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Innocence Within (Part I)

Written by: @alliswell21

Prompt #59: Lighthearted Canon-Divergent, Snow’s Hijacking backfires, reverting Peeta to a childlike state, where he pulls on Katniss’ braids, and draws her pictures to let her know that he Likes-Likes her. by @elaine-spades.

Rated: Hard T for mature themes

Tags: AU, In Panem Canon Divergent, Botched Hijacking, Fluff and Angst, Memory Loss, Mention of Torture, PTSD, Grief, etc.

Word Count: approx. 9200 for this part. Fic will be continued on AO3 and possibly on ff.net

Summary: “It hits me immediately, Haymitch and I are the only family Peeta has now, whatever is wrong with him, it’ll be up to us to deal with.” Peeta has been rescued from the Capitol, Katniss will do her best to help The Boy with Bread come back to her.

Author’s note: The prompt requests the story to be lighthearted, but the more I dip my toes in the story, the theme of losing ones mind is actually more heartbreaking, but I can try for Fluffy and sweet until it rots your teeth. This scenario turns out to be bittersweet once the story starts developing. I hope I can do justice to the prompt since it’s a very good one, and I thank Elaine-spades for it. This story was betaed by the very insightful @kleeklutch, who did some very necessary trimming and crossed out my t’s beautifully, thank you dear, your input is much appreciated. I used lyrics to ‘Down in The Valley’ a popular Appalachian Mountain Air, no author that I could specifically find for, the lyrics vary by singer as this kind of folk songs do. Although we have no way of knowing if this is the specific song SC referred to by ‘The Valley song’ it’s pretty fitting.  

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happy things:

1. cats who curl up in your lap
without being prompted
2. record players
3. leather jackets and leather boots
4. four-hour games of cheater’s
monopoly and owning half the board
due to your questionable resource
attainment (you stole from the bank)
5. finally beating the boss level
6. when you start singing and so
does everyone else
7. tiny cupcakes
8. bats with their little ears and teeth and
fruit-eating habits i mean talk about
a bad reputation these poor things aren’t
scary at all
9. getting sick and having somebody
treat you like a princess
10. when the owner of an animal says “oh
he doesn’t really like anyone” and then
it leans up against you like you’re its
best friend and some part of you
whispers “do not doubt my power”
11. outfits that make you feel like
you are kahleesi, mother of dragons
12. trips to the mall with your friends when
you start trying on the weirdest things you
can find
13. anything fried
14. when you make repeated eye contact with
an attractive stranger and mentally encourage them
to talk to you
15. showers
16. beach trips that last for the whole day
17. discovering somebody’s passion and
hearing them talk about it and watching
their eyes light up
18. kites that kiss the sky
19. snappy comebacks everyone
overhears and applauds you for
20. sweaters
21. falling asleep next to your best friend
22. foxes
23. getting a better score on your test
than the asshole know-it-all kid
who goes “what did you get” to you all the
time because he likes to show off that
he did better - rubbing those two points
in his face is honestly so overwhelmingly
24. cooking for your family
25. when little kids ask you to play with them
and make you the queen or the king or
katniss everdeen and serve you tea out of tiny
cups and saucers
26. ice skating
27. those people you can dance awfully
in front of and it won’t matter because
they’ll be dancing too
28. receiving drunk texts from someone
who just wants you to know how beautiful
you really are because drunk words
are sober thoughts
29. the ongoing struggle between tea and coffee
and the fact people will often surprise you
with which one they choose (and the fact
it doesn’t really matter but knowing
how they take their tea or coffee is
still such a great thing to know about someone)
30. giving presents, particularly when
they are handmade
31. perfecting your poker face and
raking in the benefits
32. getting a song stuck in someone else’s
head because you were singing it
33. the smell of rain
34. clothes fresh out of the dryer
35. hitting only green lights and
road trips in general
36. fresh-baked bread
37. getting a plant to grow
38. hearing your favorite song
on the radio or in a store or
in the mouth of someone you love
39. discussing literature,
particularly harry potter
40. finding a new band to obsess over
41. getting to show someone
your favorite things and watching
how they fall in love the way you did
42. new episodes of good shows and
marathons of reruns
43. when you get to show up an asshole teacher
by correcting them
44. soft blankets
45. tree houses
46. actually finishing everything on
your to-do list
47. finding five dollars in your pocket
48. good books and good movies and good
49. family, even if not related by blood
50. being alive, being alive, being
on this earth with so many things
that could make your
heart sing.

—  “A happy poem.” /// r.i.d

infinitegraces  asked:

My birthday's August 9! 😘

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Happy Birthday @infinitegraces! We here @everlarkbirthdaydrabbles wish you the happiest of birthdays. Here is your birthday drabble, lovingly crafted by @historywriter2007.

Should Have

Rating G, I got the idea when I heard Bruno Mars’s When I Was Your Man

Mmm, too young, too dumb to realize

That I should’ve bought you flowers

And held your hand

Should’ve gave you all my hours

When I had the chance

Take you to every party

‘Cause all you wanted to do was dance

Now my baby’s dancing

But she’s dancing with another man- Bruno Mars

Gale parked his rental car in front of the Everdeen house. It looked better than the last time he saw it. He figured Katniss had some life insurance money from her mother’s death that she used to fix it up. He still regretted that he wasn’t able to talk Katniss into joining him in Colorado after Mrs. Everdeen died of cancer, but she didn’t want to uproot Prim and drag her across the country. Now that Prim was in college several states away he hoped he could get Katniss to finally leave this one-horse town and move to a real city with him. As he strolled up the walkway he noticed just how much work had been done. The house was freshly painted — white with dark green shutters — flowers filled the window boxes and a new porch swing swayed in the light breeze. Gale knew Katniss wouldn’t have paid for this much work, someone must have helped her with the house. Although she could sit for hours waiting for a deer to cross their path, she didn’t have patience for much else, especially painting and gardening.

He was walking up to the front door when he noticed music coming from the backyard; of course she would be outside on a nice day. He walked around the side of the house and saw a newer black Jeep in the driveway. There was no way Katniss would by a car like that one. Since the Jeep didn’t have the top or doors on, Gale reasoned that it wasn’t technically closed up he could take a look around. He first observed the burnt orange hat with the Mellark’s bakery logo across the top. Gale knew there were three Mellark brothers but only one remained in their small town; surely Katniss wouldn’t be hanging out with Peeta. Maybe she finally gave him a sympathy date. Peeta’s crush on Katniss was the worst kept secret in Panem. In fact, the only person who didn’t know about it was Katniss herself. Gale saw a receipt in the center console that started to flutter in the wind. It was his duty to make sure it didn’t fly away and litter the ground. The receipt was from a local shop for a bouquet of flowers. He chuckled at the thought of someone giving Katniss flowers. She thought things like that were silly. Obviously, Peeta didn’t know her very well. He smiled at himself as he thought of her running to his arms leaving Peeta behind.  

As he got closer to the fence, he heard her laugh, God he missed that sound. He still hated that he left her behind, but he couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work as a contractor for the defense department. It was the right thing for his career; however, as the years went by Katniss and he had drifted apart. They never exclusively dated, but he always thought they would end up getting married. Now that he was established and Prim was taken care of, he could finally make get her to see that they should be together.

He reached for the handle on the door of the privacy fence, but the sound of Peeta’s voice stopped him.

“I know you only love me for the cheese buns.”

“That’s not true,” Katniss’s voice floated through the air, “I love a lot of things about you.”

“Oh really, like what?” There was a teasing tone to Peeta voice, one that would only come from someone who was comfortable. Gale realized they knew each other better than he had hoped.

“Well, I love that you bring me flowers and that you take me out to dance. I love that you spend all your free time with me, even if it is just to be in the same room while we both work, and I love that you helped me fix up the house.“ Gale realized these were things he never did or thought of doing for Katniss. He just assumed she would think it was a waste of time and resources.

“Oh, is that all?” Peeta said.

Katniss chuckled before she answered. “No, I love how your eyes light up when you see me enter a room and how your arms make me feel safe. But most of all, I love when you hold my face in your hands when you kiss me.”

Peeta quickly responded, “Like this?”

Gale looked through a hole in the fence in time to see Peeta taking Katniss’s face in his hands as they kissed and he felt his stomach drop. He had kissed Katniss before, but this was different. He could see her melt into Peeta’s kiss, then he noticed her pull away for a second before climbing on his lap, straddling him, with her dress flowing behind her. Gale knew he should turn around and leave, but he was frozen in place watching the scene in front of him. Peeta groaned as Katniss got up. She walked to the door, but he swept her into his arms, before she could get too far away from him, which caused her to giggle. Gale again questioned how much he actually knew about her, the Katniss he left years ago didn’t giggle. It was clear that time had changed her in a good way — this Katniss seemed happy.

Gale started to leave, he knew he had lost her especially when he heard what she said next. “You know what I love the most about you? That I get to call you my husband.”

Fix My Eyes

Fix My Eyes

Round 2: Everlark AU – Prompt: 2015

Summary: Captain Katniss Everdeen takes the Mellark brothers on a charter to remember and can’t help but fall for the youngest that dresses better than he fishes. Rated M for language and sex stuff.

The Hunger Games belong to Suzanne Collins with lyrics borrowed from For King & Country and The Lonely Island.

Much appreciation goes to Areyouserial, HGRomance, and Court81981 for thoughts, construction, and editing. Thank you ladies for helping me raise roe into a great catch.

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smartalexy  asked:

#1 Everlark :)

Hope you enjoy this one, love! I think it’s kinda cute…

Also, sorry if there are any typos–pretty crazy day.

  1. “Come over here and make me.”

“Hey! That’s mine!” The little blond-haired boy yelled. His blue eyes narrowed at the dark-haired girl holding his Transformers lunch box behind her. “KATNISS EVERDEEN—GIVE IT BACK!”

“Come over here and make me,” Katniss taunted in a high-pitched sing-song voice.

Marching over to her, Peeta did the only thing that his six-year-old mind could think of.

He yanked one of her braids.

“AHHHH!” A high-pitched scream emitted from the little girl’s mouth.

Katniss reached over and in retaliation grabbed a handful of Peeta’s blond locks.

“AHHHH!” The little boy yelled.

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anonymous asked:

Why don't you like Haymitch? He's an asshole, but I find his relationship with Katniss and Peeta fascinating because of it.

Okay, this is definitely a longer post for a braver day, but:

a) I understand that for the purposes of the first Games he needs to create a love story, and selling it involves lying to both Katniss and Peeta. That’s fine with me. It sucks, but Haymitch seems to recognize that it sucks, so we’re cool on that point. What is not cool is the way he continues to lie to both of them after that, especially after their conversation in District 11 where they all promised to be straight to each other. Katniss and Peeta were both on board with the revolution by the time the Quell came around, and he shouldn’t have deceived them. I know he says they would have been captured, but sorry that is not good enough. He should have told them and slipped them nightlock or something. Besides, that whole conceit is Collins construction and not letting your protagonist become a consenting member of the rebellion she wanted anyway is a stupid, agency-robbing move. I’m with Katniss and Peeta who both feel very betrayed in Mockingjay, but later come around because of trauma reasons.

b) I find the way he treats Katniss to be very, very gross. On top of the deception, which we can at least argue serves the purpose of keeping her alive, Haymitch reinforces to an already self-loathing Katniss that she is worthy of having these thoughts about herself. Which, is maybe understandable from a character perspective, since he obviously struggles with the same kind of self-loathing, blaming himself for outsmarting the arena and getting his family and his girlfriend killed when he first came back from the Games. But guess what? Collins made a choice to have this voice of reason, who has gone through what Katniss has gone through, was made to pay the price, and now has to help her through it, tell her already traumatized protagonist that she deserves to blame herself. That is just gross. (I know we get “remember who the real enemy is” but that holds no water in the rest of the series and is about getting Katniss to trust the other victors, not shift blame away from herself.) In addition to affirming the negative thoughts that Katniss has about herself, he guilt trips the shit out of her for not reciprocating Peeta’s feelings for her/being there for him the way he expects. Not for the purposes of the Games, as far as I can tell, but because he sees Peeta as better than Katniss and deserving of her love (“You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know,” “If you‘d been taken by the Capitol, and hijacked, and then tried to kill Peeta, is this the way he would be treating you?”). WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

c) I mean, you do you, but I for one am really tired of romanticizing the manipulation in this series. It’s one thing when all the characters are active players with agency, but this series is about Katniss Everdeen being manipulated by an oppressive nation state and a flawed revolution at every turn. I for one don’t want to see that shit cropping up in her personal relationships all the time too.

Ya know… I hadn’t heard anything about that. ;) But seriously, I’ve loved seeing my dash all filled up with Katniss today, haven’t you? Anyway, I’ve always got fic recs up my sleeve. Thank you for asking!!! How about some of the goodies that I’ve read in the past week? Sorry for the long post. I just feel like these folks deserve better than for me to bury them beneath a cut. 

A Match of My Own by @mtk4fun: This story has ensnared me. I’m hooked. Done for. The Everdeen ladies move from their home in District 2 to D12 so that Mrs. Everdeen can marry Mr. Mellark, who has arranged to marry her through a matchmaking service. Something goes tragically wrong on the way there, and when the girls arrive to their new home they find themselves dependent on the charity and goodwill of the Mellark men. One of them in particular is especially fond of one of the girls who steps off the train. (In-Panem AU)

A Softer Place to Land (SSS) by @sothereff: This story owns a sizable piece of my soul, and I was just getting ready to ask for info on an update when boom! An SSS for Chapter 15 dropped today. And mother eff it’s goooooood. (Modern AU)

Another World by @pookieh: This is so brilliantly written and addictive… like crack-addictive. Peeta is sent down as a “tribute” to the surface of DIST-12 to assess its suitability for colonization. Except his POD crash lands, and his mission changes from one of recon to one of survival. Then he finds something… or someone. No, scratch that. Someone finds him. ;) (Fantasy/Sci-fi AU)

Behind Blue Eyes by @maxwellandlovelace. Katniss is a grad student with a tragic past. Peeta is an artist… with a tragic past. And Everlark is heating up, my friend. There was some really unfortunate cockblocking in the most recently posted chapter (imagonnakickDelly’sass), but something tells me Everlark’s got it on track. (Modern AU)

Coxa (SSS) by @jennagill: Jackie’s been teasing us with this story since the last round of PiP, where she posted the prologue. But now the whole story has been written and is getting some final polish to it. I’ve read it. It’s awesome. And sexy and sweet and heartbreaking and real. Get in on the ground floor; she’s gonna be posting it chapter-by-chapter very soon. (Canon compliant)

Cross-Checking by @everlylark: Peeta is a professional hockey player who, after ten years in the pros, has fallen out of love with the game. Or maybe his heart was never fully in it after all? He heads back to his hometown to try to win back the girl who got away. And it’s not as easy as you might think, even though the girl is as stupid for the boy as she ever was. (Modern AU) 

Kitty Ranch by @dianaflynn22. Guysssss. The final chapter of Kitty Ranch posted. This is one of my all-time faves. And it’s… yeah. So rewarding. It’s bittersweet to see the story end, but at the same time I’m so proud of DJ for how she wrote this story. Read it. And then when you’re done, go back and read it again. (Modern AU)

Radio (preview for Chapter 12) by @w000ly. THIS STORY. Aside from the fact that I love zombies and Everlark and she’s combined those things, the writing of this story is just… sublime. I sent GreenWool an ask about the progress of the story (she’d said her plan was to write the second half of the story before posting the rest of the chapters), and do you know what I got? A mothereffin’ preview. (Modern AU)

Sunday Light by @lastleaf: Gah. I loved this story. It was posted for day 6 of the last round of PiP, so it’s not new, but you need to check it out if you haven’t already. And bonus! There’s a follow up here. (Canon divergent)

The Act (SSS) by @muttpeeta: Amy’s gonna be hella mean to us in the next chapter. But she’ll make up for it. ;) I’m assuming you’ve read this story and are waiting along with all of us for the next chapter, amiright? I mean Glimmer is in town, and then Katniss and Darius… just no…. but it’s gonna be so much fun reading. (Modern AU)  

The Well by @starveinsafety: The way this story starts out will rip your heart in half. Pre-Quell, Katniss finds Peeta down the bottom of a well. And he didn’t get there accidentally. It’s a read that’s as sweet as it is agonizing. (Canon divergent)

Wildflower (SSS) by @eala-musings: Ohhhhhh Wildflower. An SSS for the final chapter just posted this week, and I can’t tell you how gutted I’m going to be to see it come to an end. Anyway, WF is a sprawling epic set on the American prairie. Katniss is a Native American; Peeta is a Mennonite who finds himself in desperate need of help following the death of his wife Delly. There’s love and loss and, oh hey!, SO many toastbabies too. (Historical AU)   

@xerxia31, @peetabreadgirl, and @thegirlfromoverthepond, among many others, wrote a slew of drabbles in the past week for a prompt challenge that was making the rounds. You should creep through their blogs and give them a read. Oh!!! Katiac posted a new chapter of A Painter...

I also posted a little something too, here. If you can forgive me for shilling my own shit. <3 

moviefangal  asked:

Haunt Me-Katniss's Dad, or any member of Peeta's family

I push the sleeves of my jacket up past my elbows, settle myself on the sturdiest tree branch I can find, though sturdiness doesn’t really matter for me. It’s more habit than anything, one I still haven’t broken after all these years.

From here, I can see the meadow clearly, can see the long grass swaying in the breeze, the burst of colour here and there from the wildflowers that have grown, unexpectedly and miraculously.

It’s not the meadow I remember, not the one from my childhood. And though I know there are memories hidden deep underground, in the depths of the earth, there’s a serenity here that I can’t recall feeling before.

And I’m glad.

My heart hitches as I see the first hint of life fly through the grass, a whirlwind of dark hair and light blue fabric. She laughs, and it dances across the wind towards me, so full of life I almost feel as though if I reached my hand out, I could catch it.

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It’s Peeta Mellark’s 21st birthday, and he’s never been sicker in his life.

Unfortunately, it’s not from the dozens of shots he should be drinking to ring in his newfound right to legally consume alcohol. It’s from the stomach flu he picked up at some point in the last 24 hours.

Fucking perfect. It figures.

So while his friends are out celebrating his birthday without him, he’s laying in his bed trying not to vomit again.

He’s surprised when he hears a knock on his door. Both because he knows no one’s home, and because he he knows even if someone was home, none of his roommates would even think about getting near him.

“Yeah?” He answers hesitantly, by way of greeting.

The door slides open, and when he sees who’s standing in the threshold, he has to rub his eyes. Because there’s no way Katniss Everdeen of all people would show up to check in on him.

“Do you have Ebola?” She asks, holding her hands behind her back as she peers cautiously into the room.

“I’m pretty sure it’s not Ebola,” he tells her weakly.

Katniss gives him a skeptical smile - one he knows all too well. “You’re gonna have to do better than pretty sure.”

“Okay, fine. No Ebola.”

“Well I would hope not,” she says, entering his room and walking toward the foot of his bed.

“Why aren’t you at the bar?”

Katniss shrugs, biting her lip. “I was. I left their sorry asses at the piano bar right around the time that Thresh decided it was a good idea to join the musicians on stage.”

“I’m glad someone’s having a good time tonight,” Peeta replies. “You didn’t have to come see me, though, Katniss. Go have fun with everyone.”

“That isn’t fun,” she tells him, her response so straightforward that he can’t even think of a way to refute it. “Besides, it didn’t feel right. I figured you should at least be able to get in on the fun a little bit.”

Peeta raises an eyebrow at her. Because he’s not sure if she’s noticed, but he’s three different shades of green and looks like he hasn’t slept or showered in two days. And none of that lends itself to fun, either.

But then, she takes her hand out from back and presents a tiny shot glass decorated with their university logo. “Happy birthday.”

“There’s no way I’m drinking anything unless it’s ice chips, Katniss. I’m sorry,” he says, feeling worse than ever because now not only is he sick, but he’s turning down a perfectly nice gift from the beautiful girl who he’s daydreamed about having alone in his bedroom with him on more than one occasion.

“Oh calm down,” she says dismissively, leaning down and handing him the shot glass. He peers inside and sniffs the thick, pink liquid that fills the glass to the brim.

“Pepto bismol?”

“Happy birthday,” she tells him, and if he didn’t know better, he’d think that she was proud of herself right now. “Drink up so I can get you wasted tomorrow.”

DO YOU HAVE EBOLA!!! I’m dying. This is so cute, I was burying my face into my hands as I read it because it was that fucking adorable. Thank you so much!!!! I’m in love with you. Truly.

hyleris  asked:

What do you think of the belief that certain functions are "better" than the other (e.g Ni vs Si)? Better as in the assets of one function outweigh the assets of the other function. The only reason I ask is because there was an article about N's being better than S's and it discussed N's being more advanced than S's because N's could be S's (a.k.a using the 5 senses to take in information) yet S's couldn't be N's. ?? A lot of it sounded drenched in ignorance but it definitely irked me.

Sounds like crap to me.

Everyone has two OBJECTIVE functions (external information-gathering) and two SUBJECTIVE (based on a personal bias) to work with, so saying any type is better than another type is silly. It’s like comparing apples, oranges, tangerines, and kiwi. Which fruit is best? Well, that would be the one I happen to like the most. In other words… subjective emotional judgment. I like it, and I eat it a lot, therefore it is the superior fruit.

Um… no, it’s just the fruit that I happen to like. It’s my fruit bias. And although I could argue the logic of that fruit being the best due to scientific research, that’s really not what prompts me to make the argument in the first place. It’s because I like that fruit. Here’s another example: Sherlock Holmes happens to be the best fictional detective ever created. I could give you many reasons why, all based in facts and research, but essentially it all boils down to this: Sherlock Holmes is my favorite fictional detective. We all have a tendency to state opinion as fact, but it’s not. It’s an opinion. Subjective to our bias.

You’ll notice a lot of personality types tend to “group” together: intuitives mesh better with intuitives, and sensors with sensors. Why is that? It’s because we like people who are like us, and we seek out those people to hang out with. Part of this is opportunity – people of similar types are drawn to similar things, so they meet other people of a similar type when doing those things. Se-users who join a rock climbing class are likely to meet other Se-users.

Part of it is our natural type bias: the people we can’t understand, we’re less likely to engage with. The pastor of my last church was an ESTJ. He was a really nice person and I liked him a lot, but we spoke two different languages. I’m happy to hang out and BBQ with him, but his very literal, linear, detail-oriented, factual preaching style didn’t appeal to my imaginative needs. I couldn’t “be” him any more than he could “be” me, and we certainly didn’t “get” one another! I baffled him. He straight up said that, since he’d never met anyone with a brain like mine! Naturally not… he was hanging out with School of Mines graduates, and teaching in a traditional-oriented church, which appeals more to Si-dom/auxes.

It is very, very easy to become prejudiced. We think of that in terms of racism or sexism, but it’s a deeper rot than that, and something we are all subconsciously fighting ALL THE TIME. (Don’t believe me? Do you consider yourself to be more intelligent than someone from the opposing political party? Be honest, now.) It’s that moment when we look at another person and think, “I’m better than you because…” And it happens with our functions. “Well, I use Fe, so I obviously care more about other people’s feelings than you do! Fe is more sacrificial than Fi!” Please, tell that to Katniss Everdeen. Fi is just as willing to take a bullet for someone else as Fe is. Fe is not better than Fi, and Fi is not better than Fe. Both are compassionate, but one projects and gathers emotions from outside itself and one contains them inside.

Function bias actually prevented me from finding my true type for awhile, because I figured that because I’m so compassionate, kind, and non-confrontational that I must use Fe, because all the Fi-descriptions made Fi sound selfish and confrontational due to the high emphasis on “let me be me!” It’s not. It can be, but then so can Fe. If Fi’s selfishness comes from “get the hell out of my face, and stop bossing me around!”, Fe’s selfishness can be, “I’m going to smother you with narcissistic protectiveness!” (Narcissism is believing everything revolves around you – or as one therapist I read recently put it: true narcissism is believing everyone else’s emotions are tied to yours, so that in ‘feeling’ their emotions, you are actually projecting YOUR emotions onto them, and making their situation all about you. Please see: Norma Bates.)

Unfortunately, we human beings are all biased, because we all see life in the “first person,” so we naturally think that the functions we use are better than functions we don’t. Just because we don’t UNDERSTAND how someone else’s mind works doesn’t make us BETTER than they are. That’s really what that article boils down to: nah, nah, nah, we intuitives are smarter than the sensors! Are you? Are you really? I know some adult STJs who could argue you into the ground with facts they remembered learning in grade school.

True, theoretical discussions aren’t the sensor’s preferred topic of conversation, but handling important details isn’t our thing as intuitives, either. It’s true, my ISFJ best friend’s brain baffles me, as mine does her, but I both enjoy having her around and need her. I recently suggested taking a vacation together. It was my idea, but she’s the one who did all the research, booked the plane, hotel, and transportation, called up the different restaurants to find out whether their food could handle my dietary restrictions (food sensitivities), and finalized all the dates. While I spun around bored in my chair while she contrasted hotels and found pricing differences, now and again I threw in logical Te-suggestions whenever she was baffled about how to do something. I’m the one who came up with a chart and assigned different activities to each day, theorizing on how long the tours would take. Either of us would have trouble planning that trip alone.

That is how you need to look at the different types: their strengths. Admire them for who they are. Don’t think you are better than they are because of the functions you use. What you lack, they possess. If you waste all your time thinking how superior you are to them, you’ll never get the wonderful opportunity to marvel at the things they can do that you struggle with. Life is not meant to be lived alone. We need each other, and we are all happiest when doing the tasks that our minds are naturally attuned toward. I would have HATED planning that trip, and doing research on it, and comparing hotels, and it would have taken me three times as long due to my tendency not to want to commit. She LOVED it. She loves planning things, and contrasting prices, and picking hotels, and making sure they have what we need. I love that about her.

anonymous asked:

everlark "You were always the quiet one."

So peetahutcherpeen sent me a drabble request the other day, and I came up with this, about Peeta going to Prom.

I was inspired enough by my lovely Anon’s prompt to continue it, from Katniss’ POV….

Katniss Everdeen didn’t know what she hated more - long dresses or high heels. Both made her feel awkward and uncomfortable, like she was pretending to be some rich guys trophy wife.  And considering she was currently wearing both, along with a face full of make-up that Madge had insisted on, her mood was quickly plummeting towards Severely Pissed Off.

She shifted from side to side, trying to alleviate the ache in the balls of her feet, but with little luck. Whoever had invented these torture devices deserved a punch in the face. Followed closely by the person who had thought something called Prom would be a great idea to end the school year.

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