Hello Tumblr!

Wow, oh my gosh, something has just DAWNed on me. *heuhehe*  I made this blog a week ago and we have just surpassed the 800 follower mark … WHAT THE FUCK?? That is amazing, this fandom is amazing and you guys are amazing. I figured I’d let you know more about me because, you know, internet friends👋

1. My name is Katie
2. I am 17 (soon to be 18)
3. I live in England
4. I am 6ft/1.8m/182cm
5. This is a side blog - my main blog is here so if you see a follow from that account, any likes or a message then, it is I!
6. Josh Washington deserved a better ending (don’t even fight me on this)

This be my face *I am not a twin like the Washington sisters, just a funky effect - I was also going out this night so most of the time you will find me in a hoodie stuffing my face with food. Imagine Wendigo Josh - it’s not pretty*

Okay, so there we go! If you want to know anything more, want to request anything (another iPhone post is coming tonight) or just want to chat, I don’t mind! Thank you so much for following me and taking the time to care so much about these characters and this game like I do!

Speak soon,
Katie x