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Cows love to be cleaned and brushed, and Pidge and Lance are great parents that look after their daughter’s every need~

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My lil’ Pidge ♡

Aaaah I don’tremember the last time I had soooo many problems in such a short amount of time.. ANYWAYS I FINISHED MY PIDGE ♡  I hope you’ll like it !!! I was well advanced when I posted the WIP but I didn’t get to work more on it before tonight. 

Like I said in my last post, I am ready to take a few requests, if anyone is interested !! I’m a nice person, I don’t bite (Except in cookies, yum yum). Even if you don’t have any requests, you can come to talk to me, I have the pretention to think I’m a nice person haha ! 

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When Keith puts Pidge behind him

When Lance didn’t want them to get close to Pidge

When Shiro and Keith covered Pidge with their bodies

When Allura hugs Pidge so she doesn’t get miss

When Hunk covered Pidge and Green Lion with his lion

When Shiro let him get up for the fear

i lovE SO MUCH WHEN THEY PROTECT PIDGE KAHSJEJW💚💙❣💟💛💖💝💕💓💖💛💙💝❣💚💝💟💞💛💜💜💖💕💟

My babe, she’s so beatiful,, protect she forever pls

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now they’re less ready for battle™ and more casual


later pidge takes keith aside and yells for five hours

ive seen like a billion renditions of this au but not one with pidge as kitty ??? fight me 

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Another thing people are forgetting about Voltron season seven…

I know that many people dislike the episode The Feud because of how it treated Lance. Okay, that’s fair. But, like, did we all just forget

that Pidge

casually knocked out the camera


And we learn at the end of the episode that Bob is this all-knowing judge of heroes.

And Pidge just…