katniss and peetas wedding

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Could you please post your wedding master list of Katniss and Peeta getting married/in a wedding?

We don’t have a Peeta and Katniss getting married masterlist, but here are some fics like that:

Of Love and Lambs - purplehedgehogskies

The Wedding -   soafterr              

The Wedding -  MockingJayFlyingFree

Wedded Bliss -  Mejhiren        

There they go -  mariean

The Wedding  - JennaRileyswag  

The Wedding  - penquino35o

Forever Dancing - TheGirlWithSparklyEyes

The Good Wife - silvercistern.

Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow - shesasurvivor

Raisin Nut Bread - kary

A Toast to Victory - ghtlovesthg

The Unopened Door - IzzySamson

Two Days, One Toasting - ThirtySomething

Perfect Imperfection - RoseFyre

Stories of Us - Ameiko

Prince Peeta and the Mockingjay-Maid, or The Prince Who Loved Birds - Meijhiren

The Threshing Floor: A Rural Painting of the Dutch School - Mejhiren

The One Who Almost Got Away - chele20035

One - JLaLa

The Spirit of Adventure - konzelwoman

And check out our Trope: Wedding-Attending Masterlist for fics where Everlark are in a wedding.

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Can't remember much about my first Everlark fic but I do remember one of the earlier fic that I read and like is My Fake Marriage to Peeta Mellark. Or maybe that was my first fic? Lol. I still visited the fic till this day. It balance romance and angst really well. It's also well written. After that, my liken to Everlark fic is expanding and found so many talented writer that I totally like.

Thank you, Anon, for submitting your favorite :)

Here it is : My Fake Marriage to Peeta Mellark by Dream-Runaway.

Rating :T - words : 64401

Summary : “I, Katniss Everdeen, take you Peeta Mellark, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to entertain the capitol and save our families, from this day forward, when we are bugged and in front of cameras, when we are boldly or indirectly threatened with death, till Hunger Games do us part”. What would have happened if the Quarter Quell hadn’t included Peeta or Katniss or any past victors?

The Misunderstanding Part Three
  • Prompt 42: Everlark gets a puppy/kitten/other baby animal. Kill me with cuteness :) [submitted by Anonymous]
  • This is a wonderful prompt, I couldn’t resist…Prim reminded me of my sister at fourteen, she didn’t bring home a cat but a pigeon that when it looked at me it I got chills.
  • PS not betaed’ all mistakes are sadly mine.

Prompt 42: by @mega-aulover

Rated: G

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Inevitability, Part 2

Author: @xerxia31

Rating: T for sexual content

A/N: With this week’s prompt being fire, my mind went, obviously, to toastings. This is part 2 of Inevitability, which is an in-Panem AU that I wrote for Prompts in Panem. It will make a whole lot more sense if you’ve already read part 1

She doesn’t mean to fall asleep but when the sun hits her face she’s still curled up on Peeta’s pallet, the scent of him, and of them, enveloping her. Peeta, however, is nowhere to be seen. She can hear low voices - his and her mother’s- and the clatter of teacups coming from the kitchen, just beyond the door. Hurriedly, she dresses and sneaks out into the yard, walking around outside to re-enter the house from the front. Her mother will know that she didn’t sleep in her own bed last night, but she’d still rather not advertise that fact.

When Katniss walks through the door Mrs Everdeen turns and beams at her. Katniss shoots Peeta a questioning look, but he merely smiles beatifically, and she has to resist the urge to grin just as goofily at him. Her future husband.  

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What Happens in London

Summary: In London for Prim’s wedding, Katniss and Peeta test the boundaries of their friendship. Inspired by/based on Monica and Chandler’s time in London on Friends.

Rated M for smut.

Note: Thank you so much to all of my friends who supported me while I wrote this and needed constant encouragement that it didn’t suck. You know who you are and I love you all!

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Random question, please don't judge lol, but what kind of wedding bands do you think Katniss and Peeta would have? I've seen guys get these carbon fiber rings that glow a specific color you want on the inside of the ring when exposed to light. It kinda made me think of Peeta getting something like that, it glowing green to make him think of Katniss. Any thoughts?

Aw that’s really cute. No judgment! Now I don’t really picture them having rings in canon I guess so I hadn’t thought about it. I like your idea for modern fics tho. Or something simple like titanium because it doesn’t break. And Katniss would have it engraved inside with “real.” And maybe he would engrave her wedding band with “always.”

So hey hi, I just discovered something amazing! I just figured out last day that any story on ao3 can be downloaded via epub in the iPad!! I was so happy discovering that kind of thing… Cause before, I used to read and visit Fanfiction.net a lot than ao3… But with the new discovery I’ve got, I now prefer ao3! :))
Can you help me find fics? Please? I want to have more stories on my iBook! So any fave/best fics that are post-Mockingjay/toastbaby not au that can be found in ao3? Thank you so much dear, you’re a big help, and I heart you a lot! 😘👌💕 So please, help me? Thanks, I 💖 U

Complete Multi-Chapter:
Skin and Bones by hotpielookedlikehotpie
Shattered by PeetasAndHerondales
Learning by PeetasAndHerondales
Ghosts with just voices by acciograce
Two Birthdays by soafterr
Good Again by titania522
The Ashes of District Twelve Series by silvercistern

WIP Multi-Chapter:
Worse Games to Play by belmione  (Not updated since Nov. 2012)
Smoke Rising by AngelProjekt  (Not updated until July 2013)
Grow Back Together by MarceEscoto (Not updated since Jan. 2014)
Whispers from District Twelve by gentlemama
Banana Nut Bread by knottedenergy
Coal Pressed Into Pearls by Everlarked
You’re Going To Be So Happy by sec982 (???)
Out of the Ashes - sweetlovegone
 Ashes to Ashes - webofdreams89

  The Unrecorded Hours – hollycomb  
  Five, Ten, Fifteen by madefrommemories (Katniss finally deciding to have children)
  Times Like These by swishywillow
  Good Things Will Strive to Dwell by forthegenuine

   Delivery by gilmoregeek3 (Birth of Everlarks daughter)
     Wandering by tromana (Katniss coaxing Peeta out of an episode)
     baking “tips” from the pro by Trippy41 (Peeta teaches Katniss to bake)
    Touch by swishywillow
    His Girls: Reflections on a Life in the Making by everydayescapeartist
    All I Need by Belladonnablush
    Only When it Rains by Trippy41
    A Spark Of Hope by BlueEyedDaughter  (Birth of Everlarks daughter)
    Whatever You Want to Do (is all right with me) by Trippy41
    Little Things by Jenye
    birth by wolfpacklove (Birth of Everlarks daughter)
    Miles Cross by Mejhiren (Katniss coaxing Peeta out of an episode)
    Morning Light by maddmaddworld (The Morning After “Real”)
    Careless Wishes by kismet4891
     weeds and memorials by thenightskysighs
I am Iris Mellark by lehulei (Everlark’s Daughter)
Six Times Katniss Was Happy She Chose the Baker by soafterr
      The Wedding by soafterr
Yellow Blossoms by shesasurvivor (starkist) (Katniss and Peeta as parents)
     we remain by irwinsgiggles
      Thirty Seconds by soafterr   (Katniss finding out she is pregnant)
      Your voice like this by acciograce
     Everything You Are by sucrevenin
     Cold Courage by rosemaryrain (Suicide Attempt)
     tired souls by thenightskysighs
i’ll count your every kiss as a victory by loveleee
Glove Buddies by thesagaciousowl (Everdeen-Mellark Family Christmas)
And Eventually His Lips by mellarksbakerydistrict12 (First New Year’s after the War)
We Remain by bakerswiife  (Life with their Newborn Daughter)
Pictures at an Exhibition by LolaBleu
When Again It’s Morning, They’ll Wash Away by AutumnHobbit (Birth of Everlark’s firstborn)
Cold Mornings by shesasurvivor (starkist)
Safe and Sound by Ronja
Looking back, looking forward. by Everlarked
Growing back together by Everlarked
May 8 by shesasurvivor (starkist)
do the wicked never lose by thenightskysighs
Not Such a Bad Thing by beccabecalm
Felinity by ForestFairy
Black Beans by sec982 (Peeta can’t bake)
Let me take care of you by Everlarked (toastbabies and Haymitch baby sitting)
Between Us (formerly The Cloth That Feels Like Love Itself) by titania522 (Toastbabies)
 What Did I Tell You? by titania522 (Toastbabies)
More by titania522
The One I Need by bubblegum1425
Painted Houses by optimus_pam
An Orange Accident by optimus_pam (Peeta helping Katniss through one of her depression episodes)
Our Victory by Bria (Everlark naming their daughter)    
Another Game to Play by hawkins437 (PTSD)
When Grey Fades to Black by tribute_swiftie
A Baker’s Proposal by Bria (Peeta finally proposes to Katniss)
Here by sweetlovegone (Katniss comforts Peeta on one of his bad days)
What Normal Really Is by jazzfic  (Everlark learning to be parents)
 we’ll show the ocean how to dance by ginnyweasleys
 The Winter Season by sponsormusings
  Dancing under the snow. by javis
  Christmas Blessings by ella_rose88

Drunken Confessions - Part 3

Here’s the final part to my little drabble series! You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.

Once again, my eternal love and gratitude to @everlylark and @papofglencoe for their amazingness. :)

And thanks to everyone who read, liked, reblogged and took this fluffy little Everlark journey with me. I was shocked by the response and it gave me the motivation to keep writing. I have some ideas for future stories so stay tuned :)

Let me know what you thought of the final part!

Summary: When Katniss drunkenly confesses something to Peeta, he has to figure out what he will do with this information.

Peeta checked the lasagna in the oven before turning his attention to the French bread he had picked up that morning from his family’s bakery. He sat down at the counter and started to butter the bread. Given the mindlessness of the task, his mind started to wander to his plans for the evening. He was finally going to broach the subject of marriage with Katniss, possibly even ask her to marry him. It had been a week since her drunken confession, and tonight seemed like the perfect time to bring up the topic. She had spent the day with the girls getting their final fittings for Annie’s wedding next weekend. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be too burnt out on wedding talk. Okay, so maybe tonight wasn’t the best time after all. Maybe he should wait.

Peeta chastised himself for again second guessing his plan. Not that it was much of a plan, but he had to stop second guessing himself or Katniss was going to realize something was up. He had already been on edge for the past week—no need to prolong the torture. He need to just rip off the band-aid, so to speak, and ask her, or at the very least talk to her about it.

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What are your favorite Hunger Games headcanons? *blows kisses* I love you.

Man, i have tons, so idk if these are favorites but some I can list on top of my head:

  • Katniss’ travel restrictions were lifted without fanfare, and much sooner than expected. But except for visiting her mom on occasion, she never had a desire to go anywhere. 
  • The Victor’s Village became the new town hub in District 12 after the war, with people turning the streets and front yards into market areas. After the district is rebuilt, it remains as one of centers of life in 12.
  • I don’t think Katniss would become the new healer in 12, but until they get a proper doctor, 12 returnees would come up to her for medical help and she tries her best to give them remedy. She’d often call her mom when she doesn’t know what to do. Peeta keeps calling her Dr. Everdeen whenever a ‘patient’ arrives at their door. Katniss scowls at him each time.
  • Plutarch makes Effie the new Ceasar Flickerman. But after five seasons hosting his singing competition show, Effie leaves the show due to ‘creative differences.’
  • Johanna Mason never stays in one place long enough and have lots of crazy adventures, but always return home to District 7. Katniss and Peeta are updated through the postcards she sends them. 
  • Annie remarries at some point. She sends Peeta and Katniss a photo of her wedding to add to their memory book.
  • Haymitch eventually stopped drinking, and lived to see toastbaby!girl turn 12. 
  • When Greasy Sae passes, Katniss and Peeta became her grandaughter’s legal guardians. 
  • Katniss and Peeta did speak one time in school when they were kids. It was in their math class and Peeta asked her what date it is. Katniss said it’s October 3rd. 
  • The reason Peeta placed second place in wrestling was coz he didn’t want his brother to be teased for losing against him.
  • Buttercup lives twice as long as an average cat and coz of that he is suspected to be half-mutt like a mockingjay is. Haymitch’s geese are scared of him.   
My 2014 Compilation of "Two Wrongs" and "Again" drabbles.

Two Wrongs (In storyline order)

Homecoming“-a pre "Two Wrongs” drabble

“Prim/Cato caught in a rainstorm”

Birthday Cake-Daddy’s Birthday Surprise

Two Wrongs KP with India on vacation?


Two Wrongs Prim has to babysit sugared up toastbabies



“Little Bit” (trigger warning—miscarriage)

“The Recital” (trigger warning-homophobic slurs)

Game Seven

The Tenth Hour“—Sequel to "Game Seven

Again (In storyline order and by pairing)

Again” (alternate storyline—where Katniss tells Peeta about her pregnancy)

"Johanna and Haymitch meeting for the first time”-Hayhanna

“Haymitch and Gale confrontation”-Hayhanna


"First Kiss”-Hayhanna

“Mother’s Day Redux”-Everlark

“Walking Blind”-Hayhanna (slightly MA)

“The Morning After”-Hayhanna

“When Nobody’s Watching”-Hayhanna

“When Did He Realize He Loved Her?”-Hayhanna

“Ghosts of the Past”-Hayhanna

“The Visit”-Hayhanna

“If just would have listened to me, this would have never happened” (The Baby Shower)-Hayhanna

“Persuasion” (The birth of Adam)-Hayhanna

“The Meeting"—Everlark/Adina and Eddie

"The Wedding"—Adina and Eddie (from Peeta’s POV)




Seeing Straight“-Hayhanna (Companion Piece to ”Walking Blind”)

2002“ Alternate AU (Peeta crashes Katniss and Cato’s wedding—Post ”September”)

You Don’t Know How It Feels“ (The "Again” children—told from Cinna Mellark’s POV

Riding the Crimson Wave“-Again Alternate

"Come Pick Me Up”-Hayhanna 

Again Alternate (In which the first Adam lived and Adina met him)

“She’s Your Daughter”-Hayhanna (takes place on Callie’s 18th Birthday)

Everything agonizing from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 *MAJOR SPOILERS*

Katniss trying to speak and her voice being all croaky and sore 😭😭😭

Peeta saying Katniss deserved to die 

Katniss’ speech to the people in 2 and then GETTING SHOT OH MY GOD

President Snow poisoning that dude and being cray cray

Johanna visiting Katniss in the hospital

Katniss visiting Peeta and him being a MEANY

Finnick and Annie’s wedding

Peeta having a breakdown after the pod goes off


Jackson getting all up in Katniss’ grill




Tigris fyeah

That little girl crying her eyes out!!


Katniss’ convo with Snow

Katniss saying goodbye to Gale 

PRESIDENT COIN and then Snow’s mouth being all bloody