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So this is my latest follow forever!! Added a few blogs and also wrote you some little meassages! If you’re not there, it’s nothing personal. Talk to me and one day you might be! 

Sorry this is not under a ‘read more’. Apparently you can’t do that on photosets. :/

lisasoddmind – Gaaahhh so much love, where to begin? You’re definitely one of my favourite people I have met on tumblr. You love Aaron too so that helps. And now you like Ouat! YES. Left and left and left and left again and I’m right up your ass.

the-pirate-king - I don’t know why I’m following you forever. You used to have a cool blog but now it’s just tits and tats. I LET YOU LIVE IN MY HOUSE. I’d unfollow you if I didn’t love you. The least you could do is start posting anime again. <3

megasaurusrexus – We talked a lot for a while back but not so much any more! Anyway, I still love you and your blog.

ellie-noire – You are the nicest for a start! I follow you for all the good games stuff!! You also talk to me lots when I’m being a nervous wreck, which I appreciate.

asassydetective – Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter. Oh, and I LOVE YOU.

shrink-the-world – Best irl friend no doubt, but get your ass on tumblr more, geez.

themoormaiden – We don’t talk a lot but I still follow you!! You were one of the first blogs I followed too!

spockles – Who are you again? Oh yeah, that girl I used to talk to way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Faeriegoddesse? Did you think you’d be rid of me 9 years later?

suzuki-method – You always talk to me and you’re always super lovely.

ispeakforthethneeds – Ed Helms, The Office, Onceler… Pretty sure you got it covered in those departments.

janbird – Mainly follow you for Office reasons but that doesn’t stop the rest of your blog from being awesome!

macgyvergirl – Again, The Office may have been the reason why I followed but you’re the reason I stayed!!

homebirdxo  - I totally love your blog and everything you post and some days I just spend hours going through it’s pages.

merimeow -  You’re too cool, I’m kind of in awe.

jinnyasher – I think I followed you because you like Aaron Staton too and his fandom is small so we gotta stick together.

tinyblueflowers – I felt like I’ve actually been following you forever, your blog is lovely.

executiee – Cool blog, nice guy, lot’s of anime, nuff said.

wherearetheturtles-wherearethey – I seemed to have followed a lot of blogs in my Office phase and you are one of the best.

charlie-grant – Just an awesome blog really. We like a lot of the same stuff.

whoisedhelmsreally – Umm, best blog evaahh.

danipanteez – another of the blogs I follow that I feel are a little bit too cool for me. Your blog is consistently awesome and I am super jelly.

megustabrenna – Yep, I wonder how many times I can say ‘awesome blog – I love everything you post’ without it sounding insincere? Well, I do. <3

thehiddengarden/thehauntedgarden – You’re one of those blogs that I always notice the presence of and I really appreciate how often you like/reblog/message me, not to mention your blog is class.

berrisfueller – Don’t think we’ve talked that much before but that doesn’t mean I don’t know you’re there and love everything you post.

meroshi – D’oh, your blog is the cutest and you’re so beautiful and I wish I was you and argghhhh *fangirls all over the floor*

xsnapcrackledeathx – Why don’t we have our blog yet??! We just ‘met’ but I know I’m gonna love you! Official Tobuscus tag Police Dept. Officers Death and Delaney reporting for duty.

katnissfrickinpond - You are the nicest, you are awesome, you don’t need to be anything more than you want to be and that should be enough for everyone else. Make more gifs, good luck in getting a job, and when you go on your date with Seth, TAKE ME TOO. Or just mention me, you know, seeing as I do not live in your country.

prettyfly4ajedi - Hey! This is pretty recent so sorry if it’s weird. I really think you’re lovely and enjoy all your comments on our Toby blog and I just really appreciate you as a follower. Consider yourself forever followed.

jurassicjack - I painted a picture of the things I wanted most to colour in the darker side of all my brightest hopes But there was a monster standing where you should be So I’ll paint you wings, and I’ll set you free

ATL/Toby Turner, what more could a girl ask for?

delongesschlong - I don’t think we’ve talked actually and you might even be surprised to learn that you’re on this list but I really love your blog.

delinquentdeloria -  You, you, you. You are amazing. You are my wonderful, uplifting anon and you are a lot like me. I wish for both our sakes that you weren’t and that you could go places and do things without feeling as if your heart is in your stomach, but alas, that’ll take time. Stay strong.

god-dangit-yourgrammarsucks - missxdelaney posted more Tobuscus stuff? REBLOG  REBLOG REBLOG. Thank you!! <3


Les Mis in Emojis


Jean Valjean 😊
Javert 👮
Fontine 🙎
Cossette 👸
Eponine 👩
Marius 😺
Enjolras 👱
Grantaire 👦
The Amis 👬
France 🇫🇷

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3







kenzie made me imagine george blagden reading an audio book of war and peace and i just

“Well, dear heart, I wanted to tell you yesterday, and I’ve come to tell you today. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I’m in love, my friend… I’d never have believed it, but this feeling is stronger than I am. Yesterday I was tormented, I suffered, but I wouldn’t trade that torment for anything in the world. I’ve never lived before. Only now am I alive, but I can’t live without her. But can she love me?… I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me I could love so much. It’s quite a different feeling from what I knew before. The whole world is divided for me into two parts: one is she, and there is all happiness, hope, light; the other is where she is not, and there everything is dejection and darkness. I can’t help loving the light, it’s not my fault. And I’m very happy.”

[lies down]