Drawing poses from still pictures has always been a favorite way to relax, yet still get some drawing done. Recently though I started getting tired of the same types of poses in the magazines and books I used for inspiration, so I started taking tons of weird (and sometimes unflattering) selfies to use for reference. Usually I change the body type and clothes and add a different face to make it someone else, but these I just kinda went ahead and drew.


At Pax Prime last year, my buddy thatjerkrmed got Katie Rice, THE katiejrice, to draw up Gabbie. My Gabbie! DRAWN BY KATIE RICE. squeaksqueak

and my first instinct was to ink and color it, but I suppressed it. 

I stopped suppressing it. 

thanks Matt for showing me the great draw, and thanks Katie for drawing it! it really made my day when I saw this. made up for not being able to attend!! 

You should be reading Katie’s new comic, Camp Weedonwantcha, which launched TODAY.