alschhim asked:


Kristen, thank you so much! I hope you know how grateful I am, that you’re one of my roleplay partners. Your portrayal of Oliver is so spot on and I enjoy our queen siblings feels. c:

youkas asked:

Nope, I don't think you've ever changed icons :^) yeah, I think we did actually! I made my blog a month before you made yours? AND MY ICON IS OF SHINYA HIRAGI he's so beautiful I'm crying // and you're the pretty one Katieeee

yayayay this Oreki icon will be my legacy :^) omg yeah I think you’re right, although technically I made my blog at the end of November (so same month as you) except my initial posts were stupid so I deleted them lol 

AND YES YOUR ICON IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT I should watch ONS soon haha but nope you’re the pretty one Jo I have your face saved in my files that sounded really creepy oops ANYWAY YOU’RE AN ANGEL SO 8D