Just an Everlark rant. Please enjoy.

Can we be honest for a second?

Just think about this: what if Peeta never came back to District 12 after the war? What if he started his life over in some other District?

In my opinion, that would have made the most sense for him. To start over in a new place. He isn’t the Peeta he was before, so why go back to the place where he would have countless memories of family and friends who were now dead. It would be feel like torture to get out of bed every day and have those memories flood you everywhere you turned. 

So why did he come back?

Because he loved Katniss. STILL loved Katniss. Even after he had seen her as a mutt trying to kill him. Even after he and seen every flaw she had and had finally seen her for who she truly is. Even after all of that, he still loved her. He had fallen back in love with her. And he knew that she needed him. 

Why did she need him? What would have happened to Katniss if Peeta hadn’t come back? If I’m being honest, I believe she would have tried killing herself.

Think about it. What would Katniss believe she had to live for? Her sister was gone. Her own mother AND Gale left her behind. The only person Katniss had with her was Haymitch. And he rarely ever visited. So why go on? Why go through the pain of the nightmares and memories that were constantly coming at her? I don’t think she would have been able to make it. And I think that Peeta knew that.

But, since Peeta did come back, like Katniss says, he gives her the hope that she needs. He shows her that even through the darkest of times, you can see the light and life can always be better. He’s her dandelion. 

This is why I love their relationship so much. They complete each other in the areas where the other is lacking and that is why they need one another. Not only do they need each other, but they know the needs of one another. And no matter what has happened to them, they always find their way back to each other. Like a gravity they can’t explain. 

Katniss isn’t perfect. Peeta isn’t perfect. Their relationship isn’t perfect. But to me, the love that they have for each other is undeniably, epically perfect. 

these are my fav TV shows and movies. there are more but I cnt get them all in one pic (:
I stick w/ them all my life. I spend the time of my life fighting dragon w/ them.
Im leading my lil bro and sis so dat they will follow in my footstep yay!!!
to all the fandom accounts following me: LONG LIVE. we will be remembered like the stories we love best. love y`all.
p/s: lol its a short caption again. I used to post my pics w/ long long captions haha
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A quick sketch of my next drawing :D!

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Can someone please make a gif set of the Jabberjay scene in catching fire with especial attention to Peeta’s face? First time I watched it I was looking at Kadniss but the second time around I just watched him, how desprate he is to get though to her and how he is phisically pushing his face though the force feild and he looks like he is in so much pain - I just need one gif set! PLEASE????