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I finally read The Hunger Games Trilogy

And boy do I have opinions and feelings.

First, these three books were amazingly well written, and I loved them.

That said:

These books should have been titled “Katniss Everdeen ends a couple of tyrants while a completely useless asshole and a somewhere less useless jerk pout because she won’t fuck either of them.”

Peeta is far more likable in the books, but there are several places where he comes off as a jerk.  Like, dude, Katniss saved your freaking life at least twice, and you’re going to give her shit because she didn’t fall in love with you while she was doing it?  That said, he gets better in book two and book three.

Gale Hawthorne is a total and complete asshole.  Like, dude, your unrequited feelings are your fucking problem, and punishing Katniss for doing what it takes to survive is bullshit.  You are the embodiment of the word Fuckboy, and I spent most of book three hating the fact that I knew you didn’t die in the end.

Finnick Odair did nothing wrong in his entire like, and I love him.  I knew it was coming, and I was still miserable when he died.

Poor, poor Johanna.  I am really, terribly sad that we never found out what happened to her after Katniss shot Coin.  I kind of wanted her to show up in District Twelve and for her and Katniss to turn into crazy old cat ladies together.

I loved the fact that the traumas these people have been through actually affected them.  I loved the bit with Finnick, Katniss and Peeta tying knots.  I loved “Real or not real”.  I loved the scene where Johanna is sitting there considering becoming a morphling addict.  I love that there’s no magic cure for Haymitch’s drinking problem, and at the end of the story, he’s still an alcoholic, and Peeta still has flashbacks, and Katniss still has nightmares and depression.

I loved these books, but man, I wanted to punch pretty much everyone in the face at some point for the way they treated Katniss, with the notable exceptions of Johanna, Finnick, Paylor, Castor and Pollux, Cenna, Rue, Greasy Sae, Prim Mags, and Wiress.


endless list of favorite characters → katniss everdeen, the hunger games

The bird, the pin, the song, the berries, the watch, the cracker, the dress that burst into flames. I am the mockingjay. The one that survived despite the Capitol’s plans. The symbol of the rebellion.

Y’know the quote from Finnick?

“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.”

And I think we can all agree that by the end of Mockingjay, as in by the end of the war, the end of the Rebellion, Katniss has well and truly fallen apart. 

And that spanned about a year and a half? From her first games to the end, right?

So it took her 1.5 years to fall apart.

And it took her “Five, ten, fifteen years…” to agree to have children.

1.5 years… 15 years… ten times.

She was finally, mostly, back together. Not back to normal, but back together and able to accept everything. And then she could have Peeta’s child.

CF Chapter 9 realization

That nightmare that Katniss has after Peeta sends her off to sleep while he watches over Gale in the aftermath of the whipping–it’s reliving Clove fighting her when she risked her life at the feast to save Peeta. The night,are then morphs into the mutations attacking them in the finale of the Games. What’s the common thread between both these events? Those were both events when Katniss was truly afraid she’s was going to lose Peeta. And she has this nightmare after she’s supposedly “chosen” Gale, then realizes what that means in regards to Peeta.

Then she wakes up wishing Peeta was in bed with her to comfort her, and she has to remind herself that she’s “not supposed” to want that anymore. But subconsciously she’s yearning for him, and that’s what her nightmare is saying.


by @titaniasfics

Rated M

Canon compliant. Between the end of MJ and the Epilogue. Just a touch of magical realism.

Inspired by this Visual Prompt: X (slightly nsfw) . Written for Love in Panem’s Spring Showers April Challenge.

Autor’s note: I had a conversation once with @madamemarquise in which we discussed how vocal Everlark smut was in some fics (including my own). It gave me the idea of writing a smut drabble with no dialogue. Being “speechless,” the piece emerged as somewhat surreal, so that Katniss’s thoughts take on a “real” life of their own, hence the magical realism. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who read and beta’d this - @eala-musings, @madamemarquise, @akai-echo, @mega-aulover and @thegirlfromoverthepond . You ladies are the best!

Katniss woke to a house in silence. Stretching languidly, she found herself in a tangle of bed sheets and pillows, now mostly cool where her skin did not touch them. When she turned her head into the pillow, she could smell both of them on it. Everywhere she slid her hand along the rumpled mattress cover, she recalled each kiss, each sigh, each grunt and thrust they’d battered each other with the night before. It had been a long night, but the memory of it made her body sing again.

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booksrockmyface  asked:

Hey, y'all! My birthday is April 28! I would really love something fluffy. Really into fake relationships at the moment. Any rating will do! :)

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Happy Birthday @booksrockmyface! We hope you’re having a fantastic day and just to make it extra sweet, @finnicko-loves-anniec has crafted an extra delicious slice of Everlark, just for you!

“Out!” The door hit her in the shoulder as she pulled it open. Katniss ignored the pain. “I said out!”

Gale brushed a piece of hair behind her ear, his fingertips skimming along her cheek as he did so. She pushed his hand away. “Come on, babe, let’s talk about this.”

“You can ‘talk about this’ with your other babe.” Katniss hated air quotes with a passion. Right now, she hated him enough to ignore that. “I said out.”

She heard a door squeak down the hall. Lazy shits in management had promised to fix that months ago. Katniss glared at the man who had dared to poke his head into the hallway. “Not you, Mellark. You stay in.” He didn’t budge. Was nobody listening to her today?

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I want Mags”

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My birthday was last week (5/21) but if you're in a lull and want to backtrack I love fluff and/or arranged marriage situations.

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How very fitting that our last story at everlarkbirthdaydrabbles is in response to what was, in fact, our very first submission! We’ve held onto this an entire year, gleefully looking forward to the day that we could fulfil this request! So happy birthday to you @roseymama, this incredible piece of Everlark was crafted just for you by the most wonderful @appleblossomgirl0305!

Blessed Accidents

A/N: Happy, happy day, birthday girl! I hope you have an incredible birthday and phenomenal year to come! (I also hope you have nothing else to do today besides eat cake and read this, as it is embarrassingly far too long for a drabble.)

To the @everlarkbirthdaydrabbles angels that have made this birthday gift exchange possible, thank you so, so much. You have done something so beautiful for the entire fandom.

Rated M

Trigger warning: parental abandonment

Katniss couldn’t put her finger on exactly what was wrong. She could feel it, gnawing insistently at the back of her mind like a headache coming on, but couldn’t figure out what had thrown her so off-balance. At nearly eighteen, Katniss had spent the past six years keeping her small family alive, a finely calibrated existence that kept them skimming just above oblivion. She was well aware that any small disaster could be their undoing, so she was vigilant in her watchfulness.

She glanced over at Prim, who was sitting at the kitchen table, schoolwork open in front of her. Katniss followed her sister’s eyes as she cast a worried look at their mother, who was making tea in the small kitchen.

Katniss’ eyes narrowed as she took in her mother, her blond hair brushing against her shoulders as she swayed back and forth, humming quietly to herself. As Katniss scrutinized her, her mother turned dreamily towards the window and closed her eyes, smiling into the soft morning light. This can’t be good, thought Katniss. But if anything, her mother looked perfectly healthy, robust even.

As she and Prim walked to school, Katniss did a quick mental inventory of her mother’s recent behavior and found no warning signs of the crippling depression that had nearly killed them all. If anything, lately her mother had seemed the opposite, too… happy. It had taken years after their father’s death for her mother to crawl out of the chasm of her grief. In the past few years, she had even resumed work as a healer, training Prim to assist her and freeing Katniss up to dedicate more of her time to hunting and their continued survival. But the humming and private smiles were new. Katniss scowled, if her mother was going to fall apart again, she needed to figure out how to protect Prim.

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                               1,000,000 Words Archived

It’s almost insane to think that I’ve written 1,000,000 words on my account.  That was never really a goal for me.  And looking at all these OCs I’ve created, that was never a goal for me either.  Funnily enough, I only ever planned on writing Elle on this account.  But it is because of you guys and all the love and support you have given me that I have as many stories posted and words archived as I do.  So, from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank each and every one of you.  Whether you love just one of my OCs or you have a special place in your heart for several of them–THANK YOU!

So, here’s to another million words and perhaps even more OCs! :)

  • An Attempt to Tip the Scales (Veronica Mars):  Cassandra Mars is starting her freshman year at Neptune High in the wake of all the Mars drama. Having to navigate high school in Veronica’s shadow isn’t going to be easy. But sometimes, it’s just easier to pull the Band-Aid off quickly.
  • City of Stars (The 100):  Kennedy was locked up as a juvenile for hacking into the Ark’s medical database to find the truth about her father. Now, she finds herself as one of the 100 delinquents being sent to Earth to try and survive. But everyone knows secrets never stay secret for long.
  • Coming to Terms (Remember the Titans):  Julie Yoast is used to hiding in the shadows of being the coach’s daughter, but when the schools in Alexandria are integrated she finds herself coming to terms with her new place in the fight for equality.
  • Dance Me to the End of Love (Harry Potter):  Sirius Black and Kimberly Potter have spent most of their Hogwarts’ careers hating each other, often rivaling Lily and James. But as times grow darker, Kimberly must decide where her loyalty truly lies. •MARAUDERS ERA FIC•
  • Daughter’s Lament (Hunger Games)Briony is the middle Everdeen daughter. She isn’t as brave like Katniss. She isn’t as kind and compassionate as Prim. She just is. But her life is thrown into a tailspin when she is forced to flee her home after her sister’s disastrous actions in the Quarter Quell.
  • Everything Has Changed (Twilight):  Forks’ Swan population was about to increase by one and I was pretty sure I was the only one who wasn’t excited about that fact. People had a misconception that twins were always close, but I really didn’t know my sister. It just wasn’t the nature of our relationship. But apparently, fate had a different journey planned for us. 
  • Holding Out For A Hero (Gotham):  Her parents. Dead. If there ever were life changing words—those were them and Greer Wayne’s once seemingly perfectly manicured life had just been derailed.
  • Lost Along the Way: The Beginning (Harry Potter)Harry Potter wasn’t the only one displaced by the events on Halloween 1981 in Godric’s Hollow. His twin sister Leila was forced to reside with the Dursleys as well. Often in Harry’s shadow, Leila tries to mark her own path along her magical journey through her years at Hogwarts. • YEAR 1 COMPLETE • WRITING YEAR 2 •
  •  Lost Along the Way (Harry Potter):  Harry wasn’t the only Potter displaced by the events in Godric’s Hollow on Halloween 1981. Leila, Harry’s twin, was also there that night. Now, headed into her sixth year, Leila finds that everything changes when she falls into the arms of Hogwarts resident Death Eater, Draco Malfoy. Fate steps in and throws her completely off course, leaving her lost along the way. ON HIATUS!
  • Luminis (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.):   Coulson is their leader. Ward is the muscles. Fitz-Simmons are the brains. May is just the driver…supposedly. Skye is the recruit. But what role does that leave for Alex Evans on the dream team?
  • Nine to Survival (Jurassic World):  Tia Miller is a struggling college grad, working a job in the Jurassic World Gift Shop, for which she is overqualified. She finds herself with the opportunity for a promotion at the worst possible time.
  • Only Fooling Myself (One Tree Hill)Sydney James has played basketball almost her entire life. The only problem is that Tree Hill High never has enough girls for a Lady Ravens’ team. Playing on the Rivercourt just isn’t enough for Sydney. She needs more than that and will do almost anything to find an actual team to play on. 
  • Psych You Out in the End (Psych):   Dr. Sarah Spencer is back in Santa Barbara working her way up the medical ladder. Things go awry in the E.R. one night and she finds herself meeting Carlton Lassiter. An attraction eventually forms between the two of them. How will Lassiter react to find that she is the sister of psychic paleo-sleuth Shawn Spencer?
  • Ruby (The Flash):  He’s fast and she’s weird. Abigael Allen, twin of Barry, also finds herself with new abilities following S.T.A.R. Labs’ Particle Accelerator explosion. Together with Barry, she finds herself kicking ass, taking names, and protecting Central City from friends and foes alike. 
  • Rule 14 (NCIS x Criminal Minds):  • Bend the line, don’t break it. • Jethro’s daughter, Emma is about to graduate from college and follow in her father’s footsteps at NCIS. But during her time as an intern, NCIS must join forces with the FBI’s BAU on a case and Emma finds herself falling for Dr. Spencer Reid.
  • She Will Be Loved (Law & Order: SVU):  Harvard Law School graduate Jillian “JJ” Jacobs gave up everything and eventually became an SVU detective in New York City. All she ever wanted in life was to have a real family and for years work filled that need. But that just isn’t enough anymore, especially after she meets A.D.A. Rafael Barba. Will she be loved?
  • Someone Else’s Starr (Teen Wolf):   Tatum Starr’s world is turned upside down when her parents are killed in a car crash forcing her to live in Beacon Hills with her aunt Melissa and cousin Scott. She knew that her mother would tell her to look at it as a new adventure, but she wasn’t exactly optimistic about things. God, life just sucked sometimes.
  • Songs to Love and Die By (The Divergent):  Edith Eaton never imagined Choosing Day would be this difficult. Does she choose the path expected of her, the path that leads to the brother she misses dearly, or the path with the boy she envisions a future with?
  • To Wish Impossible Things (Gilmore Girls) Double the giggles, double the grins, double the trouble with the Gilmore twins. Charlotte “Charlie” Gilmore and her twin Rory certainly know how to keep their mother’s hands full. But when life starts changing for everyone sometimes the only thing one can do is to wish impossible things.
  • Us Against the World (Supernatural):  Sisfic! Campbell “Elle” Winchester, the youngest Winchester sibling, has never led a normal life—unless one considers ganking ghosts “normal.” She teams up with her brothers to take on the world, but there are always bumps in the road. Every family has a story, welcome to the Winchesters.
Happy Birthday katnissmellark44!

We send many birthday (slightly belated) wishes to @katnissmellark44! To help celebrate your special day, the lovely @historywriter2007 has written a Everlark story just for you! Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Katnissmellark44, here is your friends to lovers story.  Rated T- some cussing and mentions of a guy being a complete jerk. Enjoy!

Keep Your Eyes On Me

Peeta crossed the pool deck to sit in the lounge chair next to Katniss, she seemed overly absorbed with something on her phone and didn’t even notice he was there. Not that he minded, it gave him a moment to take in the sight of her. She was in a green bikini, her dark brown hair in her signature braid and although it had only been a week since school let out her skin was already darkened by the sun and the sight made his heart skip a beat.

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