UPCAT 2012

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are the days that will turn seniors’ gimmick nights to the most memorable assessment of their lives. Just like what it did to me few years back. 

While reading posts about UPCAT in Tumblr, I just saw myself smiling because of the different stories of Tumblr people about their share on this exhilarating event on the years they have taken it. Then, I remember mine. I was sharing my experience in UPCAT back then when it (I’m not gonna tell what is “it”.) finally hit me. I’m almost at the end of my story when I scrapped the whole text post and do this instead. 

I really don’t want to share my UPCAT story. It’s not that I think people cares, anyway. 

It’s an inspiring story though. But, I just don’t want other people to know it yet as it was one of the saddest episodes of my life. I don’t care about whatever happened that day. However, whenever I remember it, I can still feel the same feeling I felt back then. And it saddens me. :’( 

Now, it’s drama. LOL. I am cutting this shit now (After all, I’m an UPCAT qualifier.) and abruptly want to say good luck to all future Iskolar ng Bayan!