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Questions from amyjoyoffic
My Questions:
Favorite tv show?
I love A LOT. Supernatural, PLL, Castle, Bones, Teen Wolf, True Blood, The White Queen, Game of Thrones, Baby Daddy, Twisted the list is endless, I can’t choose one. D: doesn’t even have my anime…
Place you want to get married?
I always wanted to get married outside and at Disney but I have my heart on Villa Balbianello on Lake Como in Italy. Google it it’s gorgeous. It’s also where Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala had their wedding.
Something you have to do before you die?
Travel. I want, need to see the world before I die, or meet Johnny Depp; which ever comes first.
Your inspiration?
I have many depending on what it is, but as a overall person my Tia Luz.
Favorite place to sit and recollect yourself when it’s been hard lately?
My bed
Thing that calms you down most?
Coffee, tea, rain, the smell of a new/favorite book, reading and music.
Least favorite subject in school?
Anatomy my teacher sucked, I learned more in my health class.
Little things that make you smile?
My nephew, my books, coffee, music
Windows down or air conditioning?
Depends. If I’m with my sister and it’s nice out, windows down music up other than that A/C
The most beautiful thing you’ve felt/seen/heard? (I want descriptions people.)
When I was little 5 or 6yrs old when it would rain at night my Nana and Tata would go sit outside and watch the rain. I remember one I went out and it wasn’t raining so bad so I started to dance in the rain. I wanted to be a ballerina at the time, but I had like zero grace. So I started pretending that I was doing The Nutcracker and I was spinning in circles and I looked up and lightning shot right over. And I don’t know it was this beautiful thing to me. How the world smelled, it smelled like flowers since my Nana had lots of them out front, the cool rain on my skin, and that shot of light that brighten up the sky for that one moment. It was from that moment that I adore the rain as I do now.
Would you rather kill or die for love?
I would rather die, I’m not a person who can kill someone. I rather die and make sure everyone else is happy than me to live to be happy.
My Questions
1. If there was a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
2. Last dream you remember
3. If you found a suitcase filled with cash next to a dead person, and the money or anything would trace back to you, would you take the money for yourself or would you hand in to the cops for a chance of a reward? Why?
4. The song that changed your life
5. Best memory of someone you hate (if don’t have a story than how about when you were little)
6. If you had 4 wishes what would they be? One has to be for another
7. What is dream?
8. If you can be anybody dead or alive for a month, who would you be and why?
9. 3 things people really don’t know about you?
10. Favorite movie
11. A quote that has meaning to you

kati-51 asked:

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1. I love vampires and mermaids
2. I’m in love with Shawn Milke voice (Alesana)
3. I have zero special talents
4. I love people with a sense of humor
5. If you use a book as a weapon (especial mine) I will go ape shit crazy on your butt (don’t hurt my babies)