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Jys my son skyn, my bottle rooi wyn, my asthma pompie, my dagga stompie, my oulike maatjie, my beste katjie, en ek is lief vir jou-🔱❤

My Angst Queen, I totes love you, but when you’re all sleepy… you tend to lose the hold you have on your English. This ^^… I no understand you. But thanks anyway. I’m sure its beautiful!

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not easily conquered || a steve/bucky playlist

winter ghosts - jbm

“Steve remembers vividly the photograph of Bucky in the file Romanoff procured for him: blue, wasting, hurt. Years now and nothing to show for it. If this is truly his last chance…”

haunt - bastille

“This is Bucky, looking back at him, here. It’s been sixty-four years.”

for everything a reason - carina round

“The truth of it is that he’s left his family just the way Peggy always knew he would, and for a long terrible moment, listening to his daughter breathe on the other line, he wonders how he could do this to them.”

get hurt - the gaslight anthem

“Just do it. Kill me. Do it.”

twice - little dragon

“I’ve lost him twice, Natasha,” he says, and starts breathing in, and finds he can’t stop.

lay me down - sam smith ft. john legend

“I don’t wanna live if it means you’re — I don’t wanna live without you anymore, I been doin’ it so long, I been doin’ it so long. I’m so fucking tired, Buck — Jesus, Buck, please, please, I’m so tired.”

my only friend - phantogram

“…and it is an alley in 1923, and they are five years old, and he is whole again.”

winter song - the head and the heart

“I’m looking at you; it all stays in place.”

i will wait - katji petri

“Nothing stupid.“

it’s been a long time - tina louise

"The last shot: this is what matters. One man. And he’s ruined.”

clean slate - m. ward

“Proof of conspiracy all the way to the core of this fucking government. He’s free to go.”

smother - daughter

“You never did know what was good for you. Just because I wrote you a couple of pretty words, you and the rest of planet Earth thinks it makes up for all the necks I’ve snapped with my bare hands.”

transatlanticism - death cab for cutie

“It’s because you’re the truth, Buck. You’re the truest thing I’ve ever known.”

like real people do - hozier

"I love you bad,” Steve breathes. “I love you so bad,” and Bucky closes his eyes like Steve has spread balm on a wound.

work song - hozier

“It’s why the grave couldn’t keep me in, sweetheart. It’s how you even found me again at all. The fact of us is simple arithmetic. Torch me, bury me, break me: it’s never going to stick. I’ll always come back from the dead for you. We belonged to each other before we ever belonged to ourselves.”

Inspired by the third work in the wonderful series Not Easily Conquered, written by the equally as wonderful drop-deaddream and whatarefears


katjijaelyn is katie calling me up one weekend where there’s a hole in everyone’s schedule and inviting me and Jaehyo to go to the beach with her and Chunji the next day, and telling Jaehyo about it only after I already agreed only to have him immediately start complaining that it’s his day off and he wanted to relax and he most definitely doesn’t want to spend it hanging out with that weird girl and that punk kid who doesn’t laugh at his jokes, but eventually he comes around and agrees to go if only to see me in a bikini - except the next morning as I’m getting ready to go he realizes that I don’t even own a bikini in the first place, and I’m going to the beach dressed in an all-black one-piece that covers up to my neck and I’m wearing board shorts on top of that and he decides to similarly wear a back t-shirt with Navy swim trunks and we look like a couple of dummies who don’t really want to go swimming at all