I’ve been lying to you. I don’t take my pills. But you don’t either. Your refill frequency for ativan doesn’t match your prescription divided by the dosage. This morning you bought a tall hazelnut latte. Paid for it on your evil corp card. Paid for it on your evil corp card. By text, you justified the indulgence to your sister because evil corp gives you double rewards. But those points only accumulate on travel expenses. You’re not good with money. On paper, your Thursday 2:00, Marilyn O'Brien, is your doppelganger. I think you’re encouraging her to leave her husband. Because you’re tired of being dumped…

A Little Bit Suspicious // Sierra & Katie

It was a relatively warm afternoon for a change, which would have been nice if it had matched Sierra’s mood. However, underneath the fake smile she always wore was a tornado threatening to rip its way out and unleash its wrath on everybody she came into contact with. Sierra didn’t truly want to be like this, not really, not deep down when she actually stopped to think about it… she just thought that those people at therapy camp were idiots, trying to fix something that wasn’t able to be fixed inside of her. She didn’t want to get over Matt’s death, didn’t want to stop feeling angry that the person who killed him was out there somewhere living their life like nothing had happened. And then Annie Pierce, that little bitch, had just had to get involved. Sierra was glad that she was dead… not that she would say that out loud. She was cured, after all, she was supposed to feel sad that a sixteen-year-old girl was brutally murdered even though she’d been a complete psycho towards her.

She sighed, shrugging off her jacket after figuring she’d be too warm. She didn’t know why -A wanted her to go to the church… maybe it was just a test to make sure she was still on the right side. Regardless, Sierra usually did what she was asked of by -A without question because she was so focused on the future revenge she had been promised on those bitches who had stood idly by, even participated, while Annie tore the town apart in whatever way she saw fit. Sierra had been suffering enough over Matt’s death when Annie had started tormenting her and… safe to say she had no remorse now about what she was doing. About helping - A. She was just getting tired of not having information beforehand. She got a little nervous and anxious sometimes when she didn’t know what to expect and this was no exception.

“I’m going out!” She shouted, not knowing if anybody was even in the house, and slammed the front door behind her. She winced, hoping that if anybody was in they wouldn’t think that she was in a bad mood. She had to act happy almost all the time, act like she had the tools to cope, that she could do this. Sierra sighed, checking her phone, and then hurrying off down the street towards the church. She glanced up at the sky, trying to quiet her mind and allowing some of that anger she usually kept buried to creep to the surface. She was by herself now so where was the harm?

Time to Socialise // Brian & Katie

Brian had been working hard these past few weeks. Throwing himself into his work so he didn’t have to think about Alison DeLuca, the girl whose death haunted him even now, years later. He was responsible so he supposed it was normal that he would feel that way. Right? That she would be ever present in his mind. That he needed to take pills to make it go away, just so he could sleep every night. Brian didn’t like to think too much about it because then he knew that he would start to over analyse and maybe talk himself out of taking the pills altogether. He needed them - or he thought he did. He couldn’t sleep otherwise, couldn’t escape Alison’s face. The way she’d looked, lying there lifeless on the floor. Her chance at freedom ripped away all thanks to Brian.

He shook his head as he threw a smart looking shirt on with his jeans, deciding that he looked suitable enough for a night out. He hadn’t really socialised with many people, had really been throwing himself into work and sleeping his spare time away because his head would usually run rampant. But he figured that there wasn’t any harm in taking some time, right? Besides, Katie had clearly wanted to go out pretty badly and he couldn’t very well be the reason she stayed in when he was free, right? He had to get out more, he decided. Brian left his apartment, grabbing his keys and mobile phone on the way out, and then hurried down the flight of steps. He never took the elevator.

When he was outside, he walked along the street. No point taking the car if he was going to be drinking. Brian took a deep breath and looked around as he walked, hoping tonight would be fun at least. He wondered if Katie would find him boring if his mind drifted. He would need to make sure to stay in the moment. Once he reached the meeting place, he took out his phone and sent her a quick text, letting her know he was there, and waited.

The Right Team // Katie & -A

It was night time and the darkness that surrounded the streets of Baberton gave the perfect cover for -A. She needed to stay under the radar. Nobody could find out her true identity, not even those who worked for her. It would be much too easy for them to turn on her if they knew and -A didn’t like making anything easy for anybody these days. Everybody in this town had had it far too easy and she was here to shake everything up. Give everybody what they’d had coming to them for a long time. That’s just the way it had to be. This was her plan. Her game, her rules, and she was going to get what she wanted.

Right now, she had her sights set on Sierra White’s sister. Katie was an easy one to recruit. She’d been so tempted by that first text when -A had given her Sierra’s whereabouts at the church… it had been so easy. Such a quick set up that -A had actually been amused. She’d been watching, of course. She was always watching. She’d seen how unsettled the relationship between the sisters had started to become and she was a little wary that she’d broken Sierra’s trust but it had, unfortunately, been necessary. Sierra wouldn’t leave the team, anyway… she was too eager for revenge to do something like that.

Right now she was waiting in the park for Katie. She’d already sent her a text telling her to meet her here and she knew she’d come. She wanted information about her real father and, with a little bit of digging, -A would be able to find what she wanted. If she played the game properly and followed all the rules, anyway. -A pulled up her hood and took a seat on a bench, watching and waiting. This was going to be too easy.