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How about Voldemort? I wasn't exactly glad that he died, but what his death signified, an end to his reign of terror, made me happy. The same with President Coin. I feel better knowing she's dead rather than alive.

I was actually hoping someone would ask me this. Haha.

I think especially Voldemort. I mean, think about this. He lived his entire life without love. Without knowing what it’s really like to love another person, be it romantic love, or platonic love, or friendly love. He had no idea what that was like. Now think about your life. And think about who you love. And imagine not knowing that feeling. It would suck. 

Voldemort did what he did because he had to fill a void. He filled it with power, and yes, it was the wrong sort of power, but that’s because he didn’t really know any better. 

This is going to sound really sadistic, but I’d rather someone rot in jail and think about what they did than be killed. 

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I got that today!

It is SO good, omg. Will never, ever regret buying it.

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i can’t wait to read it. i want ugly feels.

DO IT. Definitely my new favorite!

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I love that book! I read it 2 years ago and then had the pleasure of rereading it again last year b/c it was a school book and I told all my friends they were gonna cry. I still cry every time I read that book it’s so beautiful.

Seriously, I’m so envious of those of you who get books like THG and The Book Thief to read for school! Ah but yes, tears foreverandeverandever :’(

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OMG i read that :’( gah I cried for hours

I was trying not to cry and then I just let it go, and it was bad. But good, at the same time, hahaha.

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Hey I'm sorry if you've been asked this before but do the behind-the-scenes clips have too many scenes out of the movie? I've watched all the clips that Lionsgate has released until now but by the gifs I'm seeing the behind-the-scenes videos seem to spoil a lot of key moments. Or is that just me?

Um, I don’t know. I was really hoping that they’d leave the arena a complete mystery, but I really love the clips they’ve shown. Hahaha. 

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