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Eeep I love y'all for doing organizing this. September 7th is my birthday and I would love some toastbabies and Everlark lovin'. I'm not picky though anything Everlark will do really! :)

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Happiest of birthdays!!! This exquisite little piece of Everlark magic was written especially for you by @hutchhitched. Enjoy!!

Rated E.

Three and Out

Author’s note: Happy birthday! I hope this fulfills your birthday wish of Everlark lovin’. As a disclaimer, a friend of mine came up with the game described in this drabble as something to try with his girlfriends during football season. Peeta does it better.

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A certain post (which will not be named because everyone probably knows which one I’m referring to) offends me personally because Peeta’s struggle with abuse and hijacking are the reasons he is one of my favorite fictional characters because he worked so hard to get through everything and he’s so young. 

Yes, he strangled Katniss. I don’t approve of or excuse abusive relationships in any way. But people need to understand the specifics of the story and that Peeta has been brainwashed and is unwillingly forced to see things that are not real. He doesn’t see Katniss Everdeen. He sees a monster. He sees someone who burned down his District, killed his family, and could possibly/easily kill him.

If he knew it was Katniss, he would have never done that to her, but he didn’t know the truth. He was so fucked up by Snow, he was completely lost and out of his mind. As one would say, he was not Peeta. It’s like he was possessed and everything he saw and did was out of his control.

I don’t understand how anyone can truly blame Peeta for what happened to him. You are literally blaming an abused and tortured child. Peeta Mellark was under the age of 18 when he was abused by his mother and hijacked/tortured by President Snow. 

Johanna Mason went through the same thing, except the brainwashing. Johanna Mason was just as tortured as Peeta, they heard each others screams every day, yet people want to sit here and rip Peeta apart for something that was completely out of his control.

People act like Peeta wanted this to happen to him because it was a way for the readers to feel bad for him like are you fucking serious?!?!?! ABUSE IS REAL. IT’S NOT SOME MADE UP PLOT DEVICE. ABUSE HAPPENS IN THE REAL WORLD, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This is blatant victim blaming to the highest and most disgusting degree. I am disgusted and personally offended. Are you saying that because Peeta was privileged, his mother hitting him with a rolling pin wasn’t valid??? IT WASN’T CHILD ABUSE?? Do you really think Suzanne Collins would use child abuse as a plot device just to make people feel bad for Peeta??? No. Suzanne Collins was trying to show how strong Peeta was even through his abuse and how he stayed kind and put together when he was allowed to fall apart. That is important to me.

As someone who was a victim of child abuse myself, I look up to Peeta Mellark because he stayed so strong and true even though his mother thought so little of him and didn’t even care about his life. Even though we only saw little glimpses of Peeta Mellark’s child abuse, it helped me get through rough memories of mine. I’m not saying people who are abused by their parents or SO’s or anyone HAVE to forget or HAVE to accept their past, I’m just saying that Peeta Mellark helped me, even if it was just a little bit, through the memories of what I experienced as a child.

Peeta Mellark has been abused, unloved, and tortured HIS ENTIRE LIFE. From the day he was born, he was unwanted by his own mother. PEETA MELLARK WAS HELD AGAINST HIS WILL IN THE CAPITOL. HE WAS PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, AND EMOTIONALLY TORTURED AND YOU’RE GOING TO BLAME HIM FOR THAT?

This gifset allowed a painful thought to occur to me…

I want to die as myself, in contrast to,

Finally, there’s only Peeta to contend with.  He plants himself on the blue sofa, refusing to budge.  “I’m not going.  I’ll either disclose your position or hurt someone else.”

“Snow’s people will find you,” says Finnick.

“Then shoot me,” says Peeta.

“No,” I say trying to stand up.

“Or what?” he asks.

“We’ll knock you out and drag you with us,” says Jackson.  “Which will both slow us down and endanger us.”

“Stop being noble!  I don’t care if I die!”  He turns to me, pleading now.  “Katniss, please.  Don’t you see, I want to be out of this?”

“We’re wasting time.  Are you coming voluntarily or do we knock you out?”

Peeta buries his face in his hands for a few moments, and my heart is breaking seeing him like this, then he rises to join us.

“Should we free his hands?” Cressida asks.

“No!” Peeta growls at her, drawing his cuffs in close to his body.

“No,” I echo.  “But I want the key.”  

Here all he wants is relief, release from the world.  He knows he’s not himself, but he’s given up trying to be who he used to be.  This is him admitting that no matter when or how he dies, he won’t be himself, because he’s been forever altered by the Capitol.  He also knows that no one would dare kill him – no matter how much he’d beg them – without Katniss’ approval.  He just wants to die.  Period.  He’s sick and tired of fighting the nightmares, of not knowing what’s real and what’s not real, he just wants to die.  But Katniss won’t have any of it.  Where she used to be selfish in other regards, now she’s selfish for – and with, for that matter – Peeta, she’s gotten him back and she’s not going to lose him again, and I think in a sense he understands that.

He’s been abandoned by her until recently, and he knows he’s been abandoned.  He remembers the nights on the train, and now she won’t say two words to him together without storming off or getting upset.  She’s abandoned him, so to him it would also be a sort of mercy killing, because he does still love her, he’s just confused.  If he didn’t still love her, he wouldn’t have said “always” or had that conversation with Gale about who she’d pick.  If he didn’t still love her, well, that conversation never would have happened.

No he’s not the same Peeta, but there are traces of him still being there.  He remembered the kind of soup she liked, he let her stroke his hair, he had a whispered conversation with her, he said “always” when she asked him to stay with her – undoubtedly bringing that night on the train to the forefront of his mind – he makes a comment about blood poisoning, saying the same thing he did in the arena, when she tries to commit suicide after killing Coin she tells him to let her go and he says, “I can’t.”  I think that’s very telling for his character at this point in the story, because here when she’s trying to commit suicide, he’s doing the same thing she did, not letting her go.  Sure you can argue that he’s not there at all, but let me add.  He comes and plants primroses, we don’t know where he is between the moment I just mentioned and this, we don’t know what he’s been through, but he knows Prim died and he knows that’s one thing he can still give her, if nothing else.  He slowly starts coming back into her life, he doesn’t force it, he doesn’t force anything, but he still cares, still loves her, and it’s because of this that he came back to 12.  He could have gone anywhere else, but he came home.  He came home to Katniss.  And last but by no means least, even though by that time I’m sure he’s fully aware of how she feels…

“You love me, Real or Not Real?”

I tell him, “Real." 

Sure complain about this being the ending, but up until this moment, Peeta’s always just wondered, or she’s just never confirmed and told him about whether she loves him or not, and then here…he asks her if her love for him is real.  And she tells him real.

Someone said that they’re relationship isn’t real, I beg to differ.  Real relationships don’t consist of 100% togetherness, or likemindedness or any of those big things…real relationships are made up of moments, many many different moments, and when it comes to Peeta and Katniss…

"I wish I could freeze this moment right now, and live in it forever.”


I’m sorry, but they exist at the end of the book because of the other.  If Katniss hadn’t been there and Peeta asked Gale to kill him, I’m not sure Gale would refuse.  And Peeta wouldn’t let her die in the Capitol.  The only reason they are alive at the end of the book series is because of the other.

So don’t tell me that it wasn’t real.  It was real all along, Katniss just didn’t realize it right away.

"Nobody needs me.”

I realize only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies.  Me.

“I do.  I need you." 

Their love isn’t real, my ass.

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My sister's reading Mockingjay & asked me why the squad refused to kill Peeta when he begged them to, I told her bcuz they wouldn't w/o Katniss' approval. She didn't understand why Katniss' approval would matter w/ Peeta since she kept saying she'd written him off & it's Peeta's life & they're not together or anything. I had some trouble coming up with a good answer & was wondering if you could give some insight on that situation?

Thanks for asking me this question. You made me think.

A couple things come to mind:

  1.  Is your sister done reading Mockingjay?
  2. What’s your view on Everlark when Peeta’s still in the Capitol?

You were definitely right. They weren’t going to act without Katniss’s approval since Katniss was the Mockingjay. The Rebels, Coin and D13 did a lot to protect and appease Katniss in order to get her to do what they needed her to do. Katniss was important and she was also making the shots in lieu of Boggs.

When Katniss “wrote Peeta off” she was essentially reacting as if Peeta was dead: going to Two, her plan to kill Snow and then, die. But getting shot, led her back to him in 13 and then again with the Star Squad where they were essentially thrown into the “Arena” again, but this time Peeta was seen as an enemy.

She didn’t write Peeta off because she didn’t love him anymore, but because she did love him. She was hurt. She was broken. She was having to deal with her heartbreak of losing him.

She also didn’t kill him because they “protect each other.” It’s what they do. That theme is carried throughout the entire series. When Peeta’s begging Katniss and the rest of the Star Squad to kill him, he’s trying to protect her and them from himself. 

Katniss wasn’t going to allow Peeta to be killed because she loves him. She spends the end of Catching Fire and the entirety of Mockingjay pining for, mourning over and missing Peeta. She loves him. It’s that simple. 

Jack Rabbit 3000: The Jack Rabbit Strikes Back

Author: @burkygirl

Rating: E

Summary: You really can buy anything on Amazon. Part 3 of the Jack Rabbit series and the return of Ryan Peeta Mellark. For context (and much better smutting than you’ll find after the break), you should read the story that started it all: Jack in the Box by @peetabreadgirl and @xerxia31’s fanfic of her fanfic, Jack Rabbit 2.0, which got posted on the weekend.  

Young feet pound across the ceiling. Katniss barely looks up as she checks the fletchings on her arrows. She doesn’t worry about the kids when they’re noisy, unless they are trying to kill each other. But at the moment, they seem to be playing.

“Rawr! I’m Ky-woah Ren. I wi-oo force you Rey!”

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Everlark Drabble Challenge: Everlark in disguise

I was tagged by jennagill for the Everlark Drabble Challenge with “Everlark in disguise” - I’m pretty sure this isn’t what she had in mind, but this is what I came up with, enjoy!

I challenge baronesskika, streetlightlove1 & fuckingplebe to write Pirate!Everlark. 

As the pair of sleek grays pulled the carriage through the darkened streets of London, Katniss wondered again at the point of it all. Over the last few months one thing had become abundantly clear: the marriage mart was not meant for the likes of her. Not only was she bored to death on the nightly circuit of balls and various entertainments, the fashionable at-homes held during the early afternoons were even worse. At least there was some exercise to be had in the evenings whereas during the day she was forced to attend to conversation centered around ladylike accomplishments that were more to her sister Prim’s taste than her own. Unable to contribute anything useful to the drawing room conversation, she usually busied herself with her tea and kept her mouth shut. Evenings were only marginally better given that while dancing much of the conversation was prescribed and required little to no concentration for her to pass muster. Wherein every other aspect of life amongst high society left her under the intense scrutiny of she had never been criticized for holding her tongue.

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