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Hoe is Ditjes & Katjes? :3 (ik ga met een vriendin van me langs alle kattencafé's in Nederland, althans dat staat vanaf nu op onze bucketlist <3)

Ditjes en katjes is leuk! Er waren niet zo veel poezen vandaag maar degene die er wel waren waren zoooo lief. EN de mensen zijn super aardig en het eten is ook 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽. Alle spellen en boeken zijn ook op de kat thema dus we hebben magneet poezen poëzie geschreven ;) het is een hele leuke sfeer echt heel gezellig.


Ok en mischien vind ik ze ook zo leuk om dat ze wat springsteen hebben gespeeld maar CAN U BLAME ME?


Stop Kicking My Seat

How amazing would it be to end up as seat mates with him?? Gah, don’t get me started. Want more short stories like this? Check me out on Fiverr! ;)


Katje xx

     You’re on a plane, travelling alone to go visit a friend. You get nervous and edgy on planes - not at the idea of crashing, but at the idea of having to stay still for a long time. You were lucky enough to score an aisle seat, and knowing you can get up gives you some peace of mind. Still, the plane is barely gliding along the tarmac and you’re already tense and irritable. To make matters worse, some idiot behind you keeps kicking your seat. You didn’t see who sat down behind you because you were too busy digging through your purse, but you’re assuming it’s either a kid or just someone with a complete lack of common courtesy. At first you let it go because you thought they were still just getting situated, but this is getting ridiculous. 

     You’ve started keeping track, and this moron has kicked your seat 12, no wait, ugh, 13 times. You’re mentally preparing your attitude face and a comment to get anyone to knock it off. The plane finally goes airborne and the number of kicks has reached 17 when the seatbelt light turns off. You turn around, eyebrow cocked, poised to put this person in their place. “Excuse me.” You say sternly. A pair of startled green eyes meets yours, and you suddenly wish you could hit the rewind button. Those green eyes belong to the one and only Robbie Kay. The Robbie Kay you’ve been gawking at for months on Instagram and practically stalking on Twitter. “Yes?” He says, amused by the fact you seem caught off guard. You soften your tone, but keep an attitude. “You’ve kicked my seat about 20 times. Any chance you could be a little more careful?” Robbie Kay or not, he’s still annoying. 

     “Have I? I am so sorry love.” His English accent pretty much makes up for everything. “It’s these long legs of mine. They tend to get in the way.” He laughs nervously. You finally soften your expression. “No worries. Can’t say I have that problem, but I tend to shift a lot too. I get pretty nervous on planes.” You say, trying to make up for how harsh you were before. “I do too, but spare me the speech about how much more likely it is to get in a car accident on the way to the airport than it is for the plane to crash. It’s more the idea that I’m stuck here for several hours.” “Yeah, same here.” You lightly laugh and then go to turn back around, but a hand on your shoulder stops you.

     “Listen, I feel like a right idiot. Can I buy you a drink?” He says, raising an eyebrow. There’s that signature move. Apparently it’s not just for the camera. You can buy me a drink any time. You think. But what comes out is, “Oh, you really don’t have too. It’s really no big deal.” “Well, truth is, seeing as we both get anxious on planes, maybe we could pass the time with some conversation? I could really use someone to talk to, to be honest.” “Hmm…” You say, smirking and raising an eyebrow. “Do I still get that drink?” “Of course.” He says with a wink. He’s sitting in the aisle seat, so you take the middle seat next to him. “I’m Robbie.” He says, extending a hand. “Y/N, and I maaaayyy or may not have already known that.” You joke. He laughs and says, “Well then, Y/N. What’s your poison?” “Gin tonic, if you please.” He stops the flight attendant and orders for the two of you. 

    “So, Robbie Kay.” You say, exaggerating his name for effect. “Shouldn’t you be in first class?” “Well, yes. I should be, seeing as that’s what I paid for. There was a mixup with the airline and I ended up here, with less leg room. Hence, the incessant kicking of your chair. Sorry about that, again.” He says with a slight wince. “No worries.” You say with a playful smile. You ease into conversation, talking about where you’re from, hobbies, etc. On more than one occasion he holds eye contact with you and the chemistry between you is undeniable. After a couple drinks, “Okay so, why don’t we play a game?” he says mischievously. “Oo what kind of game?” “Well,” he leans in closer as if telling a secret and lowers his voice. Your eyes can’t help but travel down to his smile and then back up to his eyes. “We’ll sort of, observe, our fellow passengers and then come up with backstories for them. Like a narrative of their lives.” “That sounds highly entertaining. I’ll go first.” You look around, ready to do your best improvising.

     “Okay, see that guy over there? The one with the red flannel?” You lean in as you covertly point to your subject. “Oh wow, sorry. I’m going to sound like a total creeper right now, but what perfume are you wearing?” You chuckle slightly, “Um, Viva la Juicy. It’s my favourite.” “I think it’s my favourite too.” He says with a laugh. “Thank you.” You purse your lips slightly and raise an eyebrow. “Oh right! The game. Um, yes, that bloke over there. What’s his story, then?” “Well, as a child he wanted to be an artist. Picasso’s blue period really left an impression on his 10-yr-old mind. But see, his dad wasn’t supportive and he was pressuring him to take over the family business when he grew up. The family… tax service business. He did that for 5 years after college and then one day he just…. snapped.” You sigh for effect. “He got two tattoos, bought a bunch of beanies, and left a note on the fridge that said, ‘I really just need to focus on my art right now.’ Now he’s heading to New York to do set design for experimental off-off-off Broadway shows.” 

    You look over at Robbie to find his mouth open in surprise. “That was really impressive. Wow. The scary part is I think it could actually be true.” You can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction knowing you impressed him. “Alright, Kay, you’ve got some big shoes to fill. Your turn. Who’s the target?” You go back and forth like that several times, struggling not to bug the people around you with all your snickering. At one point he makes you laugh so hard you laugh into your iced water and it sprays up at your face. He’s pointing at you, nearly in tears, and you drape your head over his shoulder in embarrassment. You both finally calm down and you say, “Hey, I’m sorry I was so rude at first.” “Oh no, don’t apologise. I’m sorry I was kicking your seat!” “Really? Because I’m not.” You say. Bold move, you think. “Maybe I’m not so sorry either…” You both just stare at each other for a few long seconds like a couple of lovestruck teenagers. He breaks the silence first to lighten the sudden tension. “I mean, do you know how miserable I would have been without you here to keep me company?” “Ohhh I get it. So I’m just a nice little diversion for you. Fine, that’s just fine.” You feign offense as you cross your arms and look out the window.

     The captain announces over the loudspeaker that the descent is beginning. You glance over at Robbie and his expression is nothing less than disappointed. You keep conversation going to take your mind off of the fact that you’ll be parting ways soon. You’re finally off the plane and when he nervously says, “Mind if I walk with you to baggage claim?” “Of course!” “Of course you do mind or of course I can?” He says, nudging your shoulder. You laugh and keep walking, but he stops you by gently pulling your arm back. “Hey listen, Y/N.” He says, hesitating and looking down. “Yeah, Robbie?” You say, hoping you know what’s coming next. “I know you’re here to see your friend and I’ve got my convention and interviews and all that, but I’d really hate for this to be the last time I see you. May I get your number? Or Facebook? Or just something so we don’t lose touch? Even if I don’t get to see you here, I’d love to see you again. Maybe I could take you out to dinner or something?” He says, looking back up at you, his usually mischievous  expression now softened and searching your eyes for the answer he wants. 

     You’re enjoying making him wait, and pause for a moment. “I’d like to see you again too.” You finally say. “But before I give you my number, you have to promise me one thing.” You say quietly, leaning in slightly. “Yeah, anything.” He says. You know you’re making him nervous. “Just don’t kick my feet under the table.” You say with a smirk. He raises an eyebrow, matching your expression. “I think I can manage that.” You type your info into his phone and grab your bags. “Well then, I suppose this is goodbye. Only for now, though.” He says, stepping closer and setting his bags down. “Glad I met you, Robbie.” He pulls you in for a hug, one arm around your waist and the other around your shoulder. You close your eyes for a moment when he surprises you by leaning down and giving you a peck on the cheek. “So am I.” 

     ❝ …How? He’s retarded.

  • @someidioticurl said: don’t ask this around Emil because she would let him touch her boobs only to find this one things out (and it would probably be super boring)

     [ WHY EMIL WHY ]

Ya HAD boobs a few days ago, so YER ‘da weird one here.

     ❝ I can.


here is our first picture from our the 100 shooting !

it was such a pleasure and fun! But we have to say, that it’s so different, to pose as real humans would do as if you would pose for anime, Manga or game characters! But we managed somehow!
And you know what the best is?!
No one damn cares for your winkles in your face, if you have to show emotions (yes you know the anime and Co scene is kind of perfect.. But we love it!! XD)

The picture was taken by Cypher Photography!
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(maybe @elizajaneface or @alyciajasmin see that… Haha.. Would be kind of embarrassing but we would be so damn proud. We know we don’t now them personally, but both of them mean so much to us. We respect them for all they did and reached. We wish botch of them the best! Be blessed for your whole lifes!

The costumes are selfmade! We got help to find the right fabric for Lexas Coat from Wendy Buscuit (@wendybiscuit on Twitter)