katjijaelyn is katie calling me up one weekend where there’s a hole in everyone’s schedule and inviting me and Jaehyo to go to the beach with her and Chunji the next day, and telling Jaehyo about it only after I already agreed only to have him immediately start complaining that it’s his day off and he wanted to relax and he most definitely doesn’t want to spend it hanging out with that weird girl and that punk kid who doesn’t laugh at his jokes, but eventually he comes around and agrees to go if only to see me in a bikini - except the next morning as I’m getting ready to go he realizes that I don’t even own a bikini in the first place, and I’m going to the beach dressed in an all-black one-piece that covers up to my neck and I’m wearing board shorts on top of that and he decides to similarly wear a back t-shirt with Navy swim trunks and we look like a couple of dummies who don’t really want to go swimming at all

casually reading through katji tag. find conversation with carolyn about taking jaehyo and chunji to a bar and the night ending with us drunk off our asses by ourselves because we ditched them and their annoying asses and them getting kicked out of the bar after we’ve left because they don’t know we’re gone and a bouncer asked to see chunji’s id. everything in life is good.

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and then he just keeps complaining about how much it hurts and says i should kiss it better and i tell him he should shut up before i hit him with my book again but he just keeps whining and whining about how i am such a mean noona and if i would just give him a kiss he’d stop complaining and would forgive me for hitting him in the face and finally, i’m like “fine! god, you are such a brat.” and then i make him lean down because he’s too tall for me to reach on my own and then i give him a stupid little kiss on his stupid little face and then i shove the ice pack at him and tell him he’d better shut up now or i’ll give him something to really cry about and he just laughs that stupid laugh of his and before reaching up to squish my cheeks and tell me how cute i am when i’m annoyed, and laughing even more when i slap his hands away and grumble at him.

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katji, he discovers boner jams 2k11

“Noona, what is….. boh-nah-jahmz…?” Katie walks into the living room to find Chunji on her laptop, closely inspecting the playlist in questions in her iTunes, and when he turns to see the look of horror on his face he gets up with her laptop just in time to evade her when she makes a grab for it and play the first song on the list, and then the next, and then the next, and then it all makes sense.

“Noona, are these your sexy songs?”

(Bonus: “And what if they are?” “Well… maybe we should put them to use~” “…….ohmygodshutupgoawayyouaresuchagreasemonkey.”)