So this happened today(for realz though)
  • Mom: Who are those women in your wall?
  • Me: Well thats Katy Perry, Caity Lotz,Katie Cassidy, Kate Hudson, Katrina Law, Kate Walsh, Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kat Dennings, Katherine Heigl and Cate Blanchet
  • Mom: Please tell me you are not a lesbian and you only happen to be very obsessed with the name Kate.
  • Me: Ok mom I'll tell you that.
chujo-hime replied to your post: I would not be opposed to hearing your Lost…

no thoughts about Charlie & Claire?

I really didn’t like Charlie on my first watch but I like him a lot more on this viewing for some reason, which is changing how I feel about their relationship to mostly positive. I think it mostly irritated me that he’s all about Starting a Relationship when maybe he should be more invested in Not Being Eaten By A Monster but on rewatch I enjoy more how his irreverence is a conscious choice to not give in to darkness rather than just happy-go-lucky happenstance.

I love Claire but that’s mostly because I am defensive of Emilie de Ravin from Roswell and love that she was the most successful alum from that show (this was before Katie Heigl got Grey’s) and will fight for her to the death.

I am largely neutral on their relationship, in that it makes them both happy and I don’t actively wish harm on either of them but see above re: Not Being Eaten By A Monster Priorities.