franklinzhang  asked:

lmfao but seriously octavian is just doing what he thinks is good for the Roman camp and that doesn't make him a bad guy. Plus he doesn't even know if the Greeks are bad are not so i'm just saying he ain't ever gonna listen to any of them Greeks. He's just gonna do what his gut tells him to. Which DOES NOT make him the antagonist. Besides, I would be pissed of someone fired on my camp and shit.

Exactly! He’s protecting his camp and his people. He’s a pretty traditional guy from what we’ve seen, and I’ll say it again and again, he is the stereotypical Roman citizen. His biases against the Greeks stem from tradition and a long held rivalry, it is no wonder he hates them. Chances are he was raised in New Rome and raised to despise Greeks. While this does not morally justify his hatred towards them, it is something to take note of and makes it justifiable from his point of view. Which is key to understanding him, we need to see things how he see’s them. We love Percy becuase we see things how he see’s them, if everyone could attempt to do the same with Octavian I’m sure more people would like him as much as I do.