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Into the Woods

So, I was going through my old writings and found this one that was actually decent. Although at the time I remember putting it aside to turn it into a full story with several chapters, it’s clearly not going to happen. So here it is.

Panem AU where Peeta is a Peacekeeper. Mr. Everdeen lives. Katniss hunts and trades, and grows, blooms, and sings. (Also, older Peeta).

Disclaimer: I do not own the Hunger Games, I’m just having fun. Unbeta’d.

“Here.” She stares at him, silently telling him something he doesn’t understand. They’ve crossed the Meadow and are standing near the end of the District, right beside the fence. She looks around them, before crawling under the fence.

“C’mon!” she incites him once on the other side, almost bouncing on her feet. She looks like a kid.

She is a kid, he thinks.

It only dawns on him when he sees the woods behind her. He can’t believe he didn’t catch up on it earlier. “Katniss, I—” he shakes his head, pressing his sweaty palms against his trousers to dry them, “I can’t.”

“I can’t either,” she tells him, her voice stern, “but that doesn’t stop me.”

“It’s different for me.”

“No, it’s not.” God, she’s stubborn. “C’mon! Hurry! Before someone sees.”

This is what gets him moving. He wouldn’t risk her getting caught because of his fault. He wouldn’t risk her getting caught period. “I’m so going to regret this,” he grumbles under his breath, as he worms his way to the other side. He can hear her snort above him.

When he stands back up, she doesn’t give him a second to get his bearings before she grabs his hand and runs to the forest, pulling him behind her. He can feel a laugh bubbling inside him. It feels good. It’s freeing. He feels like a kid himself.

They only stop once they cross the tree line and then continue walking, deeper into the woods, calming their breaths.

“So this is why you asked me if I had normal clothes,” he muses, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, can’t have you dirtying your spotless uniform in the woods.”

He chuckles. “I’ll have you know, I have plenty of normal clothes. I just never wear them around you.” He wonders if it’s weird for her, seeing him dressed like this, with regular gray pants and a light jacket. The jacket definitely feels weird on him, he can’t remember the last time he put it on. But she hadn’t commented on it, just eyed him approvingly when she had seen him standing under the low branches of the oak tree in the border of the Meadow where they had agreed to meet before sunrise.

“Do you wear them at all?” she blurts out, clearly noticing the tight fit of the jacket, “or did you go buy them in Town after I asked you about it?”

“No. I had them already.” He tries to fight the blush that creeps up his neck. He had considered doing exactly that, but had felt ridiculous at the thought of it. He had perfectly good clothes he could use. “I’m only supposed to wear them when I’m at home, though.”

“Oh. Right.” She seems to only be realising this now. “It’s just- I only ever see you in your uniform… So, I didn’t… I didn’t really know. That’s all.”

“I know,” he says softly, squeezing her hand.

They stop in front of a log, and she lets go of his hand, reaching inside a hollow and retrieving a bow and a quiver full of arrows. He gawks while she puts the latter over her head. It’s like he’s meeting a new, secret, side of her. This is the famous huntress.

“Will I get to see you in action, huntress?”

“Only if you behave,” she teases, patting his head.

He laughs, smacking a kiss on her cheek in return.

They go wandering through the forest, looking for game. Unfortunately, his heavy feet keep making fallen leafs crunch and dry twigs snap. His footsteps are too loud for them to even get close to any distracted prey, but she does fire a few arrows to different knots in the trees, after an embarrassing amount of pleading from his part, for him to see. She hits her marks right on the centre. He takes note to never make her mad while she has her bow in her hands.

Even though he is inappropriately attracted to his company, he can’t stop looking around him, trying to drink in all the colours. He understands why she brought him here, why she wanted to share this with him. And it just makes him care about her all that much more.

And later, she points a mockingjay perched on a low branch, gesturing him to remain silent. She whistles a few notes, the bird soon answering in return. And when she shyly sings a lullaby about a valley, and the bird falls silent just like him, he swears, right then, he’s a goner.

They’re lying in a small clearing they found; she’s tucked against his side, almost on top of

him, her nose buried in the crook of his neck, his arms wrapped around her.

“I wish I was from here,” he sighs, his hand gently running through her hair, “then I could be with you every time I wanted, no matter who sees.”

It’s a nice thought. Peeta being born in the same District as her. Him pulling on her braid at school as they grow up. Walking into Town, hand in hand. Introducing him to Prim. Being allowed to be seen with him.

But she isn’t. And he still was born in Two. “You’d be a merchant,” she tells him bluntly and that’s the end of it. Or so she thinks.

“How could you possibly know that?” he teases. His fingers skimming up her side. “Hmm?”

“Look at you!” she exclaims. “All blue eyes and blonde hair, you might as well be a townie.”

“So what? I’d offer you my arm and parade you all over the district, we’d eat at the Hob together like a real couple and not just ‘coincidently’ meeting there,” he grabs her hand as he talks and moves it up and around, gesturing through the air, painting that world around them with his words, imaging doing exactly what he says, “I’d take you out on dates. Heck, I’d take you to the slag heap if you asked me to. I’d dance with you in the middle of the Town Square at the Harvest Festival, right in front of the baker’s wife’s disgusted stare and the florist’s scornful remarks.” He’s cheerful about it, as if he can’t think of anything better than being the object of gossip because of the divide between Seam and Town. If it only were that simple.

“…I’d ask you to toast bread with me.” He finishes in barely a whisper.

Her answer gets stuck in her throat and suddenly the air seems much heavier around them. It’s too much. She rolls to her side and away from him, getting up. It’s pointless to think like that, she should know better than to picture what he says.

She does know better. It’s not real. And it’s useless.


She has to get away. “We should, I mean, I uh… I should probably hunt something. To show for— when we go back.” Her voice comes out raw, and ugly, and wrong. She curses herself for not being able to keep it in check. She doesn’t wait for his reply though. “Yeah, I um, I’ll be right back.” She doesn’t even look his way. Her breaths seem to be caught somewhere inside her, in the constricting of her chest maybe, or in the ache of her heart. She tightens her hold on her bow, as she blinks away the prickle of tears in her eyes.

It’s not real.

She’ll repeat it to herself until it sticks in her head.

  • Book Katniss: This is my dad's old hunting jacket.
  • Movie Katniss: This the figure-flattering jacket I just bought from D12's local H&M.
  • Book Katniss: I bundle my braid up under a cap when I go hunting.
  • Movie Katniss: I keep my braid out so people can tell I'm a girl.
  • Book Katniss: My dad had black hair and olive skin. I too have those features. As do Gale, Haymitch, and everyone else in the Seam besides my mom and Prim.
  • Movie Katniss: Gale and I both have fair skin and medium-brown hair. Haymitch is blonde.
  • Book Katniss: I'm so dehydrated right now that I can hardly pee and what I do produce is brown.
  • Movie Katniss: We're not going to address the health effects of arena conditions or the fact that I'm a human who urinates.
  • Book Katniss: Sometimes I notice Peeta staring at me and then looking away really fast. What's up with that? Kid's weird.
  • Movie Katniss: Peeta followed me home from school every day... How romantic.
  • Book Katniss: I'm very skinny, so I'm afraid that all the other tributes who've always had enough to eat will be far stronger than me. And not skinny in a hot way; like I have literally been on the brink of starvation my entire life. Capitol designers want to surgically augment my breasts so I look better on tv.
  • Movie Katniss: I'm skinny in a hot way. I'm curvy, so yeah my waist is small but I've got boobs and a butt. No one would say I require a boob job to look good.

▪ Effie moving to District 12 with Peeta once he finished recovering in the Capitol
▪ Effie moving in with Haymitch
▪ Effie trying to figure out how to use a non electric stove in District 12, resulting in a small fire and a significantly burned anniversary dinner
▪ Effie being asked to feed the geese when Haymitch is sick and she somehow ends up being chased by 4 very hungry geese as she runs in high heels throwing their food all around trying to throw them off her trail
▪ Effie deciding to finally take off her wig in front of the kids
▪ Peeta teaching Effie how to garden
▪ Effie taking care of Katniss as she goes into labor with her kids
▪ Effie draging Haymitch to the Capitol every so often to buy him new clothes
▪ Haymitch taking Effie on picnics at the lake Katniss found when hunting
▪ Haymitch and Effie acting like grandparents to Katniss and Peeta’s kids
▪ Haymitch picking flowers for Effie but just setting them on the counter and never actually giving them to her because he doesn’t want to be cheesy
▪ Effie deciding to clean the house and finding old pictures of Haymitch and his family
▪ Haymitch covering Effie with a blanket when she falls asleep on the couch after reading

Gale Hawthorne is such a nerd. In Mockingjay he proves he would rather stay inside building things with Beetee, (aka the most brilliant inventor/brain of their time), rather than go out and hunt with Katniss. For Katniss, hunting was therapy and reminded her of home and of Gale. But while Gale excelled at it, for him it was simply about survival and that’s part of the reason why I love Gale so much. He had SO SO S O MUCH POTENTIAL but because he was from the Seam in the lowest part of the worst district, he never ever got a chance to reach his potential. At least not until District 13. He always had to worry about surviving. But once his family (and Katniss’s) were receiving regular meals and were all relatively safe, he was able to actually branch out from survival and start working on bigger things. He channeled his smarts into hunting and that’s why he was so good at it. He had the natural ability for it, like how he could walk silently in the woods even over the dead leaves in the fall, but he was UNPARALLELED as a trapper. He was so skillful at strategy that he had arguably the SMARTEST MAN IN PANEM, THE VERY MAN WHO NOT ONLY DESIGNED AND INSTALLED THE CAPITOL’S MOST SECURE COMMUNICATION NETWORK BUT ALSO MANAGED TO HACK INTO IT AGAIN, actually FEED off of Gale and willingly bounce ideas off of him. I mean, Gale was this heroic 19 year old kid from the middle of nowhere who had saved hundreds of people, and suddenly he had BEETEE LATEIR wanting to become bffs with him. Gale is a goddamned prodigy and I will fight anyone on this.

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Why the Job Market Sucks for Attorneys (beyond no jobs):

I have three degrees. I actually gave up finishing a fourth degree so I could study for the bar because my thesis was due at the same time. I passed the bar and am a licensed attorney. I currently have a job basically making filing runs to court from various law firms. 

I get paid state minimum wage and 42 cents per mile.

I am making a long post, more for my own sanity than anything else. Hopefully some of you feel the same way, please send me any mail with comments or questions.  

1. The Void 

Ah, the void, where your dreams can die before they ever began.

The void happens when you send out your application via the internet and are never sure if it ever arrived and was read. It’s when you attach a read receipt and never get the confirmation back. It’s when you apply and just…NOTHING. 

No feedback, no rejection, no calls, nothing. You’re falling in the rabbit hole chucking out your resume and cover letter like you got the Evil Queen Sallie Mae about to cut off your head. 

(She’s waving goodbye to public loan forgiveness)

You have no idea what you did wrong (if anything). You thought you were a perfect candidate, was the job pool too big? You will never know because you’re falling in the void. 

2. They can either pay you shit or expect it for free.

I recently applied for a job and asked what I could do to increase my chances of getting an interview. They miraculously replied and said in addition to a foreign language skill (mi espanol es muy malo, lo siento), I should think about volunteering. I would love to do that! Ironically I submitted an application for a legal aid group to volunteer and they, wait for it, NEVER GOT BACK TO ME. I literally cannot give away this shit for free.

(I’m fucking trying Heath Ledger, there’s a labor surplus in the legal market.)

Another problem is that I live in the Bay Area and I make minimum wage. For those of you who don’t know how expensive rent is in the Bay Area, this is the most accurate representation of simultaneously living in the Bay Area and paying Bay Area rent.

I pay close to a $1000 in rent and I have one of the best deals in the area. Moreover, I pay $200 a month for my student loans, not even counting my law school loans. In other words, I’m poor as fuck. So while I would love to volunteer, I can only do it either at night or on the weekends because I can’t afford to take a day off. Volunteering will also severely limit my time to actually apply to jobs.

But who knows, maybe a little volunteer work and you’ll get hired! Until you realize…

3. They can dick you around. 

So I recently made a post about how I was a finalist for a position and waited a month and a half to hear that nobody was hired. Here’s some more examples: 

I went on an interview for a super small firm (two attorneys) and was told I would be notified the following week. When that came and went, I sent a polite email inquiring if they needed anything to help assist them with a decision. A month and a half went by and I got a generic email saying I was denied. 

The night before another interview, they had me complete a massive employment application. 

Unfortunately they cancelled two hours beforehand due to a court emergency. That’s fine, shit happens, we said we would reschedule. I called two weeks later and they told me due to a new policy, they would no longer be hiring but would keep my application on hand. Last week I saw a craigslist ad for their firm…for a paralegal position. 

I had another interview with about 20 other people interviewing that day. They told me I would hear back within two weeks. That was a month and a half ago and last week I saw their same ad posted on craigslist. A girl can’t even get a fucking rejection letter anymore. 

It’s their market and you are a easily disposable commodity, and this is the horrible truth. There are a ton of amazing schools, amazing lawyers, and you all want the same thing. Could I leave the only place I always wanted to live in, and the place that was my home for ten years before law school? Sure. The job market is slightly better in smaller locations. That might be another sacrifice I have to make, of course the next point just makes that idea even worse to me because….

4. If you’re not sure you want to be a lawyer, you’re fucked.

The funny thing about all of this is that I’m not even sure I want to be a lawyer. 

I always really enjoyed public policy and politics. I went to law school to learn the law, to try to make effective change. I went to law school to make the world a better place, not necessarily to be a lawyer. 

I recently had a working job interview, where I just worked for an entire day. I drafted a petition, client letters, etc. I HATED IT. In part it was because I really disliked the idea of who I may be working with, but if I was offered the job I felt like I had no choice but to take it. A girl has to pay rent. 

Then I think, “Well I’ll just apply for other jobs. I’ll find my passion.” 

5. You’re now either overqualified or underqualified for all those other jobs.

Sometimes people just tell me that I need to apply for legal assistant jobs, receptionist positions, paralegal jobs. Start in these dream nonprofits and work my way up. Believe me, I applied. I’m now overqualified for those jobs! I used to that that was a total bullshit excuse until I began to experience it. How do I know for sure that I’m overqualified? They tell me. You try to start out in these lower-level positions and they’re concerned that you won’t stay or that you won’t be happy there. 

You know what makes me unhappy? The idea of being homeless. That makes me pretty fucking unhappy. 

The job market is no longer a place where you can start in a job and climb the ladder. You don’t work your way up through the mailroom, even though it would be good for many of us to know the ins and outs of the work. You start as a legal assistant and they want you to die there. 

Even if you’re not overqualified, guess who you’re competing with for those jobs you qualify for? All those older attorneys who were laid off in the recession. Last year I applied for a court position last year as a jury coordinator. I was more than qualifed but never heard a peep. I called in, curious to know if there was anything I could to improve my chances in a future application. I was flat out told that I was competing with attorneys with 10-20 years experience for the same job. It didn’t matter what I did, I just couldn’t hold a candle to them. So now we play the waiting game for the older generation to retire and/or die. 

At this point I’m just hoping that I’m able to keep going, keep going on these interviews and hope I land something. I don’t have any answers for the rest of you but I hope some of you feel the same and know you aren’t alone. 

Ultimately I am sure I will succeed the way I have in the past: by wearing people down until I get what I want. 

Liam keeps talking about how Gale has changed in MJ2.  How he’s strayed away from who he used to be and how that change is what caused he and Katniss to drift apart.  Here’s the thing (to all those that, like Liam, think that this is some sudden or even gradual metamorphosis of Gale’s character. Or perhaps those in the school that believe Gale made one tragic mistake that caused an irreparable rift between him and Katniss) - he hasn’t changed.  This is who he is.  He has shown his character from the beginning.

(The Hunger Games)
Gale: …You know how to hunt.
Katniss:  Animals.
Gale: It’s no different, Katniss. 

He didn’t suddenly become callous towards human life.  Just like he didn’t slowly become obsessed with winning the war at any cost.

(Catching Fire)

Gale: People wanna fight!

Gale: You’ve given them an opportunity. They’ve just gotta be brave enough to take it.

Gale has always been a fighter.  He has always been fueled by rage.  He just needed an opportunity.  It’s only after the infamous bombing that Katniss and many readers/viewers start to see the harm in that way of thinking. Until that point, people romanticize his righteous indignation. Ok, maybe for the film’s sake, they try to hide some of the cards so that Gale’s fate takes people by surprise (and let’s be honest, to sell the idea of the love triangle).  But the fact that so many people have read the entire series to the end and still sympathize or even support Gale’s character baffles me.  

Even if Liam might not quite fully understand Gale’s true character, at least he has the sense not to feel sorry for him.

  • Peeta: *throws a piece of stale bread at katniss*
  • Katniss: oMg i aM FoREver iN HIS DeBT hE SAvED mY LiFE
  • Gale: *takes in katniss as his hunting partner. feeds his entire family on his own and doesn't accept any help from katniss. while katniss is in the games he hunts on his own and feeds not only his family but katniss's family too. while district 12 burned he got his family out and then immediately goes to save katniss's family. during the air raid of district 13 he goes looking for prim and brings her to the bunkers*
  • Me: *looks at the camera like i'm on the office*
Everlark Fanfiction - Demona424

Demona424 is the author name I go by at AO3. Why I didn’t use it for my tumblr, I have no clue. But I felt it was about time to list my fanfiction on here so I can create a link on my main page. 

Multi-Chapter Stories:

  • The Other Side of the Glass - Having finally ended a disastrous relationship, Katniss reunites with her friends after a long absence from their lives. They decide to take a trip to her father’s cabin to catch up and things get awkward for her when the best friend she’s always been in love with catches her in a compromising position.
  • Snowstorm for a Broken Heart - Peeta didn’t want to be on the road with her let alone weathering a snow storm during the Christmas break, yet here he is, with Katniss Everdeen, the girl who broke his heart. How the hell is he going to deal with so much time alone with her?
  • Some Kind of Wonderful - She was a girl who tried not to be envious of the other prettier feminine girls in class, there was no point. She’d always be plain old Katniss Everdeen tom-boy extraordinaire who was an expert archer, worked on cars, and wore overalls at least 3 times out of the week. But oh how she was jealous of pretty sweet Madge Undersee who seemed to have it all. And usually she could keep her envious green monster under wraps, but when her best friend Peeta falls for her, Katniss doesn’t know how she’ll heal a broken heart.
  • The Surrogate - In the Capitol it’s all the rage, your own personal sex surrogate. When you’re rich, why not get one or two to fit all your marriage needs. Sometimes having sex with your spouse can be just so boring, but you can bring the spice back into your lives with someone who will do whatever you please. And with a surrogates from every district to choose from, you can have whomever you choose.
  • What Lies in Between - Katniss has always found happiness in the quiet little life. She had her sister, her good friend Cinna, and a wonderful job as a director at the Conservatory of Flowers so she never really searched for more. At the Conservatory’s Anniversary Gala, along comes Peeta to shake things up. He’s cocky, charming, and determined to get what he wants causing the walls around her to crumble leaving her more vulnerable than she ever wanted to feel. But will it be the same for him or is it just a game?

Short Stories & Drabbles:

  • Good Times at the Cartwright Wedding - When Katniss best friend asks her to be his best gal she didn’t expect that he would actually go through with the Old West themed wedding that his bride wanted and she definitely didn’t expect that the oldest hotel in California would bring such good times with the best man. But she’s not complaining.
  • Hardly Strictly - None of Katniss’ friends could join her for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival so she decided to go ahead and do it alone. I mean how could you pass up a free 3 day festival? But life isn’t what you expect it to be, especially when her dog steals some food from the handsome man sitting next to her.
  • I Can’t Resist -  Inspired by an image from the set of In Dubious Battle
  • A Little Piece of Heaven - Peeta and Katniss have been very patiently waiting for the 2 months to pass to share enjoyment in each other again. They may not have a lot of time but they’re going to make the post of it. (Daddy Peeta & Momma Katniss)
  • Love to Love You Baby (AKA Panic at the Disco) - Peeta is having a bad day, a bad, week, hell a bad year. In the days of Disco not only has he lost his girl, his apartment, but he has to work his crappy job in a gold underwear. And god how he hates Gale Hawthorne.
  • Of Course - An Elevator Tale - Katniss Everdeen dislikes Peeta Mellark with a burning intensity. But it’s not her fault! Ever since she started working at Panem Advertising Agency he’s treated her like some sort of leper. And of course on one of her worst days ever she gets trapped with him in an elevator. She can’t help but think somebody up there hates her.
  • The Pearl Ring - When Peeta’s daughter Violet is feeling lost and in need of advice, he shares the story of how he came home to Katniss.
  • Pity Party - Katniss never expected to be in a bar on Christmas Eve drowning her sorrows surrounded by people dressed in Santa outfits but she also never expected her ex-husband to cheat on her with her best friend. She also won’t ever expect what the night will bring when Peeta Mellark sits next to her with his own sorrows to drown. Pity parties are the best with some company.
  • The Shackle Unbroken - The Harvest Festival was supposed to be a time to celebrate the rebirth of their district and a time of remembrance for those they had lost. For Peeta, most days are fine, somedays can even be really good, including today, but somehow he can never seem to truly escape from that prison he left behind so long ago. Luckily he has people who love him enough to do whatever it takes to help him escape the prison of his mind.