the video has subs.)

Yuzuru Hanyu became the first person in the world to do a successful quad loop jump, in both the short and free programmes (Autumn Classic 2016). He is a hero that keeps challenging his own limits and many junior skaters look up to him.

Girl skater: I wish I can also be like that.
Boy skater: How does he turn pressure into strength?

Kato-san went to Canada to ask Hanyu some questions from the juniors.

[14 September in Toronto]
Kato: I have a question from a junior skater in Japan for Hanyu-senshu (athlete), I mean Hanyu-sensei (teacher).

Yuzu: Ha…. Yes alright. (laughs)

Marin Honda: Hanyu-kun, I am Marin. [footage of Marin in competition and feeling the pressure]   In so many big competitions, you always seem so strong. In order to give it all that you have done at practice, do you have a routine?

Yuzu: Routine…. in a way, I have, and in a way, I don’t.

Narrator: Before each performance, Hanyu does a gesture in the rink that looks like a cross. That is his routine.

Y: It looks like a cross and it’s a reminder to keep the axis straight from my head down, and to keep my shoulders and waist parallel. I do that every time. But even though I do it, there are times that I don’t perform well. So you should not be shackled to continue doing a routine, and instead, you should have the courage to change it if necessary. Or you can use it as a tool for focusing. There is also no need to hate the pressure too much.

K: (showing a past quote from him) This was something you said in the past. “I like that feeling when others have expectations of me. That is not pressure but ____.” What was the word you said?

Y: What was it?? …. Not pressure but…. support?

K: The answer is this! (the word is “a thrill”)

Y: A thrill! (laughs) Yes I know what it means. Well, I said it myself, so I know. (laughs)
Being supported means receiving a lot of power. I think I can definitely do a good performance precisely because of the pressure. So when I confront it, there is a thrill. In other words, I’m just an extreme masochist. (laughter)

K: Specifically which competition were you able to turn it into a thrill?

Y: Basically, all competitions are like that. Of course there are also times when I am so nervous that I am trembling, and I even laugh due to being too nervous.

A few words from his coach.
Orser: I learned from Worlds in Boston last season that he sometimes gets bothered by certain things, so what we can do is to get to the root of it, so that he can be free to skate. (t/n. I can’t hear his English fully, so half is translated from Japanese)

[footage from Worlds]

Y: People often say to me, you don’t feel the pressure? Well, it is impossible not to feel nervous. Like doing a TV interview like this, I also get nervous. And my words are not well-organised. (laughs) So I do get nervous but I know that one cannot help feeling nervous. In a sense, nervousness is a human instinct. So if you can make it an ally, it would be good; that’s how I think and I want to tell this to Marin-chan. I would like her to believe in her own abilities and work hard. She is really a very strong and talented skater.

Hanyu’s message for future heroes (he writes on a board): “Efforts tell lies, but it will not be in vain.”

K: I thought you were going to say ‘Efforts will NOT tell lies’.

Y: I can’t write that! (laughs)
If efforts do not tell lies, then the person who has worked the hardest would win every time. The recent Olympics (Rio), I watched various competitions. No matter how hard a person has worked, sometimes they just don’t win. Conversely, a very young competitor might win by vigour/momentum. It is also like that in figure skating. So in that way, efforts tell lies. However, the lies are not in vain. Because of the lie, you might have to make a different kind of effort or search for the correct understanding of your efforts. I think that is very valuable, isn’t it?
Man in studio: Thank you for the privilege of learning this.
Kato: The weight of the words of 21 year-old Yuzuru Hanyu.
(this last part in the studio is at the end of this longer video)

-my translation;  thanks to the respective uploaders for the videos.

#20: Ruh-Ruh Ramadhan

Hisonari Kato, pria berkebangsaan Jepang yang sengaja melakukan penelitian Islam untuk bahan disertasinya itu mengaku, awal mula tertarik dengan Islam adalah momen-momen masa Ramadhan, khususnya di tanah Indonesia.

Pria yang akrab disapa Kato San itu pernah mengira, puasa bagi seorang muslim hanyalah ritual belaka. Sebagaimana ibadah-ibadah yang dilakukan bangsanya ketika tiba hari besar umat Hindu. Tapi ternyata tidak demikian. Ia melihat banyak keajaiban di bulan ini.

Beberapa di antaranya tentang komitmen muslim berpuasa. Akankah sanggup, tidak makan dan minum di siang hari selama sebulan penuh?

Ternyata yang ia dapat, umat Islam memandang puasa tidak sebatas menahan lapar dan haus. Tapi juga sebagai bentuk kesyukuran akan nikmat kemudahan dalam mencari rezeki. Dengan tidak minum dan makan, kita akan berpikir, peduli, dan turut merasakan bagaimana perasaan dan kondisi mereka yang kesehariannya bahkan mendapat sesuap nasi saja susah?

Di suatu siang, Kato San melihat banyak tempat makan dan restoran tertutup tirai. Ia mengira, tak semua muslim berpuasa di bulan ini. Itulah mengapa warung-warung makan ditutup tirai; agar bagi siapa yang hendak makan, tidak malu ketika dirinya tidak puasa. Namun perkiraan itu terjawab dengan diskusi ringannya bersama seorang muslim.

Bahwa di Indonesia, usia balita saja sudah diajak berpuasa oleh kedua orang tuanya. Mereka yang biasa menghabiskan waktu dengan leha-leha juga turut berpuasa di bulan ini. Pun dari tukang parkir hingga direktur perusahaan, dari pedagang kaki lima sampai bos toko kelontong, jika mereka muslim, mereka puasa. Adapun tirai yang menutup restoran-restoran sebagai bentuk menghargai mereka yang puasa.

Pernah juga Kato San menaiki angkutan umum. Setiba adzan maghrib, ia melihat seorang ibu membuka tas dan mengeluarkan sebotol air minum darinya. Tidak berhenti di situ, ia kemudian memberikan sebagiannya untuk perempuan di sampingnya. Mereka berbagi minum dan makanan.

Padahal mereka tak saling kenal. Sebelumnya tak ada percakapan apa-apa. Tapi setelah adzan yang menandakan waktu berbuka, mereka seakan kawan lama yang berjumpa.

Satu lagi momen yang dijumpai pria bergelar magister dan doktor dari Universitas Sidney itu, Ramadhan adalah masa di mana meningkatnya jumlah pengemis di jalanan. Tapi juga menambahnya kedermaan pemilik-pemilik kendaraan. Wajah penghuni pinggiran jalanan yang biasanya dipenuhi rasa payah itu kini terlihat lebih ceria. Juga pengendara mobil motor yang biasanya tak acuh, kini tak mau beranjak sebelum tangannya mencoba merogoh saku-saku bajunya.

Begitulah pesan Ramadhan yang Kato San dapat semasa di Indonesia. Begitu pula sebagai muslim, sebaiknya kita turut menyadari ruh-ruh Ramadhan itu. Sehingga kita bisa mempertahankan dan meningkatkannya di bulan-bulan selanjutnya.

Untuk tetap peduli sesama. Merasakan bagaimana orang lain hidup, sehingga kita tak mudah menggerutu dan mengeluh akan keseharian kita. Untuk terus saling memahami dan menghargai. Untuk kerap bersatu dan sama-sama mensyiarkan rahmat Islam. Untuk terus mnyisihkan sebagian apa yang kita punya kepada mereka yang membutuhkan. Dan terpenting, untuk senantiasa menjaga iman dan semangat beribadah kita seperti di bulan ini.

Ya Allah, dua bulan lalu kami memohon tuk disampaikan ke bulan mulia ini. Dan kini tiba lagi saatnya ia pergi. Sayangilah hati-hati mereka yang beriman. Tenangkan tangisannya akan pisahnya ia dengan kesempatan besar ampunan-Mu.

Ya Allah, apakah masih boleh ia berdoa “Innaka ‘afuwwun kariim, tuhibbul ‘afwa fa'fu 'anna” setelah ini? Masihkah bisa ia hidup dengan menghadiri majelis-majelis yang bertebaran di mana-mana? Masihkan bisa, ia teduhkan dirinya pada malam selepas waktu isya-Mu? Merintih lepaskan doa-doa menuju-Mu.

Masihkah bisa ia jumpai banyak sesamanya di shaf-shaf masjid, atau hanya segelintir saja?

Rabbanaa laa tuzigh quluubanaa ba'da idz hadaytanaa wa hablanaa min ladunka rahmah. Innaka antal wahhab. Allahummarzuqnaal istiqaamah. Allahummarzuqnaal iimaan halaawatahu aina maa kunnaa. Allahumma taqabbal minna.

|| Jakarta, 240617

Anan 2016.8.31 NEWS Crosstalk

At times, these four struggle together, encourage each other, and laugh together from morning until late at night. The shocking episodes and unspoken group rules that only the members know will come to light now. Do they fit their image, or are they unexpected? That depends on how you take it!

Masuda: Shige is the one who is never late when we gather in the morning. However, his face is sleeping.

Kato: I’m awake, but by no means am I good at waking up.

Tegoshi: From the moment I wake up my excitement level is high. But in the middle of travel and such there are times when I’ll fall asleep suddenly.

Koyama: That’s right, I’ve seen all three of you asleep, but Tegoshi’s sleeping face is the cutest.

Kato: He’s like a baby, isn’t he.

Koyama: Massu is the worst.

Masuda: Don’t say things like that!

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This was alphabet-based questionnaire and incidentally Tegoshige had to talk about each other…

Kato Shigeaki: What is amazing about Kato-san?

T: I think it’s literary talent. It’s amazing that he became a writer who got a movie and a drama adaptation. You can’t win against Shige’s writing talent. (laugh) Lately I can’t stop the Shige teasing. He’s been listening to classical music in the dressing room so I’m teasing him “Don’t overdo it.” I mean listening to classical music he gets full of himself.

Tegoshi Yuya: Tell us something about Tegoshi’s current status

K: Nobody can stop him. This person is… it feels like with every year he’s becoming more and more flashy in a good way. (laugh) Besides, I keep wondering if he is really the same age as me since he plays tiny tricks on me. But I can’t do those awfully positive speeches so I think that’s amazing.

Popolo 2016.02 

(~˘▾˘)~ /sociopath/ ~(˘▾˘~)
♥♡♬☺listen here♥♡♬☺
total songs: 26

jealou$y~the neighbourhood*:・゚✧honey~swim deep*:・゚✧sinful~marina and the diamonds*:・゚✧shades of cool~lana del rey*:・゚✧boom clap~charli xcx*:・゚✧you’re not the one~sky ferreria*:・゚✧feels like you~splashh*:・゚✧luna~bombay bicycle club*:・゚✧king of the beach~wavves*:・゚✧when i’m with you~best coast*:・゚✧drink dance play~young kato*:・゚✧of the night~bastille*:・゚✧awkward~fidlar*:・゚✧rocket ship~san cisco*:・゚✧i am what you want me to be~the jungle giants*:・゚✧mason jar~smallpools*:・゚✧weekend~last dinosaurs*:・゚✧step~vampire weekend*:・゚✧mind mischief~tame impala*:・゚✧resolution~matt corby*:・゚✧dollhouse~melanie martinez*:・゚✧hiccups~jinja safari*:・゚✧come around~tim & jean*:・゚✧crazier with you~elvis depressedly*:・゚✧lonely boy goes to a rave~teen suicide*:・゚✧flashlight~the front bottoms*:・゚✧

After the Final...(fragment)

K: Talking about yesterday, during “Byakuya” Tegoshi put colour contacts on. His eyes suddenly became blue, I was surprised.

T: I came up with it an hour before the concert and I asked the manager to go get them for me. At that song everyone used hats and sunglasses and stuff (both Massu actually) changing the image so I thought I should at least put contacts on. But Shige’s hairstyle was also good.

K: He was like “Wouldn’t it be cool if I put my hair up a little?” He put eyeliner too.

S: I didn’t say that!

M: That’s right! Doing Shige’s hair and make-up the stylists had a hard time. Before Byakuya it was my solo so I prepared during Tegoshi’s solo. At this point the stylists really should tend to me but they both were with Shige. I was like “In here!” (laugh) 

T: In recent years Shige did an amazing job with writing, one may say he made his intelligent image known in the world. That’s why bringing his hair up at such a timing…

S: Don’t analyze it. It’s embarrassing…

T: Ah, I’m sorry. But this amplitude was probably intended to appeal through creating a totally different image…

S: I said it’s embarrassing!

Later on, talking about the MC…

S: Tegoshi presented his cute kissy face…

T: Stop it, you! (laugh) 

M: He did it at the interview before the concert and we also made him do it during the concert. (laugh) 

T: That’s right!

K: At the interview Tegoshi got embarrassed so I thought we should make him do it during the actual concert. So in the end Massu brought it up, I was waiting.

- In the end Masuda-san also ended up displaying a kissy face…

K: To film Massu’s kissy face Tegoshi sat facing away from the audience. As expected of him!

T: But Massu leaned in so much so in my charmed state my earring fell. (laugh) Also this skit-like style was interesting.

K: Like spontaneously becoming different objects. In Tokyo Dome Shige became a sofa for Tegoshi and Massu to kiss on. (laugh) 

M: That was the 2nd time on this tour he became a sofa.

T: The sofa was so skillful~ Shige who had to play the sofa.

S: What do you mean by “the sofa was so skillful”? (laugh)

K: I want him to play the sofa~

M: In Tokyo Dome he also said “I’m going to do my best so that one day the sofa has a starring role.”  It was funny. (laugh)

- So including such a Kato-san and of course Tegoshi-san in his usual mode, this time during the songs there was a lot of deliberate faces and fanservice. Earlier we talked about stealing (the audience’s) cheers…

K: Since we all want it.

T: But even more than us it’s the fans who want it.

M: Shige also showed off?

S: Well, I didn’t intend to do it…

T: So unconsciously the face of a writer and the face of an idol…

S: I told you you don’t need to analyze! …even though it’s true.

T: Wahahahaha~

The Television Zoom-vol.21

Shige, you need to shut up and learn to accept the compliments.