Tonight I had the pleasure of eating dinner with fellow Tumblrs Katie (and her husband Joost), Kiera, Heather (and her son), Sam and Brenna.

After dinner it was over to to Sebastian Joe’s for ice cream. We sat on the patio, talking and watching Brenna do something weird.

One could easily eat a hot dog from either end. That also works for a bananas or celery. I knew someone once who preferred to eat pizza starting with the crust. It never caused him any problems. Just try to tell me there’s a correct side of a hamburger to chomp into first. No candy bar wrapper ever had “open from this end” printed on it.

It would have never occurred to me though that when eating an ice cream cone someone would want to eat some of the ice cream and then bite off the bottom of the cone.

Yet I watched in amazement as Brenna did exactly that. Oh she claims there are good reasons for this. Something about letting air in. Who knew ice cream needed to breathe?

By working her way towards the middle of the cone Brenna says the last bite will have both ice cream and cone. She wouldn’t be caught dead, I guess, having the final mouthful contain only dry cone.

But Bob! Didn’t the melting ice cream come out the bottom of the cone and splatter on Brenna’s pants.

Yes. Yes it most certainly did.

The only photo I snapped tonight shows a horizontally held, open-ended cone and the joy Brenna gets from dripping ice cream on her pants.

How To Pie

I’m not missing a word in my title. I’m using pie as a verb.

Pie is very simple, but simple doesn’t always mean easy. The most basic pie recipe will contain three ingredients: butter, flour, water. Like I said, simple, right? While I think we can all agree that it’s simple, it remains that most people agree that it’s anything but easy. I understand just how intimidating pieing seems, but once you’ve actually done it, it’s cake. (Or pie… whichever.)

Plum spice galette featuring pâte brisée / pie dough / heaven.

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I can’t wait to see what these numbers will be as training gets more intense. Even though life has been majorly kicking my ass lately, it’s been amazing getting back into my workout groove.

I told the boy tonight that he’s only met one side of me: the winter blues girl who was trying to find herself again. I’m getting there though and it feels great. So badly I have missed who I was last summer and the beast that I became.

I was motivated, determined, and strong. I ran when I didn’t think my legs would make it, I fueled my body with what it needed (and yes, that includes pizza), and I didn’t give up.

Running and fitness make me happy. They allow me to love myself even more, to feel the strength of my body as it experiences DOMS, and it shows me that I can do anything I set my mind to.

I used to weigh over 270 pounds. Now, I’m training for my second marathons.

Take that, life.


Our lazy Sunday quickly welcomed projects and, before long, also an invite to an afternoon Yoga class.

When Heather made the initial suggestion, Jason and I were both pretty set on a solid NOPE. Then she hit us with a “Well if you two decide to get off the couch today-” WHAT! Reverse psychology at its finest had me looking for my workout clothes stat! Hahaha.

What a great decision it was to get out there today. Yes, we got all bendy and sweat together and it was awesome to try out yoga for my first time (and I may have cursed Heather once or twice), but it was doubly awesome to see Heather again (she is the darn sweetest) and meet Katie finally! She is so cute! Hehe, sorry y’all have to read about our get together for a third time now (but not really sorry :p).

Not only were they completely selling me on the beautiful Minnesota winter weather (lol), we also discussed a pot luck style tumblr meet up for January at our house (I believe) so MN-area tumblrs keep your eyes peeled for those deets.

Have a fabulous night!


My day was better than your day.

I picked Becky up from the mega bus this morning. We had a real life coffee date at French Meadow Bakery. It’s so much better in person.

Then we went to packet pick up and got our race goodies.

I made us some lunch and Becky hung out with Little Mister. He used sign language for milk for the first time today while she was here!!!!

Before the tumblr meet up we met Katie at the house that’s she’s looking after. They have maybe the largest window seat I have ever seen!

We went to Bario and had margs and guac so we could catch up. Then headed over to dinner at Di’Amico and Son’s.

We were bad tumblrs and didn’t take photos, but it really did happen. Bob and Sheila were there and we got to meet Ceri (runeatlovesleepmn) and her boyfriend Jesse.

As we were eating the hubby sent that picture of LM. He was exhausted after chasing Becky around and flirting all afternoon.

Thanks to katiegirlchasesinfinity for sending me a book!
The author and I have more in common than you might think. We are both the middle of 5 children. We’re both in our 20s. And we are both gay Asian males.

As soon as I received it, I stopped playing with my children, put my feet up, and started reading. I like it a lot already. It was a perfect choice for me.

Sure, maybe I stopped in the middle of playing to look at it, but judging by the toys they angrily dumped all over the floor, my kids understood….


Girl Gang Cabin Weekend

Here’s how you know when you have found your people:

1) Plugged toilets, peeing accidents, car sickness and unfortunate mosquito bites are dealt with and laughed about appropriately.

2) You can talk about anything. I do mean anything, no matter how disgusting, interesting, painful or inspiring for hours on end without getting tired.

3) You can sit on a boat in silence and just enjoy the view together.

4) You crowd on stools around the kitchen island while salads and burgers and pies are prepared.

5) You give each other space to recharge and read and be quiet.

6) You move your bodies and sweat and try to coordinate ridiculous pictures.

7) You leave feeling that the days went too fast and you wish you could rewind and do it all over again.

Thanks for a relaxing weekend of friendship, learning, laughs and growing.


What a magical couple of days it has been.  I know I get a tad quiet on my blog when Sarah comes to town, but I do my best to enjoy every minute of time I have with her to the fullest extent. I know the blog suffers a bit but I am okay with that.  She is also great about posting all the fun stuff we are up to so if you follow her as well, you will be in the loop as much as I am, LOL.  But on that note I thought I would fire out a nice recap of the past couple days.

@ Wednesday
I picked up Sarah after work from the airport and we bolted to Red Robin for dinner with the kid. I was able to try the bun less burger and it was great. I loved the fact that I didn’t feel super stuffed afterwards like I do when I normally eat one of their massive bugers.

After dinner we dropped Daniel off at my sister’s house and then headed home, after a quick stop at Walmart for groceries, to get our race gear ready and also to try our hand at making Apple Pie Salsa. The salsa didn’t turn out too bad after I over cooked the apples a tad -  it smelled great and the cinnamon tortilla chips were awesome.

@ Thursday (Thanksgiving)
The air was nice and chilly as we headed to St. Paul for the inaugural run of the St. Paul Turkey Trot and our inaugural run together as well.  Sarah and I have kind of decided that this will probably be our yearly race since it was both our 1st race together and the 1st race for the location.

We met up with my sister (cookiegirlrunnergirl) and brother in law (theendguy) before the race and heading to the port-a-potties and start line.  En route we ran into Rachael (rachaelfightsback) but only for a moment and poof she disappeared.  Sarah was shivering from the start and I had a fear she was going to freeze solid in the frigid 20-something temps, LOL.  After emptying our bladders we walked over to the starting area and started moving around to keep warm.  The course for the 5k runs along Sheppard Road near the Mississippi River so there isn’t a ton of room to start with much less when you fire 4,000+ folks down the street.

We had to do a ton of bob and weaving, and the run felt like a Pole Position flashback more than a run. But we prevailed and ran true and finished and someone even PR’d.  I can only imagine how fast they would have been if there wasn’t so much congestion and flip flopping.

After the race, and after grabbing a couple bottles of chocolate milk for the kiddies, we ran into Jen (kickingupthepace), said a quick hello, and then raced our cold sweaty asses back to the car to head up to my parents’ house for turkey.

Shortly after we arrived and had our showers done, I didn’t exactly have time as I had to fire up the grill to get my turkey cooked and then seemed to find job after job to keep me busy until folks started showing up.

It was great to see everyone that made it and we probably had about 40ish at the house so it wasn’t too bad a showing.  I had fun introducing Sarah to all my relatives when I could although I wasn’t the best at it as many times she was just bouncing around and doing the meet and greet on her own. My gal is not a shy one in the least.  But all and all it was a ton of fun and I even got Sarah to walk out on a frozen lake.  Sure it was only about 20ft off shore, but she was not digging it at all, LOL.

After a nice drive home, we popped in “The Santa Clause” and worked on Sarah’s fleece blanket.  It was a nice way to end the day as watching the movie has been a tradition for Sarah for a while and I was glad to be a part of it this year.

@ Friday
Finally a day we could sleep in…  Once we dragged ourselves out of bed, we enjoyed lunch at World Buffet in Apple Valley and then ventured to Target and to Minnehaha Falls to check out a couple possible ceremony locations for the wedding.  The locations weren’t too bad and seeing the falls frozen was pretty cool as well.

After the falls, we headed over to IKEA and did a little house dreaming and wishing.  We ended up picking up a nice new pot rack for the kitchen and then went home to chill before the game. On the way home, we got an added surprise as Rachael (rachaelfightsback) was able to stop over for a while and chill out with us.  We enjoyed a cider and great conversation but before long it was time to go.  We took a couple famous Tumblr selfies and then we made our way out to the State Football Championship at the Metrodome.

I can’t express what a proud Uncle I was to get to root on my niece’s football team as she cheered her heart out on the sidelines during the game.  Although the outcome was not as we had hoped, she and her fellow cheerleaders never showed a frown and cheered on till the final gun sounded.  They all did their school proud.

When we got home, Sarah, I and the kid attempted to watch Hunger Games, but the old man (Me), ran outta gas halfway through and Sarah told me it was time for bed.

@ Saturday
Up with the crack of dawn we finished off the last half of Hunger Games and a light breakfast.  We then all piled in the Jeep and raced down to Lakeville for the 10:40am showing of Catching Fire and a massive bag of buttered popcorn.  The movie was GREAT and I would comment more but many still may want to see it so I will leave it there….GO SEE IT!!!

After the movie, we took another stab at Red Robin as once for this trip was not enough.  We again enjoyed different bun less burger and an endless supply of steak fries.  After we had our fill, it was time to drop Daniel off so we headed out to his mom’s and dropped the runt off and then headed back home.  We made a quick stop off ad Walmart again to get our groceries for Sunday (we really wanted to make nachos!), and then on to home where we got ready to head over and introduce Sarah to the neighbors.

We each cracked a Woodchuck Amber Cider and I packed a booze cooler and we headed next door.   We walked on in and had a blast.  The drinks and shots of Jameson were flowing and before we knew it we had ordered sandwiches and I was eating a tomato.  Before long, it was time to go and we trekked back across the driveway to our house and shortly thereafter called it a night.

@ Sunday
This was slated all along to be out mellow, do nothing but lounge in our PJ’s day.  This was going all well and dandy until the guilt trip police showed up and coaxed we out of our cave and to go to the evil know as “Hot Yoga."  I am kidding about the guilt trip as the arm wasn’t twisted very far at all to go.

We geared up, grabbed some water, and headed to Edina for class.  Heather (iwillrunforfood) was the ringleader and Sarah and I met her and Katie (katiegirlchasesinfinity) for class.  This class was crazy, the room alone has you sweating like crazy and that’s from just saying hello the person next to you.  Then you bend and twist all over the place and try not to slip and fall in the lake that has formed below you from all your juices dripping outta your body.  Somehow I managed to survive and then the four of us headed over to Starbucks for coffee/tea time.  It was so much fun and I am glad we went.

Afterwards, we headed back home, had a little dinner, and watched a little TV and then started on my fleece blanket.

@ Monday
We had a little breakfast and talked about January’s trip and the fact we still have not made the damn nachos we talk about every trip.  We then finished up my fleece blanket, snuggled a bit and then packed Sarah up and drove to the airport where I put the love of my life on a plane back to the coast where she will be until our next adventure in January.

My workout plan for January, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is to take three spin classes a week, run twice a week, list twice a week (or lift once and climb once) and one yoga class.

So far, I have hit all my goals, having climbed, take spin twice, run and now tonight, yoga. So far so good and I can really feel it in my upper body, which is sorely needing this attention I’m giving it.

I attended a candlelit yoga flow class tonight with Katie and Heather. When I got there I went to hug them and Katie warned me off saying they were very sweaty. I wondered how you get sweaty walking from the car in minus 15 degree weather. Turns out they just finished a sculpt class, immediately followed by the candlelit class we were taking together. Holy crap these two are yoga machines! The sculpt class actually scares me and here that was just Act I for for them for the evening. Amazing.

Now it’s time for Downton Abbey so good night and stay warm!

This is my Facebook PSA to Jason’s family that I’m going to Minnesota for Thanksgiving!!!!! Eeeeeeee!!!!!

By some miracle I got the last minute time off approved (my manager flat out told me I am lucky she likes me, lol).

(Thank you Rachael, Katie, and Heather for keeping the secret! I had to spill!)

Who wants to get together on Black Friday?! Coffee or late lunch or something?!

Calling all Minnesota tumblrs (and anyone else)! It is almost time to bid Katie and Joost farewell as they journey down under to start their next adventure.

Please join us for dinner and drinks on Monday, June 16th at 7pm at Burger Jones in Uptown.

Please message myself or Keira (buildingothersup) ASAP if you are attending, so we can make a reservation. Katie would love to see all of you one last time before she leaves.

I love all kinds of mail, but book mail is special. That’s why I was excited to get this in the mail from my Tumblr book swap buddy turtlepace. I haven’t read it and I hear it’s great! Now to decide whether to save it for Thanksgiving or devour it (ha) on my commute this week.

Thanks to katiegirlchasesinfinity for organizing…we should make this a regular thing!