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I was tagged by the lovely duo over at theawkwardterrier.  Thanks, guys!

  1. If you could bring one DVD box set to a desert island, what would it be? Oh, it would be Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Easy question. Next!
  2. If you could acquire the talents of another human being for a week, what talent would you take from who, and what would you do with it? Um… I think I would probably adopt Reza Aslan’s ability to write about religion in a way that is very unique and appealing and thin I would try to write as much of my MA thesis as possible in that week.
  3. What is the best thing that happened to you this week? I had a rough week, truth be told.  The best thing was probably the pot of hot and sour soup I made for myself on Thursday night.
  4. Do you tend to bottle things up, or let things out? Let them out, baby. I find that I feel much better whe I can talk to people, work out my problems with them, and express my frustration out loud. When I don’t, I tend to get confused and doubt my own opinions and emotional reactions to things. I’ve been working on trying to regulate my emotional responses– to allow myself to be angry or sad when something genuinely upsets me, and to let it go  when I find myself irritated by something I can’t change.
  5. If you could invent one thing, regardless of physical/natural laws, what would it be? An app that could tell you who of your friends was available to hang out. So you wouldn’t ask people if they’re free and then have them unable to go out for drinks or a movie or whatever.
  6. Where is your favorite picture of yourself from, and why is it your favorite? My favorite picture of myself is actually my tumblr icon right now.It was a photo from my senior portrait session in high school, and for some reason I look completely deranged. Why am I raising a quizzical brow? Am I smiling? What photographer decided that this photo was one of the best ones I took? My mom wouldn’t let me use this as my actual yearbook photo, so I only have the sample copy. I also have red hair in the photo, due to a bad run in with a box of black hair dye and and an aggressive color correction.
  7. You get out of work/school early one Wednesday. Describe what you do with your bit of extra free time. Wander around Boston. Buy a good cup of coffee to sip while I wander/window shop.
  8. If you could have any pet in the world, what would you get? A Russian Blue kitten. I would name her Empress Kitty the Great.
  9. What is your favorite beverage? Raspberry seltzer from Flour cafe. Or a good gin and tonic.
  10. Describe your ideal sleeping conditions. Honestly? I’m just happy when it’s cold enough in my room for me to snuggle up under all of the blankets I own.
  11. What was your favorite childhood object? My camp blanket. My mom bought it for me when I was only 9, and it’s just a ratty old hospital blanket (that has literally never been washed… ever). But I love it, and I even had my mother mail it to me when I left home for college. I still sleep with it, and I’m 23!

Here are my questions:

What is your least favorite color, and why?  If you could become a blimp driver, would you? If your hands and feet were replaced with a never ending supply of one food item, which food item would it be? If you had $100,000 to spend in one day, how would you spend it? Describe your most enjoyable romantic encounter. Pick one: tuna or salmon. If you could pack your bags and go on a month-long vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? Do you believe in a higher power? Have you ever cheated on a test? If you could only listen to one song for  the rest  of your life, what song would you choose? If you were given only a day left to live, who would you want to spend it with?

I tag: skogsnufa, withthelions, void-envy, katiespence, goodnightmysomeone, rayrotten, toounoriginal, thetigerwizard, thenobledead, astroslut666, allastonishment

Steve Moakler happened tonight.
  • Fun UVill hangs. Pallinos >>> Panera. Fireworks has those Pantone mugs. Bought bananas. Got a PB Milkshake, Kaylee’s never really been to Johnny Rockets… we’ll have to do that some day.
  • Got lost/took the scenic route to the Q Cafe
  • Doors got pushed back, booo you whore
  • Red van, not Tprovs. Gavin wasn’t there, don’t know how we feel about that
  • Q Cafe is so cute, love it. Comfy chair is commmmfy
  • Andrew Ripp holy hell! THAT VOICE HOT DAMN. Definitely paying attention to him now. His between song talks were not planned and he was a bit drugged from having his wisdom teeth out and it was adorbs. And hot damn that voice.
  • He told this story about how the day he physically got his record him and a friend were driving around listening and he blew threw a blinking red light, while listening to Play You Down, he like RAMMED a car going the other way and his friend was like “Hey dude, you made a smash hit record” or something hilarious like that.
  • He played Hesitate and All the Faint Lights :] but not Satellite or 18 or a bunch of other songs. I mean he had a decently long set, but not long enough for me.
  • He had no merch, it got lost on the plane or something, sad day. Bought 1 of the Andrew Ripp albums, Kaylee bought the other.
  • Gave Moakler his bananas, he was stoked. He was like “I’m gonna eat these!” And I was like “I would hope so?” haha and I brought up the whole Oh I saw you once 3 years ago, this isn’t weird at allllllllll. And he played 1 verse and 1 chorus of Where You Belong for me =]
  • The guys in TSA were merching… idk why. But anyway when I bought the CD I was like “Oh and my friend, who is your friend, Katie Spence wanted me to say hi” and ADT was like “Oooohhhh Katie Spence!” And Eric was just like :] and Andrew was like “She fucking flies all over” and I was like “Yeah like to the UK right?” “To see us, so insane!” And one of em was like yeah but she flies for free blah blah blah and I told them how awful flying standby is haha, hopefully they appreciate that more now.
  • Got a picture with Steve Moakler. Really doubt it’s as good as our previous one but ohhhhh well. Got him to sign my CD too =]
  • I was all “Oh sorry for being pushy, but I feel like this isn’t happening again so gotta get it all in now” and him and Kaylee were continuously just like “no no, it’ll happen again soon” “i’ll be back soon” etc etc lol stop lying. It’s been >3 years, 3 years from now I most likely won’t even be in Seattle womp womp.
  • But anyway GLORIOUS NIGHT. My cheeks literally hurt from so much smiling.

OVERALL OMG MOAKLER! Love that man. Pics/vids laterzzz

The day we got the Sharks tickets/This is so incriminating but I dont even care
  • Me:NO TIX. AGH. Ticketmaster gives me an error every time I try to purchase and apparently you cannot buy presale over phone... bah!
  • Katie:gahhh :( its ok, im sure more will show up over time, we can both just keep checking both ticketmaster and all the other places. Im not worried.
  • Me:I freaked out at my mommy and she got us section 115 row 8!! I flipped out bc thats probably a lot more expensive than what we were looking at but she said we could just cover the 120 we were looking at and the rest would be our happy easter gift
  • Me:Dduuudddeeeee 115 is lower center!!! Like 8 rows up from sin bin... Siccckkkkk
  • Katie:OMGGG WHAAAAAT THATD AMAZINGGGG!!!! omg i cant i love your mom omg this is incredible
  • Me:Also according to the online seating chart those are 139, and we orig planned to either get 129 or 104 tix so not even that much much but sooo much closer! Ahhh
  • Katie:omg yesss your mom is a god. ok and my mom wanted to start looking for ah otel, she gets a discount on a marriot thats like walking distance from the arena if you want me to look into that
  • Me:Ok yeah for sure looking at hotels/marriots sounds gooooood
  • Me:Also I just realized Apr 7 might be Easter weekend? ...hope thats not a big deal in your fam cause woops tix are bought lol
  • Katie:yeah apparently its the hotel like on the jobing.com arena property... so the flyers might be there ... and my mom gets a discount ... so thats awesome
  • Katie:oh and idgaffff about easter haha
  • Me:ooohhhh my goodd flyers hotel. Hottub party lets get it
  • Katie:YESSS
  • Me:Im shameless. I dont even care. Obviously you can have first pick as its the flyers, you know, but whatever whatever
  • Katie:hahah omg i love it, im equally shameless. you can ahve your pick of the new guys.. except schenn ... but he was a king so i doubt you want him anyway
  • Me:Id want him to spit on his face maybe...
Best comment is best.
katiespence replied to your post: I SLEPT FOR 2.5 HOURS IN THE PAST ~36 HOURS


I hardcore lol’d. Not sure if that’s the actual hilarity or the sleep deprivation. But I haven’t even watched hockey since Monday! And omg Sharks play Thursday night and not sure if I’ll be able to watch womp womp womp scary. Will put on in the background even if I shouldn’t probably. I got a smart phone like literally just to be able to watch hockey on my phone for such emergency cases. Also not a ton going on in the world of baseball for me, but maybe no news is good news?

Katie coined the best new phrase: "Torrey drunk"
  • Me:*I posted my TM pic on tumblr, this conversation is on facebook Sept 25th*
  • Katie:jacqueline omg jacqueline he is so hot jacqueline omg omg omg jacqueline if you do not that make that your profile picture you have omg jacqueline hes so beautiful omg what a man like omg just omg
  • Katie:omg
  • Katie:like jacqueline
  • Katie:no
  • Katie:the smirk
  • Me:hahah ohhh my goddd. Also my dad got a creeper pic of me sitting on the bleachers at practice and torrey walking off the ice and him smiling at me aahhh oh my god. Ill probably call you at some point to verablly freak out because this is not doing it justice. Also it totally will be my prof pic but I think I'm gonna wait til closer to opening day.
  • Me:Also I feel that next year you should fucking skip some of class [sr year is least important anyway] and lets fucking to to training camp. And be ballers. and maybe do vegas before. OK? Ok. Make it happen. Schedule your fall qrt to only have class like Tues Wed or something lol
  • Me:Also I really want to like this wall post infinitly many times but facebook is a bitch and does not understand how to express true love.
  • Katie:yes. to everyhthing. yes. i am drunk off of torrey mitchell.
  • Katie:it is the ebst frink
  • Katie:shit wow i mean it is the best drunk
  • Katie:for clarification i am not actually intoxicated just looking at torrey makes my brain turn inside out in the best way
  • Me:I understand the feeling. Imagine the intoxication from close proximity. I can't even.
  • Me:Additionally when I do make this my prof pic if you just copied your comments from this wall post into the comments on the pic I'd be totally chill with that. Especially the ebst frink one lol
  • Katie:hahahah oh i will
  • Me:*makes TM pic my prof pic on Oct 5th*
  • Katie:[literally like <5 minutes after posting] ive been waiting for this day my entire life
  • Katie:GAhahHGAAhhhfahhmnmmm
  • Michelle:Get it
  • Me:If I had a chance to get it it would 100% be got. He has a stupid gf... for now.
  • Michelle:Yeah, I approve. You two are cute together :)
  • Katie:just another obstacle
  • Katie:like you two being together while hes on the road
  • Katie:itll be a challenge but itll be worth it
  • Katie:youll make it last
  • Katie:oh god i need to stop
  • Me:Please don't. In April we're bringing our A game.
  • Katie:the aest of all games
  • Katie:[2 days later] still beautiful
  • Katie:[18 days later] STILL beautiful
Fall quarter starts on a Wednesday.

It always has. In fact, it’s even the law

Next year it starts on a Monday. What the fuck?!? This makes fall quarter a full 11 weeks [for those unaware quarters are 10 weeks + finals]… now usually we end up having 10.5 week fall quarters, but a full 11 weeks just seems torturous.

However, we get a full 3 week winter vacation. I thought they might push finals week off and give us 3 weeks in mostly December off. Not the case. Finals week is where it normally is due to the full 11 week quarter, but we get the entire first week of January off. We return Monday the 7th, whereas we usually come back on something like the 3rd. This is very strange to me. I don’t know how to feel about it. I guess because January 1st is on a Tuesday and they aren’t allowed to make us come back on the 2nd…. so starting on Thursday does seem weird/pointless. But this all still weirds me out.

I don’t like change.

But maybe I can go somewhere during Winter break since it’s so long…  Vegas if I don’t get to it in September? Hockey game [attn: Katie]? Europe? Japan? Hawaii? New York [properly]? 

And then there was the time I impressed KSpence so much with my bday gift to her she promised me TM.
  • Katie:OMG JACQUELINE. you are too good to me. all of this is so amazing and perfect and thoughtful and i keep finding new awesome shit and just everything is so nice and i really needed a camera bag and this typewriter necklace omg and pocky and just you rock <33333
  • Katie:it is now my official duty to get you torrey mitchell for your birthday. its the least i can do.
  • Katie:wahhhh just thank you!!!

Wore this today (orange sweater, black skinnies). Random kid in my CHID class (or he was maybe leaving the statics class before it…) was like “Oh you a Flyers fan?” And this is nice and all but why didn’t you notice ANY OTHER TIME I wore actually Sharks apparel on Sharks game day?! This is just orange and black, it’s not even actually Flyers stuff!

Weird boy was weird. But apparently this is a Flyers fan stamp of approval outfit; maybe bring to Arizona? Although it might be kind of warm… Here is the conflict with AZ though: It will be warm in AZ but FREEZING in the SECOND ROW BABY! Moral of the story is weird boy is weird, not sure what to wear to AZ, apparently will need to get gameday outfit approved by katie spence.