so i’ve decided that for my 15,000th post on tumblr, i would post a follow forever since i’ve never made one and now seemed to be a good time to make one.

first i want to say that every blog i follow is flawless and they can all be found here on my blogroll. so go look :)

second, there are a few people whom i adore and who i talk to most often. they are amazing people:

Isabel || Lizzie || Emilee || Julia || Claudia || Sara || Diamond

and i adore these following blogs, but i have not had the chance to talk to them that much:

jenniferlawrences || margaerys || aredbowtie || plausibledeniability- || finnicky || psychadeliachild || planets-bend-between-us

and i’ve probably missed someone ( i hope not ) but seriously check out the blogroll for everyone :)


decided it was about time i make another follow friday. so here are some flawless blogs that you should all follow (in no particular order)

cumberbass // planets-bend-between-us // thatbluebox // fasterdoctor // lestreep // cumbercrunch // dassgron // katnps // dardeile // mockingjayy // catelynstark // finnicky