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Hi, I love your stories! I’d like to read a headcanon in which Liam introduces Theo to his family!

Liam introduces Theo to his family long before they start dating. He doesn’t actually mean to but Theo gets a pretty nasty head wound and even with his healing Deaton says it would be best if he not stay alone.

Mason, Corey and Deaton had all looked to him as if he were katniss, screaming ‘i volunteer as tribute’ when he hadn’t even offered yet. sure he was about to, but they could have at least waited for him to actually say ‘he can stay with me’ before acting like it was already decided.

Liam knows they could have just stayed at the clinic but he has a blow up mattress at his for Theo and a real bed for him so he doesn’t think twice before loading Theo into Mason’s car and getting a lift back.

His parents were asleep. At least, they had been, until Theo, dopey with a concussion, had tripped over and bought an entire radiator down with him.

So, when Liam’s parents first meet Theo it’s not exactly picture perfect. Theo’s still bleeding sluggishly from his head and there’s water spraying out from where the radiator had once been and his parents are both in their pajama’s and Theo’s giggling and then Liam has to awkwardly explain (lie) that yes they had already been to hospital about Theo’s obvious concussion and yes the doctor had suggested that Theo stay with Liam tonight and yeah, Theo works out so that’s how he pulled a radiator off the wall and bent parts of it on his way down.

And how did Theo get the concussion? Oh well uh..We were practicing Lacrosse and he tripped and hit his head on the goal.

Still, it goes a lot better than Liam could have ever expected.

Dr Geyer sits Theo down and rebandages his head while Mrs Geyer fetches him some dry clothes and gets Liam to get the broken radiator to stop spraying the living room with dirty jets of water.

Liam’s plan to put Theo on the air mattress had also been crushed and he’d been shot a fair amount of dirty looks for the suggestion.  So he’d ended up sleeping on the floor in his own room while Theo slept in his bed soundly.

Theo doesn’t actually remember that. What he remembers is the next morning when his head was healed enough for him to be lucid and he’d come downstairs to find Dr and Mrs Geyer cooking him breakfast, by the time he finally leaves the house it’s with an open invitation to come back for dinner anytime and Mrs Geyer’s pleas for him not to join the lacrosse team because as she’d told her husband and son, it’s a dangerous sport.

Theo agree’s and says he’d never dream of doing something so reckless. Mrs Geyer practically swoons at how safety conscious he is. Liam almost tells her that the real reason he’d gotten a concussion was that he’d dived head first (literally) into battle with a monster that was easily twice his height with only Corey as back up.

The fact that he did kill it wasn’t the point, the point was his parents were entirely fooled by Theo’s whole act and Liam hates that he wants to smile every time they bring up ‘that nice boy Theo’. 

When it comes out that Theo’s sleeping in his car he gets given a permanent room in the house before Liam can even ask.

Mrs Geyer is a motherly mother. She’s all caring and soft and worries about Theo. She once offered to sew up his ripped jeans. He’d had to explain that he’d bought them that way.

By the time he and Liam start ‘dating’ which at the start was really just adrenaline-fueled make out and/or sex sessions Theo gets on better with Liam’s parents than Liam does.

It’s been a year since they met and Liam’s honestly been worried more than once that his Mom’s going to start asking about legally adopting Theo. Theo is charming, he gets along with both of his parents, they love him.

Liam had reassured Theo countless times that his parents would be fine with them dating. That they probably saw it coming, since it seemed most of the beacon hills population had.

And so when he tells them he’s really not expecting the stony silence that follows it. He’s definitely not expecting that silence to be broken by his mother to say.

“You really have no idea how thin the walls are, do you? We’ve known for weeks.” Theo almost swallows his spoon. Liam does.

now hold on wait just a second… how is shatt?? a crack ship??? they canonically know eachother… they were in the same class at the garrison… they went on the kerberos mission together (thats a long time together in a limited amount of space.. it’d make anyone close)… shiro literally pulled a katniss everdeen screaming “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE” when they tried to put matt into the arena… and right now the Real Shiro™ is probably out there kicking ass and taking names with matt and people think shatt is.. a crack ship?????

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Since it's Chuuya's birthday could you please do a top 5 Chuuya's moments?

Of course my dear, what a perfect way to celebrate the birthday of my favorite character! 

1. When he used corruption. Well, of course. This episode (and the chapter) despite the soukokuness was all about Chuuya and, as tainted as they may be, it showed his true colors. I’m emotionally attached to Corruption because it’s the testament of how selfless Chuuya is, how he’s willing to sacrifice himself and putting his life in the hands of another person (that partner he hates so much) in a blink of an eye if this means saving someone or fulfilling a mission. Thinking about how many times he did that in the past physically pains me. He didn’t know if he could have trusted Dazai on this, Dazai could have left him to die this time, it could have been all a plan to force him to use Corruption and then take him out…and yet. And yet he trusted him, once more. Despite the betrayal, he will always trust him. WHAT THE FUCK. 

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2. When he was ready to go against his orders to avenge his subordinates. Mori told him to bring Q back alive, but still Chuuya wasn’t going to stop Dazai. This shows how much Chuuya cares about his subordinates, how he doesn’t consider people as just pawns in his hands, how their deaths affected him more than he’s willing to show, how human and full of emotions he is. This moment speaks louder about what kind of person Chuuya is. He’s not an executive for nothing, he’s loyal and one of the most powerful members of the Mafia, but if you wrong someone under his direct protection, you’re dead to him. 

3. When he went to visit the ADA’s secret base. A moment in which I’m Kenji tbh. I LOVED HIM during this scene, everything was quite frankly iconic. Mori telling him that he has “enough force to crush the ADA” alone (HONESTLY), the flirting with Ranpo (wink wink manga readers the next chapter is gonna be GOOD), his overconfident attitude, the fact that Dazai canonically talks about Chuuya, “WHO WANTS TO FIGHT AGAINST GRAVITY” (*Katniss voice*: I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE), the fact that he did defeat the ADA alone with nothing but his manipulative skills. He does have so much strength, a strength that doesn’t lie just in his physical abilities. 

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4. When the almost killed Dazai. As I already said in my top 5 soukoku moments, this is such a powerful moment, the cherry on top of a perfect introduction scene. You know I’m not the fondest person when it comes to Dazai, so for a split second I almost hoped for Chuuya to kill him regardless, but I already know he would have never done it for real. Still, I can’t help but think how liberating almost stabbing him in his throat must have been for Chuuya, he finally let out a little bit of a frustration that he had inside (that’s why he was there in the first place. After four years he’s still bugged by him, he still wants some sort of revenge, he still needs a closure Dazai is not willing to give him). But you can say you’ll kill him all you want, my little Chuuya, but will you really? I don’t think so because despite everything you still care and love him so much it’s almost painful to watch.

5. His every single appearance in the official art is my favorite moment, but this one surely takes the cake. This is such a relaxed version of Chuuya, without his signature clothes, his hat, his choker, his constantly worried and angry glare. He’s simply impossible to look away from. (WHERE IS THE MODELING CONTRACT THO)

- bonus: a special mention goes to bsd wan Chuuya, he’s simply the cutest (and the most relatable)

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Summer of Love Chapter 2: Movie Night

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Masterlist Part 1

Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!Stark!reader, Tony Stark x Reader (father-daughter)

Warnings: None really save for some light cursing and tons of fluff.

Summary: You offer to show Peter a movie to thank him for fixing your laptop and the two of you get to know each other a bit better. And both of you discover you have a lot in common, like being awkward around each other because you’ve never hung out with someone your age of the opposite gender before.

A/N: Hey guys! So here’s the next part of Summer of Love to make up for the angst that was in Partners in (Fighting) Crime! I hope you guys enjoy and I’ll see you in a week!

Peter ran around the obstacle course that was set up in the main training area for him. He jumped over walls and webbed other surfaces to swing out of the way of things that were being thrown at him. 

“He’s doing well.” Pepper says and looks over to Happy who was watching as well. 

“Yeah. He’s a good little fighter I’ll give him that.” Happy says. 

“I bet he’s happy you came to watch him train.” Pepper says and Happy rolls his eyes.

“I only came to watch that pain in the ass get beat up by something.” Happy says and as if on cue something hits Peter and he gets slammed into a wall. “Ah, now that’s what I was waiting for.” 

Pepper rolled her eyes as well and watched as Peter stood up to run the course again. Then she heard someone come out of the workout room and smiled when she saw you. 

“Hey there Y/N. How did your workout go today?” She asks and you came over and gave your adoptive mother to be a sweaty hug. 

“It went great! I’m getting better at that new routine I’ve been trying out.” You say then notice Spider-Man in the gym. “What’s he up to?” You ask and decide to watch him. 

“Oh he’s just running a course that Tony designed for him to train.” Pepper explains. You smiled and decided to watch. 

“Oh shit Y/N’s here! She’s watching me! Karen what do I do! I can’t mess up in front of her she’ll think I’m a loser!” Peter asks the AI in his suit nervously. 

“Then don’t mess up. Just run the course. I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Karen says. 

“I hope you’re right.” Peter says and prepares himself to do another run.

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