Firstly, thank you to Zainab for the wonderful banner.

So since we both love you all we thought in honour of that we could do joint tumblr awards!

So, the rules are:

  • mbf me & Zainab
  • reblog this, no likes please
  • this must get 50 notes
  • you have until June 30th to enter, we will announce the winners shortly after this.
  • there will be one winner and one runner up in each category

The categories are:

  • best url
  • best icon
  • best creations/edits
  • best updates tab
  • best hunger games
  • best harry potter
  • best divergent
  • best multifandom
  • my favourite
  • Zainab’s favourite

Winners will recieve:

  • A place in both of our updates tab for 1 month
  • Unlimited promos for 1 month
  • Our friendship
  • Help, tips, anything when you need it

Runners up will receive:

  • A place in both of our updates tab for 2 weeks
  • Unlimited promos for 2 weeks
  • Our friendship
  • Help, tips anything when you need it

Like I said before, you have until June 30th to reblog this, so get entering quickly!

I have recently reached 2k and I wanted to do something to thank you guys! sorry about the terrible quality gif. This was my first time making a gif in 6 months, so i’m out of practice.


  • mbf ihaveplentyoffiremyself
  • reblog this
  • must have 40 notes or this never happened
  • one winner for each category (maybe runner-ups)
  • ends April 23rd


The Mockingjay award-  
Best Hunger Games
The TARDIS award-  
Best Doctor Who
The Impala award-  
Best Supernatural
The Captain Swan award- 
Best Once Upon a Time
The Clara Oswald award- 
Best multifandom
The Katniss Everdeen award- 
Best URL
The Amy Pond award- 
Best icon
The Dean Winchester award- 
Best Theme
The Finnick Odair award- 
Best Posts
The Donna Noble award- 
Funniest Blogger
The Peeta Mellark award- 
Nicest blogger

Winners receive

  • 1 screenshot promo
  • up to 10 promos for 1 month
  • a spot on my tumblr awards page
  • +follow if not already

Runner- ups receive (I will only be doing these if this post gets enough notes)

  • up to 5 promos for a month
  • +follow if not already
  • a spot on my tumblr awrds page

I might end up excluding some categories depending on the notes

The Katniss Everdeen Network, because why not? Networks are fun, and Katniss is queen!

  • mbf ihaveplentyoffiremyself toastbabeis and mockingdragon
  • reblog this post to enter (likes won’t count)
  • must reach 50 notes (or this wont happen)
  • must be a Hunger Games blog
  • you have until May 4th to reblog
  • you have a better chance of being noticed if you make a post telling us why you want to be in the group and tag it #katnisseverdeennw
  • we don’t know how many people we are going to pick, but probably around 15- 20.

If you get picked

we will send you a message telling you that you have been accepted

you will have to give one of us your email so that we can invite you to the page.

if you do not get picked don’t worry, we will be accepting more members at another time.

if you have any questions, please feel free to message one of us.