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Seraph of the End (終わりのセラフ)

These two Owari no Seraph spreads from Animedia Magazine finally got their pinup versions in Animedia Deluxe + Vol. 01 (eBay | Amazon JP). Yuu and Mika were illustrated by animator Miho Kato (加藤美穂) and the Yuu and Guren combo was illustrated by key animator Fumie Muroi (室井ふみえ).


Have some more anime style ao no exorcist manga!

Sorry for not posting in a while nursing school is a pain in the ass

Ao no exorcist © Kato Kazue

Art © Kato Kazue (coloured by me)

ps: I headcannon lucifer to be white af and lewin to have some not-so-white teeth