katniss fan art

The affectionately named ‘braid brigade’ :D I had lots of fun drawing some new characters. I plan to do some more cross overs soon woo!

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fan art prints... yay or nay?

Folks keep asking whether I have a shop for my art, so I wanted to see if this is something worth looking into. I never planned on selling since I do fanart for fun, so I don’t mind either way, just figured it’d be nice to offer if someone is interested. SO, If you’d be willing to purchase a print, phone case or laptop skin, throw pillows, mugs or whatnot (full list of printable items and prices can be found on society6.com, check it out, it was cheaper than I thought), please leave a quick answer to this post below or like/reblog it. If you want a better look at the pics, visit my fanart tag! And if you have questions, there’s always my askbox.

Thanks, and I’d be grateful if this gets spread so I can get a vague idea of how many people would be interested. On this note, thank you to everyone for reblogging, liking, leaving love, being supportive of my art in general (yes, tags count too) ♥♥

here a random selection of some of my stuff, you might recognize one or the other.

yay or nay?