Katie Rogers

This kid is just too much.

The cheeks! The hair! Prince George is already the most likeable royal and he won’t even know anything about what that means for at least another five or six years. Even the most staunch of anti-royals among us can’t bring themselves to loathe the tiny prince. Stu Heritage takes it away: 

Almost hourly, I have to deliberately remind myself that it’s not acceptable to hate this mute little pile of flesh. “He’s just a baby,” I tell myself. “He probably isn’t even forming memories yet. You may as well direct your fury at a Furby or a pile of sausages or whatever.” And yet I fear this is a battle I’m doomed to lose.

But just when it seemed like George was in the running to be the most popular infant on the planet, American royalty Chelsea Clinton went and announced to the world that she was with child. The special relationship will once again rear its head in the form of snubbed playdates and Who Wore The Onesie Best blog posts. 

Advantage: US, because by the time the wee Clinton is born, George will be nearing toddler age, one of the most horrible stages of being human. And also – have to say it – because we don’t actually have a royal family.  

(Photograph: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)