So I'm watching Merlin and I'm quickly learning the plot of every episode:
  • Evil witch: does some evil witchy shit
  • People: die
  • The King: Gaius help
  • Gaius: it's magic
  • The King: impossible
  • Gaius: it's magic
  • The King: fine *sentences someone to death*
  • Merlin: talks to dragon
  • Dragon: talks about destiny in riddles
  • Merlin: ignores dragon
  • Merlin: I won't let this happen
  • Arthur: (to king) Maybe this isn't fair idk
  • The King: it is
  • Arthur: ok
  • Morgana: Arthur do the right thing
  • Arthur: ok *appeals to the king*
  • The King: ignores him
  • Arthur: I will do the right thing anyway! and Merlin will help me!
  • Merlin: no
  • Merlin:
  • Merlin: *helps him and also saves Arthur's life probably*
  • The King: wow Arthur u were right who knew

Mergana AU :  He sees her face on the cover of a magazine that he can’t recall its name. He’s stunned at first. Heart throbbing painfully inside his chest, as he stares at her face. He thought that he’d forgotten what she looked like. But he recognized her instantly. He goes straight to her. It’s easy to get access to her office. What’s not easy was facing her. His heart skips a beat when she comes into her office. She doesn’t look surprised to see him. Him on the other hand can’t find the words to say anything.

Bonus :