The Brain Scoop:
How to Taxidermy a Squirrel 

WE’RE BAAAAAAAACK in the lab with Anna, featuring guest host Katie Innamorato of afterlifeanatomy! There are a number of significant differences between the art of taxidermy and the preparation of specimens in museums for research purposes. Join us in this gutsy (LOL PUN) exploration of art and science!

The Grossometer level is moderate in this one, but heads up for blood and guts!

Drawn live on stage last night at joespub during Catie Lazarus’s Employee of the Month show with guests Taylor Schilling, Piper Kerman, Frank Bruni and Katie Innamorato. A great night of conversation that included tales of prison (fictional and non-fictional), meatballs (good and bad), and a skinned squirrel.

Before the show, just as it was starting, Piper came at me backstage in a suppressed fury and said, “Did you make Larry sit in the booth? Is that true?” I was completely confused and sort of terrified. The woman has been in prison, for heaven’s sake. I guess she thought I was the stage manager who (I assume) had seated Piper’s partner in the booth (my favorite spot from which to view the stage at Joe’s Pub, BTW). Anyway, the only thing I could think to say–to explain that I was one of the guests–was to say, “I don’t know anything about that! I’m not in charge of that; I’m a star.”

True story.


I had the amazing opportunity to help a friend work on a bengal tiger for a local zoo. The tiger lived to be 13 and was put down at the zoo after developing cancer. This guy was massive! 750 pounds! Definitely an awesome experience not many people get to have! It is a full mount, but at the time I took the picture we only had the front half in place and the face loosely set!


this is a preview of the new show i am on, Odd Folks Home.