Tonight I had the pleasure of eating dinner with fellow Tumblrs Katie (and her husband Joost), Kiera, Heather (and her son), Sam and Brenna.

After dinner it was over to to Sebastian Joe’s for ice cream. We sat on the patio, talking and watching Brenna do something weird.

One could easily eat a hot dog from either end. That also works for a bananas or celery. I knew someone once who preferred to eat pizza starting with the crust. It never caused him any problems. Just try to tell me there’s a correct side of a hamburger to chomp into first. No candy bar wrapper ever had “open from this end” printed on it.

It would have never occurred to me though that when eating an ice cream cone someone would want to eat some of the ice cream and then bite off the bottom of the cone.

Yet I watched in amazement as Brenna did exactly that. Oh she claims there are good reasons for this. Something about letting air in. Who knew ice cream needed to breathe?

By working her way towards the middle of the cone Brenna says the last bite will have both ice cream and cone. She wouldn’t be caught dead, I guess, having the final mouthful contain only dry cone.

But Bob! Didn’t the melting ice cream come out the bottom of the cone and splatter on Brenna’s pants.

Yes. Yes it most certainly did.

The only photo I snapped tonight shows a horizontally held, open-ended cone and the joy Brenna gets from dripping ice cream on her pants.


A Lot to Like in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city, largely due to the absence of cars.  The city is full of slim people riding bikes, pedestrians from all over the world, electric trams, buses, the occasional scooter and very, very few cars.  As a result, the city is quiet and walkable.  NYC (and most every other large US city I can think of) is an assault on the senses by comparison.  It’s expensive to live here and I can see why housing demand outpaces supply.

We’re staying at a Marriott which is right next to one of Amsterdam’s largest parks, perfect for an hour of running each morning with Beth.  Katiegirlchasesinfinity suggested the Stroopwafels and their simple deliciousness is memorable (especially when made fresh and still warm).  I will miss them.

My only complaint is the lack of rubbish bins and ash cans. There’s more trash on the street than you’d expect, they don’t appear to recycle aluminum or plastic and there are cigarette butts everywhere. Amsterdam seems to be such a smart city I can’t understand why they haven’t figured this out.  

That was a lot of fun today. Running the Lucky 7k race on a beautiful, yet excruciatingly cold, Saturday morning. OK, it was up to 25 degrees but with the 67 waves of runners at the start line my toes got painfully cold waiting to just start the danged race. Then when I was running they just didn’t warm up.

Afterwards a group of us went to lunch at The Good Earth. It’s one of those places where I am sure Prius drivers get a 5% discount and sunflower seeds are used in everything including orange juice and the coffee beans are multi-grain. If you like your bacon dolphin-safe and tuna nitrate-free you’ll be right at home. I felt so naughty paying with plastic.

As for the race, if I had a running coach that person might say I did OK, or am lucky to be alive, with my alarming lack of preparation. I finished the 7k (4.3 mile) race in 41 minutes. I felt pretty good afterwards. The nice thing about starting a race with so little prep is that it’s impossible not to exceed expectations. Well, there is one expectation I have and I had no problem. Jordan would know what I’m talking about.

As for that picture, if I had a photography instructor that person might have told me a good ratio of cute girls to Bob is 2:1 or even 3:1. Hah! This is 4:1. The student has become the master.


My day was better than your day.

I picked Becky up from the mega bus this morning. We had a real life coffee date at French Meadow Bakery. It’s so much better in person.

Then we went to packet pick up and got our race goodies.

I made us some lunch and Becky hung out with Little Mister. He used sign language for milk for the first time today while she was here!!!!

Before the tumblr meet up we met Katie at the house that’s she’s looking after. They have maybe the largest window seat I have ever seen!

We went to Bario and had margs and guac so we could catch up. Then headed over to dinner at Di’Amico and Son’s.

We were bad tumblrs and didn’t take photos, but it really did happen. Bob and Sheila were there and we got to meet Ceri (runeatlovesleepmn) and her boyfriend Jesse.

As we were eating the hubby sent that picture of LM. He was exhausted after chasing Becky around and flirting all afternoon.


So this happened today. Kind of hard to believe it has been 3 years already. 

In that time I have:

  • acquired 519 followers
  • made 1,409 posts
  • liked 30,251 posts
  • run some races
  • lost some weight
  • met some of you and became even better friends
  • gained some weight
  • lost my dog Skylar, my cousin Kelly and my uncle Ron
  • gained my nephew Decklyn
  • lost a career that was really just a job
  • gained a new creative path which is completely my passion

Now I wonder what the next year or two or three will bring? Guess we will all have to wait and see how it plays out.

As of this moment in time tumblr says I most like:

  1. snapthistiger
  2. katiegirlchasesinfinity
  3. bensjourneyforlife
  4. seechrisrun
  5. shrinkingmomma
  6. helloagainsam
  7. runningthankful
  8. melanietris
  9. trivialbob

And I have to agree that these along with several others are a big part of why I enjoy tumblr so much!

The Return of Favorite Friday

I’ve been meaning to do one of these for weeks, but Friday always rolls around and I just can’t be bothered. UNTIL NOW.

4 of my favorite things this week:

  1. Girl time. I spend most of my time with males, and while I really do love my dudes, feel completely comfortable with them, and know that I can talk to them about anything, there is just something so unique about quality time with women. More, please.
  2. My lower left back has been super messed up for three weeks. I rested almost all of last week, and it got progressively worse each day, and it got to the point where the pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep or really focus on anything. Obviously paranoid that my kidney was going to explode, I sought medical attention and stumped the doctor. Cool. ANYWAY. My doctor friend Jeremy seems to think that it’s some sort of nerve issue, and he encouraged physical activity. Naturally, my back felt awesome when hiking/canyoneering last weekend (granted, that could have been the muscle relaxers). I took a rest day earlier this week, and that’s when my back hurt the most. Extra cool. I’ll just never rest again. Very glad to have that squared away.
  3. Making peoples’ days! After almost a year and a half of living in Utah, someone finally figured out that I don’t own the Book of Mormon. So I was handed a hardcover copy, and she was beaming. “You really lucked out! Elder So-and-so accidentally ordered the hardcovers — usually we only get those in foreign languages.” Yes. Luckiest. Also, last night I made a donation so that someone would reach their fundraising goal for The Boston. It was the first thing she saw when she logged into her e-mail this morning. Might not eat for a while, but better to their cause than my butt. Plus, warm fuzzies.
  4. The springs storms are here! This will probably be my last ski weekend, and it looks to be a good one. I have excite. Also, I haven’t skied since like the first weekend in March. Oops.

3 of my favorite Tumblrs this week:

2 of my favorite songs this week:

1 of my favorite inspirations this week:

[Sam is roped in and about to do her first rappel.]

Me: You can do this. I know that you can do this. Is this the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Sam: [silent, skeptically staring at the rope in front of her]

Me: Okay, what’s harder: this or telling someone that you love them?

Sam: [thinks] …they’re probably about the same. They’re both really fucking hard. Fuck.

Me: Well, you’ve done one. You can do the other.

Sam: Fuck!

Me: Yep.


My friends who work or used to work in retail clothing sales tell me if you want the best clothes take from the bottom of the pile! I guess those are the freshest ones.

If you’re like me you unfold the garment to see it because it might not look exactly like the one on the nearby mannequin. But be nice. If you decide you don’t want it squeeze it back into place. Stuff it in the pile so it doesn’t fall on the floor.

It the stack doesn’t line up perfectly don’t worry! Employees do not mind this. They get to work late after the store closes making those stacks all neat again. It’s not overtime but it is extra money and who doesn’t need that around the holidays?

I still have a little shopping left to do. I’ll be back tomorrow :)


Girl Gang Cabin Weekend

Here’s how you know when you have found your people:

1) Plugged toilets, peeing accidents, car sickness and unfortunate mosquito bites are dealt with and laughed about appropriately.

2) You can talk about anything. I do mean anything, no matter how disgusting, interesting, painful or inspiring for hours on end without getting tired.

3) You can sit on a boat in silence and just enjoy the view together.

4) You crowd on stools around the kitchen island while salads and burgers and pies are prepared.

5) You give each other space to recharge and read and be quiet.

6) You move your bodies and sweat and try to coordinate ridiculous pictures.

7) You leave feeling that the days went too fast and you wish you could rewind and do it all over again.

Thanks for a relaxing weekend of friendship, learning, laughs and growing.

Wintery Wonderland Wednesday

Yes, part of my reason for posting is so I could actually use the title. Shutup.

 When I woke up this morning, I thought I would either drive to the gym or make today a yoga day:

But then I thought, what would Kari do? And Katie? Or Angel? And all you other people who keep posting your ridiculous runs in ridiculously cold and snowy weather?

You would call me an amateur and tell me to pull on my yaktrax. So I did.

And you know what? I made it. Sure, it was slow and at some point really hard on my ankles when I didn’t realize I was no longer running on the sidewalk but I made it! And I came back feeling really awesome and hardcore.

Which is the entire point of running. Pretty much (sssh, just go with it).

At one point I was surprised how few people were out because I kinda just assumed that since all the tumblr people are crazy and hardcore, the rest of the world is too. I was wrong. I was the crazy one. And thus 5.30 miles were done.

Thanks guys.

Oh. And super big thanks for listening to my breakdown yesterday. I am still not feeling really confident but you know what? I’m going to enjoy the experience no matter what. Plus, I have a super cool coach who gets to take on the challenge of getting me trained up for the race. I just have to show up and trust the plan.

Winter tumblr get together 2014…


Sarah, me, Jen, Katie, Ahn, Rachael, Heather

Great night with some great people. We ended up meeting at Mall of America for a delicious dinner at CRAVE and we even had a special guest with Heather’s adorable little mister. Cute little guy.

So looking forward to the next get together… especially when my future Mrs will have officially relocated.

So clearly the person who invented yoga sculpt was not into the meditative, zen, earth connection yoga. They must have been a straight up masochist.

Seriously. It is so hard. I have a pretty high pain threshold, but this class is just ridiculous. Squats, lunges, planks, mountain climbers, plank jacks. Oh yeah and throw in some traditional sun salutations, and some weights and heat the room to 98 degrees. Good god.

I was so sweaty at one point that my arms and legs looked like I was in the shower. Not just out of the shower. Standing in it. Katie and I just kept looking at each other in horror and laughing. Because when it hurts that bad all you can do is laugh.

But in all seriousness. I watch myself in the mirror during class. It’s hard not to. Most of the time I feel sad. I mourn the body that I once had. I think if I had taken this class when I was really fit, it would have been so much easier.

But then I tell myself to shut up. I worked really hard to get fit the first time. Then I grew a human with my body. A human! Now is the time to work really hard to get back to where I want to be. No amount of wishing will get me there. All I can do is keep showing up and working my ass off. And sweating more than I ever thought was possible.

I also ran 2.0 miles after work in 16:38. Average pace 8:19. Day 6 of the streak is complete.

Calling all Minnesota tumblrs (and anyone else)! It is almost time to bid Katie and Joost farewell as they journey down under to start their next adventure.

Please join us for dinner and drinks on Monday, June 16th at 7pm at Burger Jones in Uptown.

Please message myself or Keira (buildingothersup) ASAP if you are attending, so we can make a reservation. Katie would love to see all of you one last time before she leaves.


A few days ago I received the above comment “Those breakfast sandwiches have me drooling” from katiegirlchasesinfinity

So it is no surprise I had a tiny bit of guilt knowing Katie does not have access to a breakfast sandwich maker as I was once again prepping them for my breakfast today.

But then I sat down to eat and I felt like had to keep my eye on them because it was almost like she was right here about to gobble one of them up and I caught her mid act! 

But then again maybe that was just my imagination.


If activity days like today do not help me reach my health goals and weight loss - nothing will.

After I got the Fitbit working again I set out on the trail this afternoon to push myself further than I have walked in a very long time. 

And then I could not stop until I hit that 20k mark.  The last time I did 20k was just about exactly 2 years ago.  I had Warrior Dash that morning, followed by Relay for Life where I walked a lap on the track for each person who made a donation.  And when I got home I was just a bit under 20k so I walked around the block to make it happen.  I am not doing Relay this year but as it turns out it was today as a matter of fact.  So that kinda neat timing.

Now I just need to make sure I don’t eat like an asshole tonight and I should be 20k steps closer to the real Rich!

(And yes it feels good to see myself in my leaderboards top 10 - and yes it feels really good to be slightly ahead of katiegirlchasesinfinity!!!

katiegirlchasesinfinity replied to your post:I got tagged. I’ve never done one of these…


iamrunner replied to your post:I got tagged. I’ve never done one of these…

I like Katie’s idea…

Katie, it was the thought of karaoke to make you find the capital letters on your keyboard?

Now I’m just wondering here… If I had said I’d never gone skinny dipping, rather than never having done karaoke, would you two be calling a MINNESOTA TUMBLR SKINNY DIP MEET UP?

I’m thinking of inviting Tumblrs over to my house before or after the TC Marathon next month. There is a sweet pool on my patio. True story - it’s been used only for skinny dipping.

October could be rather cool but don’t worry. I can bring the Keurig outside and turn that pool into a hot tub in no time.