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The death of Finnick was, devastating…Him screaming in pain and then his last scream were he yells “Katniss” was the end of me.

Imagine Finnik’s reaction after he sees you, walking through the door, after he thought that the capitol had killed you

Finnick: Y/N I can’t believe that your alive, when the capitol caught you…I thought I was never going to see you again.

Y/N: I stayed alive because of you, Finnick. You are the reason, I didn’t die. You were always the one for me.

Finnick: You will always be the one for me Y/N.

*They both hug each other, smiling

     An Unexpected New Year’s Kiss Tale    http://archiveofourown.org/works/9355184

Katniss Everdeen never had been very fond of Peeta Mellark, and especially not since she lost the school’s senior class president position to him. So, how on earth did she find herself sharing a New Year’s kiss with him? And why can’t she stop thinking about it?


Based on the prompt “I hate you, but we kissed at midnight on New Year’s and now I can’t stop thinking about it”

“I love you (Y/N) you goofball, now stop distracting me, I need to finish this paper.”