Pidge Gunderson was always sick. Coughing and sneezing. Sniffling her way through the day. Lance first noticed this when they resided at the Garrison.

“ Hey, Gunderson! Wha-”

He froze. A heap of blankets lay on the bed, surrounded by tissues and multiple discarded bottles of tylenol.

A tuft of hair peeked out of the blankets on the bed.

“ Pidge?”

He unraveled the blankets until he could see her pale freckled face. Dark circles shaded the bags underneath her honey eyes. He hissed with sympathy.

“ Woah. You okay? You look like shit.”

“ Wow, thanks for noticing-” Pidge replied, the remark rolling of her tongue, dripping with sarcasm.

Lance sat beside her.

“ Are you going to call in sick?”

“ No.”

“ No?”

“ No.”

“ Well, are you at least gonna eat something?”

“ Can’t.”

“ Why?”

“ It’ll come right back up.”

Lance cringed. “ Oh. Ew-”

“ You asked.”

She laid back down, piling the blankets back on top of her. A wet cough tore it’s way from her chest.

“ I hate my immune system. ”

Lance hummed with sympathy, and patted the heap reassuringly.

“ You’ll get better.”

Pidge was sick again about two weeks later

“ Pidge, you really need to sit this one out.”

“ No way-”

She was sweating profusely, bile rising in her throat.

“ Seriously, you look like hell. Again. In fact, this is the third time this month!”

She broke into a coughing fit.

Hunk frowned with concern before smiling.

“ At least I’m not the one getting sick this time.”

Pidge glared daggers at Hunk until he looked down like a puppy with its tail between its legs.

Lance huffed.

“ Fine. But as your brilliant pilot and captain, I’ll be reporting your condition to Iverson.”

Pidge groaned in rebuttal but Lance wouldn’t have it.

The simulation came to a stop.

Lance hopped out before Pidge could stop him.

“ Excuse me Mr. Iverson, it seems one of my crew mates has come down with something. Its affecting his work ethic, and I think he should sit out.”

Iverson nodded in agreement.

“ Gunderson!”

Pidge trudged out of the simulator.

“ Yes, sir?”

“ Mcclain here will be escorting you to the infirmary. ”

“ But sir-”

“ It wasn’t a suggestion.”

Pidge grumbled before walking over to Lance. She reached up with the gestures a toddler makes when they want to be held.

Lance knelt down and allowed Pidge to cling to his back like a koala.

Pidge buried her face into the tall Cuban boys shoulder. She grumbled in protest as he carried her to the infirmary.

“ You’ll get better.”

She was tapping away on her tablet in the common room when she coughed

“ Theres the fourth time-” Lance said from the doorway.

“ Oh, shut up!” She laughed.

Lance chuckled, plopping down next to her.

“ You’ll get better-”

He said, dramatically wrapping his long lanky arms around her small frame.

“ I’m not even sick, dumbass-”

Pidge deadpanned, unable to conceal the grin that tugged at the corners of her mouth.

The mission had been successful so far. Pidge managed to get the security systems down while the other paladins took out galra soldiers. She hummed contentedly as she pressed a button to shut the systems down completely. Well. Almost.

She heard footsteps, and before she got the chance to even pull her hand away, something struck her abdomen.

Struck THROUGH her abdomen.

She let out a pained groan as she crumbled to her knees while the galra soldier who shot her stepped forward and picked her up by the neck, trying to squeeze out the little bit of life she had left in her.

Another shot was heard. The soldier dropped her and flopped over beside her.

“ Pidge! Oh god-”

The voice came closer, but it was unfocused and almost unfamiliar. She turned towards the voice, clutching her stomach to stop the the blood.

She coughed. Droplets of blood sprayed across her armor.

A blurry face came into view.

“ Lance…” Pidge slurred, blood dripping from her mouth, down her cheek, and to the floor.

He looked like he was crying. Was he? She didn’t know. All she knew in that moment was unfathomable pain.

“ I-I need you to move your hand so I can see the wound.” Lance said softly, gently running his thumb across her cheek.

She complied hesitantly with a whimper, letting her hand drop to the floor.

There was silence for a few moments as Lance took in the horrific sight. Pidge felt her conscience start to slip away from her.

“ No, Pidge! You need to stay awake!” He cried, grasping her hand. He took a deep breath.

Lance scooped her up into his arms, cradling her cautiously. Her body had already gone limp, but her mind was still there. She buried her head into his arm.

“ Lance…”

Lance looked down as he began to speedwalk down the long purple corridors.

“ Yeah, Pidge?…”

“ Sing to me.”

“ Pidge-”

“ Please..”

Lance took in a shaky breath.

“ You are my sunshine…” He began, looking down at Pidge’s pained expression as he ran.

“ My only sunshine..” He saw the Red Lion in the distance. If he could just get there…

“ You make me happy-” He looked down at her face and smiled shakily, wishing he could take all that pain away.

“ When skies are grey…” He held her closer to his chest.

He heard her strained voice mix with his. “You’ll never know, dear… How m-much I love you…”

Lance sprinted towards the Lion.

“ God, please don’t take….”

Pidge stilled.

“ My sunshine…”

He laid her down on the seat of the red lion, feeling for a pulse. None. He began to sob, holding her body close to his chest.


Imagine an Ember Island Players themed episode for Voltron right before the final episodes.

  • Shiro is played by this dainty girl with a really high voice who only talks about teamwork in an annoyingly motivated fashion
  • Keith is OVERLY grumpy throughout the entire thing and only ever speaks in grunts and one word answers
  • Lance’s character is major rejected by every girl he comes across and is real sad about it and only ever talks about finding true love
  • Hunk has a snack on him at ALL times and is extremeLY sarcastic and VERY SCARED in even the most boring of situations and the crowd eats that up
  • It wouldn’t be correct if pidge wasn’t played by a grown man who says incorrect smart things and she goes backstage to give him ACTUAL facts
  • Allura for sure only ever cries about hope I mean it makes sense
  • Coran is spot on
  • Lotors hair is the main focus of his entire character
  • When pidge is looking for Matt his grave literally says the exact coordinates of where his is with “for Katie holts eyes only” underneath it and hes discovered to be running some sort of underground black market and he’s SUPER BUFF TOO and his hair is sO long it hits the floor

cookie-xxz  asked:

7 &19 with Plance :DD (if you don't mind c: )

Ummm, duh I don’t mind!! :D Here ya go @cookie-xxz. The prompts were “Don’t touch me!” as well as “Because nobody cares about me!”

I’d like to personally thank @velocitytimes2 for betaing and for being one of the kindest people ever! 

@freakishquiznak hope you’re feeling a lot better! I miss ya!

So this is set after a mission where Lance puts himself in and the team in jeopardy. And here we go!


The mice knew something was wrong as soon as the paladins had come in. They had heard over the comms that the mission was successful, but just barely.

Lance had held the team behind because he was getting something, but the mice weren’t sure what it was.

The doors to the control room hissed open as the paladins walked in. Armor smudged with who-knows-what and scowls on everybody’s faces the five quickly debriefed and went in their separate directions.

Only Lance remained behind. The mice crawled up onto his shoulders and lap, squeaking their sympathies. Lance smiled sadly. “It’s okay. At least nobody got hurt.”

He sighed, staring at the ceiling of the castle. Lance tightened his grip on the bag that he had set between his legs. The very thing inside it had put the whole team in jeopardy. Tears threatened to spill, but he quickly blinked them away. If only they had given him the chance to explain himself.

The mice scampered off as Lance stood and walked to his room. Setting the bag down on his chair, he threw his armor off and showered in the adjacent bathroom.

After showering and putting on his pajamas, he climbed into his bed and cried. Cried because he had put everybody in danger, cried because he missed home. Cried because Earth was so far away and his family was on it…

All the grief and sadness that had been stored in his heart for who-knows-how-long now came pouring out.


Pidge heard crying from behind Lance’s door on her way to Green’s hangar.

Although she was furious at him, she was still concerned for her teammate, “Lance?” she asked.

“Go away,” Hiccuping and sniffling came from behind the door, more easily heard now that she was paying attention.

“Lance, I’m coming in, alright?” The door hissed open as she entered and shut behind her. She saw Lance’s form in the half-dark, lying on his side, back facing her.

“Lance, what’s going on?” she whispered, tentatively reaching for his shoulder.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” Lance yelled, curling in on himself more, crying even harder now.

“Okay, why? Why, Lance?”

Lance hiccuped. “I-I…” he sniffed. “I j-just w-want to go h-home. N-nobody cares a-about me u-up h-here.” He hiccuped and sniffed again. “D-do y-you e-even know w-why I held us b-back? I-I f-found s-some p-prisoner l-logs and w-was down-downloading th-them. Th-thought you m-might want th-them.” Lance then buried his face in a pillow. He didn’t want to face Pidge now.

Pidge was shocked. She didn’t know that he had risked life and limb in order to help find her family.

She touched his shoulder again. Lance tensed, but this time he didn’t pull away.

Lance heard the plop of tear drops as they started to soak his sheets, and turned around to face Pidge. She was definitely crying now.

“I didn’t know that.” She gulped as he sat up. “And.. I’m sorry that you feel that nobody cares. We do. Do you know..” she sniffed, crying harder now. “D-do you kn-know how important y-you are? How im-important you a-are to me?”

Pidge sat down next to Lance and threw her arms around his shoulders, and buried her face against him. “You’re important, and you’re vital to team Voltron. And thank you. Thank you for bringing the prisoner logs back,” she mumbled into his shoulder, “oh my god Lance I’m so sorry. I’m so, so, sorry.”

Lance felt Pidge shaking as she spoke, and placed one hand on her head, tangling his fingers in her brown locks. The other he placed on her back pulling her closer as he rested his chin on her head, crying with her.

Pidge felt tears in her hair as Lance mumbled, “Thank you Pidge. Thank you, thank you Pidge.”

Pidge pulled away from the hug for a moment to look at Lance’s face. As red-rimmed brown met red-rimmed blue, she laughed, and before she could tell herself otherwise, planted a kiss on his cheek, stretching up to do so.

She never thought that she would ever be in this position. She thought that Lance would be the one comforting her. But here was Lance, the one who had always put on a brave face had taken off his mask and had opened up to her. He had taught her how it was okay to feel. When she had cried in the night about missing her dad and Matt, Lance had assured her they would do anything to find them.

Lance had been her first crush. Lance had always been behind or beside her, supporting her through whatever she was going through.

The realization of what she had done now came crashing down, but she took it as a good sign when she saw the Lance had a surprised look on his face.

She laughed because she had helped Lance forget about his insecurities for at least a moment, and at the priceless shock in his expression.

But Pidge was as equally surprised when Lance pressed his lips against her forehead, causing her to go red in the face and to bury her face in his chest again.

Pidge felt him laugh, resonating from deep inside his chest and it seemed to fill every inch and bone in his body with happiness again. “You know I’ve loved you for a while now, right? I.. I just didn’t know what to do,” he whispered as his arms found their way around her again, keeping her body planted against his.

“No, I didn’t know, but I think that you already know my response,” she said, voice muffled.

They sat like that for a long time, Pidge feeling Lance breathe and the steady thump of his heart in his chest, Lance’s arms going up and down with every breath that Pidge took.

It hit Lance then. It hit him how much he actually loved the girl in his arms. What she really meant to him. He’s only flirted with other girls to gain attention of Pidge. Of Katie.

So as he sat there holding Pidge, Lance barely whispered, “Pidge, stay?”

After shifting, and sighing, and wiggling, they finally figured out a position that could be maintained. Pidge still twitched here and there, toes sliding against Lance’s leg and fingers twisting tighter and tighter into the fabric of his shirt.

“You okay?” Lance asked, fighting off the appeal of sleep from his still-stinging eyes.

“Yeah just,” she yawned against his chest, breath coming out in a huff, “just haven’t been sleeping much.”


“Don’t sleep well in foreign places, and,” after another shift of her legs against his, “space is pretty foreign.” She felt Lance’s laugh before she heard it, and even then it was just a huff of a sound against her hair.

“Yeah,” he muttered, “it kinda is,” and then, “will you be able to sleep here?” Her affirmation was just a nod, sleep already starting to try and take over her body.

Lance grinned as Pidge crawled out of his bed to set her glasses on his desk. He lay down again, and as Pidge came back, she lay her head on his chest. Lance felt the ghost of Pidge’s breath through the material of his pajamas.

Pidge lay there, listening to the rise and fall of Lance’s lungs and the strong beat of his heart again, relishing in the fact that the boy she believed that she was foolish to love returned her feelings.

Sleep was evident in Lance’s voice as he said, “G’night Katie.” He kissed her forehead again as his arms found their way around her yet again.

“‘Night Lance.” I love you.


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later pidge takes keith aside and yells for five hours

ive seen like a billion renditions of this au but not one with pidge as kitty ??? fight me 

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when the answer was under ur nose the whole time… 😩😩😩


Evolution of Pidge’s hair throughtout the years.

I’ve already said that I love to hc pidge having longer hair in her early 20s before cut it off to pixie cut. Short haired officer Holt is totally my fav okay