katniss barton

Do you ever just have that one character who you love so much, they’re your precious child, must be protected at all costs, but actually they could probably kill you with one thumb?

But katniss is played by JLaw who also plays Mystique so what if mystique is Clint and Natasha’s daughter but because of some incident became a mutant and to avoid her having to live with shield harassment the rest of her life they leave her and that’s how she finds Charles

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Migraine will not quit. Tony with a headache?

ugh, bae, no D: i’m so sorry

Tony, being the brilliant man that he is, waits until the headache has gone from ‘mild annoyance’ to ‘impossible to ignore’ to do anything about it.

He swallows down a handful of pills and then curls up on the couch in the corner, covering his head with one of the throw pillows. “Strike me down, JARVIS, do your old man a solid.”

“I would rather not, sir.”

“You’re not my favorite anymore. DUM-E is my new favorite.”

“DUM-E has always been and shall always be your favorite, sir. I know this.”

Tony grumbles under the pillow because there’s no use denying it. Dammit, all he needs is for JARVIS to cut a hole in the side of his head with a laser, then he’ll feel better, he’s sure of it.

His stomach turns with every beat of his heart, the knot of pain in his skull throbbing in time with it. God, he doesn’t want this to be a puking headache. Please don’t be a puking headache.


Tony whines at the sound of Clint’s voice.

“Quieter, please, Agent Barton,” JARVIS requests.

“Shit, sorry,” Clint replies, voice dropped to a whisper. “I brought what you said.”

“Sir is on the couch at the far end of the workshop,” JARVIS tells him and Tony hears the muted approach of footsteps.

“You’re an idiot,” Clint tells him softly, and Tony whines again as he tugs the pillow out of his grasp.

It’s quickly replaced by a cool, damp washcloth that blots out even more of the light and Tony can’t help the relieved noise he makes. “Don’t hit me while I’m down, Katniss.”