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Happy belated birthday to @akai-echo you are lovely and you do so much for the fandom, and are a mind blowing artist. Iwanted to have it ready for @loveinpanem tribute to Valentine’s Day special Love is. Love is Family, and we have such a tight group of friends and family here in this corner. Thank you to @notanislander for proofreading and @titaniasfics  & @everlarkingjoshifer for encouraging me and telling me to keep on going. Special thanks to @norbertsmom for not only betaing but putting up with my crazy ideas. You help me gather my dots so that they can form the lovely family portrait.

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Peeta slipped in and out of her quickly, his fingers played with her clit. The coil within Katniss’ belly tightened. She gasped as his mouth feasted on her neck. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders and she screamed his name. The act caused the tension to explode and Katniss body was elevated to the stratosphere.

Somewhere in the distance, she heard Peeta cry out as well. As she came down she felt his cum rush inside of her. Her walls fluttered around him greedily drinking his essence.

Her hands relaxed their grip on his shoulders. Her legs were like jelly and slid off of his back. Katniss had no idea this was what it was like to be loved by a man. All of her life she’d been told by Coin and her government men were evil. But President Coin was wrong; not all men were bad.

She’d discovered this the hard way.  Her chosen mate, Peeta Mellark was good. There were no other words to describe him.

“Katniss?” Peeta raised himself up, glancing down at her.

She smiled back. She couldn’t believe that only 24 hours ago she’d been resigned to be mated with a stranger.

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Hey guys! LOVE your work, thank you for always making people happy on their special day. I would be really happy if I could get one for my birthday? It's March 23rd, and I love established college Everlark, something funny to read, with sexy times (explicit or not is totally up to the author). :) Thank you so, so, so much!!!

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Happiest of birthdays @litlifelover ! To help you celebrate, we’ve put together a little Everlark afternoon delight, just for you! Enjoy!

rated E

The door slams shut behind Katniss as she heads for the elevator. It opens again almost immediately and Peeta rushes out. But she doesn’t turn.

“Katniss, wait!” He catches up to her just as the button flickers to life, signaling the metal box to the fourth floor of Peeta’s dorm. “You don’t understand-”

She whirls on her boyfriend, glaring him down. She’s had enough of his mother forcing him to come home and ‘visit’ his family while she parades the hometown bachelorettes in front of him, hoping he’ll pick any of them and drop Katniss like a sack of hot potatoes. It’s no secret Mrs. Mellark despises her, and the feeling is mutual. Katniss just doesn’t understand why Peeta refuses to see it.

“I understand perfectly, Peeta. You go running home to your mother and leave me behind to keep the peace in the family. Oh and you go on ‘dates’,” her fingers mimic air quotes and her line of sight hits the ceiling from the intensity of her eye roll, “that she forces you on.” Peeta sighs and runs his hands through his hair, but she keeps talking because she doesn’t want to hear him apologize. A Peeta apology would melt her like wax and she doesn’t want to relent this time. No, this time - she’s standing her ground. “You’re ashamed of me. Fine. I get it. The girl from the wrong side of the tracks and the rich son who she’s not good enough for. Just stop pretending that you’re actually going to do something about it, alright?”

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Something's Brewing

Author: @everhutcher

Rated: T for language

A/N: Just a little thing I hammered out with a few hours to spare. Enjoy!

“Venti skinny cinnamon dolce latte!” The barista shouted over the din of the coffee shop as he set the paper cup down with a soft thump.

Katniss groaned inwardly at the overly flirty smile from the barista; Finnick, according to the name tag pinned to his forest green apron. She liked the color; the guy wearing it, well, he could stand to tone down the charm a bit. She took a glance at the scrawl on the side of the cup he offered. Do baristas learn handwriting where doctors do? she thought before grabbing the cup bare-handed. She hissed in displeasure as the heat from the cup seared through her fingertips.

“Need one?”

Katniss glanced down at the cardboard sleeve being offered to her and sighed deeply as she accepted it. “Thanks,” she mumbled, glancing up briefly.

She did a double take.

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And onto my cosplay plans/wishlist for 2017! I can pretty much guarantee that not all of these are going to be made, but it gives you a general picture of what I want to accomplish next year!
Some of these I have already started and gathered materials for, some I’m hoping to get started on asap, and some are basically just DAMN I HOPE I CAN MAKE THAT. <3

There’s also a couple of my older cosplays that I want to fix up, like Rey, Jyn, Tauriel and Lavellan etc.
Aaaaand there’s some I didn’t put on the list, mostly because it would be too crowded, and because it could become fun surprise cosplays haha
(And yes, as you can see, still lots of Star Wars. I’m afraid there is no escape from the space nerds yet.)

And of course, I hope to bring some VERY cool cosplays to Dragoncon (elevator Katniss!! Finally!!) and by cool I also mean literally, I don’t want cosplays that will kill me in the Atlanta heat haha
I’m so excited for this year!!

Navigating the Dark - Part 2

Rated M/E

Part 1

Part 2

Walking is much easier now that my prosthetic leg is working properly. I still need someone to guide me, but at least I don’t trip over random things anymore. Since the day my leg was fixed, Gale comes around much more often. He makes sure to make a big production of slamming open the doors and immediately engaging Katniss in conversation whenever he enters. I know what he’s doing. He’s trying to keep Katniss and I apart. It doesn’t matter, though. Katniss hasn’t made any advances since then and I’ve also kept my hands to myself. The constant presence of Gale has put doubts in my head.

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Hey there :) my birthday's on the 28th June and was wondering if anyone Elgin be so kind as to write some Everlark loveliness?! I love Modern AU :) Everlark as neighbours with a healthy dose of smut is always great. Thank you!!

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Happy Birthday!!! For your special day we’ve chosen to write a part two to an earlier birthday request, featuring single daddy!Peeta and his hot neighbor Katniss. Enjoy!

Rated E for explicit sexual content and language

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Everlark Fanfiction - Demona424

Demona424 is the author name I go by at AO3. Why I didn’t use it for my tumblr, I have no clue. But I felt it was about time to list my fanfiction on here so I can create a link on my main page. 

Multi-Chapter Stories:

  • The Other Side of the Glass - Having finally ended a disastrous relationship, Katniss reunites with her friends after a long absence from their lives. They decide to take a trip to her father’s cabin to catch up and things get awkward for her when the best friend she’s always been in love with catches her in a compromising position.
  • Snowstorm for a Broken Heart - Peeta didn’t want to be on the road with her let alone weathering a snow storm during the Christmas break, yet here he is, with Katniss Everdeen, the girl who broke his heart. How the hell is he going to deal with so much time alone with her?
  • Some Kind of Wonderful - She was a girl who tried not to be envious of the other prettier feminine girls in class, there was no point. She’d always be plain old Katniss Everdeen tom-boy extraordinaire who was an expert archer, worked on cars, and wore overalls at least 3 times out of the week. But oh how she was jealous of pretty sweet Madge Undersee who seemed to have it all. And usually she could keep her envious green monster under wraps, but when her best friend Peeta falls for her, Katniss doesn’t know how she’ll heal a broken heart.
  • The Surrogate - In the Capitol it’s all the rage, your own personal sex surrogate. When you’re rich, why not get one or two to fit all your marriage needs. Sometimes having sex with your spouse can be just so boring, but you can bring the spice back into your lives with someone who will do whatever you please. And with a surrogates from every district to choose from, you can have whomever you choose.
  • What Lies in Between - Katniss has always found happiness in the quiet little life. She had her sister, her good friend Cinna, and a wonderful job as a director at the Conservatory of Flowers so she never really searched for more. At the Conservatory’s Anniversary Gala, along comes Peeta to shake things up. He’s cocky, charming, and determined to get what he wants causing the walls around her to crumble leaving her more vulnerable than she ever wanted to feel. But will it be the same for him or is it just a game?

Short Stories & Drabbles:

  • Good Times at the Cartwright Wedding - When Katniss best friend asks her to be his best gal she didn’t expect that he would actually go through with the Old West themed wedding that his bride wanted and she definitely didn’t expect that the oldest hotel in California would bring such good times with the best man. But she’s not complaining.
  • Hardly Strictly - None of Katniss’ friends could join her for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival so she decided to go ahead and do it alone. I mean how could you pass up a free 3 day festival? But life isn’t what you expect it to be, especially when her dog steals some food from the handsome man sitting next to her.
  • I Can’t Resist -  Inspired by an image from the set of In Dubious Battle
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin Rye Mellark - Little brothers sure can cause a lot of trouble but you just never know when it can be the good kind. Peeta loses his little brother in a Pumpkin patch but luckily Katniss is there to help him out.
  • A Little Piece of Heaven - Peeta and Katniss have been very patiently waiting for the 2 months to pass to share enjoyment in each other again. They may not have a lot of time but they’re going to make the post of it. (Daddy Peeta & Momma Katniss)
  • Love to Love You Baby (AKA Panic at the Disco) - Peeta is having a bad day, a bad, week, hell a bad year. In the days of Disco not only has he lost his girl, his apartment, but he has to work his crappy job in a gold underwear. And god how he hates Gale Hawthorne.
  • Of Course - An Elevator Tale - Katniss Everdeen dislikes Peeta Mellark with a burning intensity. But it’s not her fault! Ever since she started working at Panem Advertising Agency he’s treated her like some sort of leper. And of course on one of her worst days ever she gets trapped with him in an elevator. She can’t help but think somebody up there hates her.
  • The Pearl Ring - When Peeta’s daughter Violet is feeling lost and in need of advice, he shares the story of how he came home to Katniss.
  • Pity Party - Katniss never expected to be in a bar on Christmas Eve drowning her sorrows surrounded by people dressed in Santa outfits but she also never expected her ex-husband to cheat on her with her best friend. She also won’t ever expect what the night will bring when Peeta Mellark sits next to her with his own sorrows to drown. Pity parties are the best with some company.
  • The Shackle Unbroken - The Harvest Festival was supposed to be a time to celebrate the rebirth of their district and a time of remembrance for those they had lost. For Peeta, most days are fine, somedays can even be really good, including today, but somehow he can never seem to truly escape from that prison he left behind so long ago. Luckily he has people who love him enough to do whatever it takes to help him escape the prison of his mind.
Author Spotlight: atetheredmind

This feature is a collaboration with panempropaganda and everlarkedalways as part of Panem Propaganda’s 100 Days of Mockingjay: Shipping and Fanfiction.

This interview is a companion piece to an article written for Panem Propaganda, available at X.

With many thanks to panempropaganda, everlarkedalways, and muttpeeta.

Graphic by everlarkedalways. Interview by papofglencoe​.


“[She] is pretty much one of the cornerstones of Everlark fanfiction… She always leaves you wanting more, and it’s always so easy to get lost in her stories.” -wrestlerpeeta

What is so unique or special about Everlark to you?

I love how their relationship subverts your typical romance/contemporary fiction tropes. It’s refreshing. But while Katniss and Peeta both defy accepted gender norms, they don’t completely shirk any and every masculine or feminine attribute associated with their gender. They encompass all of it. They’re just very human. And I think their malleability as characters make them very easy to insert into just about any fanfic idea or scenario you can dream of.

Also, I don’t want to downplay the importance of Katniss in her own narrative because she is such an important female character, but as I read more and more, I’m realizing male protagonists like Peeta are so, so rare. Finding a male character who is strong but vulnerable and emotionally available, assertive but respectful of his love interest’s agency and feelings, and is just charming and witty and compassionate and smart is just a literary treat. His strengths and characteristics just really help elevate Katniss; they bring out the best in each other.

What inspired you to write Everlark fanfiction in the first place?

I was thirsty for more after finishing the series. This was back in early 2011, so fanfiction for THG was still relatively sparse at the time. I eventually read everything there was, but I still wasn’t satisfied. I kept daydreaming scenarios for Everlark in my head, particularly in their “growing back together” phase after Mockingjay, and I was so frustrated that nobody else was imagining the exact same things I was! So one day I just bit the bullet and started writing my own fics. I had never published any fanfiction before Everlark and THG.

What’s your personal favorite of your own fics and why? What inspired it?

I guess I’ll always consider Hero of the Story to be my fic baby. I was inspired to write it after seeing a discussion on tumblr about birth control methods and job opportunities in District 12. I started to imagine Katniss as someone who would take a vested interest in helping provide her people with old-fashioned birth control and home remedies. I think I love HOTS because it tackles some heavy issues, and for an in-Panem AU, it’s kind of fitting for the tone and reality of the series. It’s hard to find fiction that tackles the subject of abortion, and it’s something that’s pretty important to me. And for some reason I like making Everlark do abhorrent things like cheating while figuring out how to make them likable and sympathetic. I think it’s a testament to the strength of their characters and Suzanne Collins’ story.

What’s the greatest challenge for you to writing Everlark?

I think capturing their voices will always be the hardest part. They’re so distinct in canon, I think, and capturing their unique chemistry and rapport is one of the biggest challenges in writing them, just capturing what makes Everlark so shippable for lack of better wording, but it’s fun trying, at least.

When you’re pushing the limits of character or situation, what ineffable traits of Katniss and Peeta/Everlark do you keep intact to preserve their characters?

I guess I already inadvertently waxed poetic about Peeta’s character, but I think something essential to Katniss’ character is just how stubborn she is. Honestly, it’s how unlikable she can be. (And again, shout-out to Suzanne Collins for making a female character so unlikable and likable at the same time). For all Katniss’ good characteristics, like her compassion and quick thinking and intelligence, Katniss can also be mean and spiteful and suspicious. Normally, when it comes to writing fanfiction, you worry about Mary Sue-ing your main character, but that’s almost inherently not a problem with Katniss; sometimes I think we struggle more with not making her so unlikable- which is usually a result of Gary Sue-ing Peeta I guess, but that’s a whole other issue.

What’s your favorite Everlark trope and why?

I guess I’m a bit of a sucker for the enemies-to-lovers trope, antagonistic!Everlark. It usually entails delicious, delicious banter and unresolved sexual tension, and that’s just really fun to write (and read).

What is an Everlark fanfic that has stayed with you? Why?

I can’t sing the praises of The Unrecorded Hours by hollycomb enough. It was one of the first THG fics I ever read, and it filled the hole left by Mockingjay and satisfied my curiosity about Everlark growing back together. She captured Katniss and Peeta and their individual voices perfectly, and she also captured the sweetness and uncertainty and desperation of how I imagine their budding romantic and sexual relationship would be after the war.

What is your favorite Everlark headcanon or fanon?

I don’t know if this is a headcanon or if it’s actually canon- but since Katniss never defines or acknowledges her feelings about Peeta prior to the games, I’ll say it’s headcanon: I like imagining that Katniss developed a crush on Peeta after the bread incident. It’s why she kept tabs on him, not just because she felt a sense of debt/connection, but because she started to crush hard on the guy. She watched him heft flour bags around, knew he was a wrestler (I like to think she’s watched him in a match or two), knew he was popular and had a lot of friends. She was preoccupied with her family’s survival of course, but in her own way she started falling for Peeta from a distance. I just think it’s so cute when both OTP halves are so into each other but don’t realize the other likes them too.

atetheredmind is the author of works such as A Thin Line, Best Laid Plans, For a Good Time Call, Hero of the Story, The Act, The Education of Peeta Mellark, and Voyeurs. She is on AO3, FF, and on tumblr as muttpeeta.

Dysfunctional!Everlark-Part Three

Thank you for your patience! I appreciate all the love for these drabbles.

Part One and Part Two can be found at these links. There may or may not be an epilogue…

Please excuse all mistakes! Happy Reading!

‘What do you thinkabout joining me this weekend? –G’

Katniss bit her lip, hesitating to answer. Usually, she hadno issues with letting a guy loose, but Gale was…nice. He was reallyboyfriend-slash-lover potential and it almost seemed like a waste to break itoff.

However, her mind would often drift off to Peeta. It was pathetic, really.

Making up her mind, Katniss typed back her reply: ‘Not sure…-K’

There was a knock and Katniss looked up to see her cousin grinning at her from the doorway.

“What’s up, boss bitch?” Johanna greeted. “You ready for lunch?”

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