A certain post (which will not be named because everyone probably knows which one I’m referring to) offends me personally because Peeta’s struggle with abuse and hijacking are the reasons he is one of my favorite fictional characters because he worked so hard to get through everything and he’s so young. 

Yes, he strangled Katniss. I don’t approve of or excuse abusive relationships in any way. But people need to understand the specifics of the story and that Peeta has been brainwashed and is unwillingly forced to see things that are not real. He doesn’t see Katniss Everdeen. He sees a monster. He sees someone who burned down his District, killed his family, and could possibly/easily kill him.

If he knew it was Katniss, he would have never done that to her, but he didn’t know the truth. He was so fucked up by Snow, he was completely lost and out of his mind. As one would say, he was not Peeta. It’s like he was possessed and everything he saw and did was out of his control.

I don’t understand how anyone can truly blame Peeta for what happened to him. You are literally blaming an abused and tortured child. Peeta Mellark was under the age of 18 when he was abused by his mother and hijacked/tortured by President Snow. 

Johanna Mason went through the same thing, except the brainwashing. Johanna Mason was just as tortured as Peeta, they heard each others screams every day, yet people want to sit here and rip Peeta apart for something that was completely out of his control.

People act like Peeta wanted this to happen to him because it was a way for the readers to feel bad for him like are you fucking serious?!?!?! ABUSE IS REAL. IT’S NOT SOME MADE UP PLOT DEVICE. ABUSE HAPPENS IN THE REAL WORLD, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This is blatant victim blaming to the highest and most disgusting degree. I am disgusted and personally offended. Are you saying that because Peeta was privileged, his mother hitting him with a rolling pin wasn’t valid??? IT WASN’T CHILD ABUSE?? Do you really think Suzanne Collins would use child abuse as a plot device just to make people feel bad for Peeta??? No. Suzanne Collins was trying to show how strong Peeta was even through his abuse and how he stayed kind and put together when he was allowed to fall apart. That is important to me.

As someone who was a victim of child abuse myself, I look up to Peeta Mellark because he stayed so strong and true even though his mother thought so little of him and didn’t even care about his life. Even though we only saw little glimpses of Peeta Mellark’s child abuse, it helped me get through rough memories of mine. I’m not saying people who are abused by their parents or SO’s or anyone HAVE to forget or HAVE to accept their past, I’m just saying that Peeta Mellark helped me, even if it was just a little bit, through the memories of what I experienced as a child.

Peeta Mellark has been abused, unloved, and tortured HIS ENTIRE LIFE. From the day he was born, he was unwanted by his own mother. PEETA MELLARK WAS HELD AGAINST HIS WILL IN THE CAPITOL. HE WAS PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, AND EMOTIONALLY TORTURED AND YOU’RE GOING TO BLAME HIM FOR THAT?

SSS - On the Threshold

How is it Sunday again already?! I made some fairly decent progress on OtT this week, so I thought I’d share a little snippet. I tried to pick a nice part. :)

A few hours later, he pulled away to go outside and she whined grumpily. Her front was cold. Turning to face the hearth helped, but luckily Peeta was back in not too long. Katniss sighed her approval as he settled behind her, wrapping her up in his arms once more. She felt him bury his face in her hair.

“I love how there’s always a hint of woodsmoke about you.”

Katniss smiled and drowsily opened her eyes. “We’ve kept a huge fire going for two days now. There’s a hint of woodsmoke about everything.”