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So Katie Cassidy retweeted Natalie Abrams post. I’m really hoping that means the spoilers are true and eventually Katie comes back as Black Canary and that it’s not the new vigilante chick. If they want to give her the mantle for a couple of episodes to prove the point only Laurel Lance can be Black Canary I’ll roll my eyes and say how stupid they are but I’ll accept it. BUT ONLY DINAH LAUREL LANCE IS THE BLACK CANARY.

bearofbeyond replied to your post “I’ll mark this one as “unpopular opinion” just to be sure.  As much as…”

For God sake Jace gave up everything and returned to his abuser for Alec, and the others! Have you all actually forgotten that, or do you actively ignore it? the reason he is not freaking out is 1. because he knows the reason he can’t sense Alec is because he {Jace} is being held prisoner on the river; and 2. he knows that Alec walked safely back to the institute (like every other time you people clam Jace “abandoned Alec for some unknown demise).

Jace did not do that for Alec, he did that for all of them, and nobody’s calling him selfish here. He’s not, he’s self-sacrificing to a fault. 

The problem is, that over the course of 15 episodes, there wasn’t one thing Jace did for Alec or because of Alec as his parabatai, specifically - yes, he pushed him out of the way of the demon, but he did that for almost all the characters on the show, Simon, whom he can’t stand, included. Other than that, Jace has always pulled the parabatai card when he needed to guilt trip Alec into something. 

So far, the show has been portraying the bond totally unbalanced. Alec seems completely dependent on the bond, Jace not so much. Alec’s always tried to make Jace listen, Jace has been either running off, doing his thing regardless of Alec’s opinion (S1) or he hasn’t mentioned Alec once (S2).

If it isn’t so, if Jace actually cares - then the show needs to show it! TV is a visual medium, I don’t see into their heads like in books (and in the books Jace couldn’t have given less damn if he tried until book 6 - remember book 3?). If he, I don’t know, just simply touched his parabatai rune while brooding on the deck of the ship, if Valentine taunted him with Alec and the bond and Jace exploded… something

But we didn’t get anything. When I watched the trailers for the first few eps and then the parabatai promo, I noticed that we didn’t get one glimpse of Jace’s reaction. And even back then, I said that I hoped they didn’t show us anything because it was too spoilery, not because there wasn’t anything to show. 2 eps in and if we didn’t see Alec going nuts, we wouldn’t know that Jace even had a parabatai at all. And that’s unbalanced writing. If two people are affected by something, you need to show both reactions.

i generally support the idea “you can still like problematic things as long as you recognize it’s problematic” because realistically everything in the universe is Problematic TM but nowadays i just see this as an excuse for people to still support truly awful (read: violently racist, transphobic, ableist, etc) things that go beyond just being “”“"problematic”“”“ and are completely dehumanizing and harmful to real life groups of people, and i just think that at some point a line should be drawn because there are some things that are too awful and do not deserve any support at all

like it’s obviously okay to enjoy things, but being like "i can like whatever i want!!!!! let people enjoy things!!!!!!!” when someone tries to tell you the thing you love is absurdly racist is Not Great and also very telling

unpopular opinion: i think pidge crushing on at least one of the paladins at some point would be not such a bad thing and, actually, pretty realistic,,,,,

Katie’s opinion that no one asked for but since Tumblr brought it up: we really need to ban guns. Look at how many shootings the US has had in the past three months and look at how many Britain has had in the past three years (guns are banned there). Food for thought.

can we talk about the way Katy’s voice cracked when she said “I love somebody…and somebody loves me,” and how unsure she sounded? tears were welling in her eyes, but she was smiling a more genuine smile than we’ve ever seen on her. Katy is happy and in love and she probably never thought she’d feel that way again after Kermit left. like she said, she closed herself off from romantic love for so long because she’d been so hurt, and also because she had a daughter to think about

and then she finds Shawn, through her daughter, who immediately proves himself to adore Maya, and to be kind and caring and loving and devoted to making sure Maya is happy, to making sure she knows she’s loved. and who then treats Katy with that same respect, compassion, and love. and she’s scared at first, she didn’t want to let herself trust him, because she’s been hurt before…but she eventually lets him in, and lets herself fall in love again

and when Shawn proposes his says something along the lines of “I want us to take care of each other forever” (my audio was bad, so that could be slightly off)…he wants to take care of her. this is a woman who has been taking care of herself for a very long time, who works long hours just to make ends meet, and now she doesn’t have to go it alone anymore. she has someone by her side for the long haul.

Top 10 female singers

I’m still bored, so I’ll make another list. Again, this is based on my opinion.

10. Katy Perry

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9. Adele

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8. Meghan Trainor

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7. Ariana Grande

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6. Tove Lo

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5. Taylor Swift

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4. Lady Gaga

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3. Shakira

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2. Lana Del Rey

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Honorable mentions:

Sia , Nicki Minaj , Madonna , Ellie Goulding , Demi Lovato , Selena Gomez , Beyonce

1. Melanie Martinez

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Fanboys of fall superhero TV

*spoilers ahead*

God, those pretentious and whiny DC fanboys are so annoying. “OMg this isn’t following the comics word for word!!!!!!!11 Season 3 of Arrow sucks!!!! If u enjoy the GARBAGE that is Gotham you aren’t a true fan of Batman!!!! Marvel is killing DC…..″ You sound like the white teenage girls you ridicule and criticize in the comments section of fb articles.

First off, why all the hate for Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith) on Gotham? So she isn’t in the comics. Big freakin’ deal. Neither was Harley Quinn until Batman: the Animated Series created the character for the cartoon and the cartoon only. (Now not only is she in the comics, but she’s also a fan favorite). Fish is one of the most original and badass female villains I’ve seen in a television show adaptation of a classic comic book in recent history and she did serve a purpose - a really, really big purpose - in this reimagining of the Batman mythology, so I TRULY do not understand those people who love to claim that her character was pointless to the plot. She had a significant part in the aftermath of the Wayne murders, she essentially was the backbone to the Penguin’s backstory, she’s crossed paths with the Dollmaker (which will most likely end up being important in his inevitable return to the show in a future season), and she almost succeeding in taking Gotham from all the male mobsters in the finale and ruling it. I, for one, am sad she won’t be in season 2. Hopefully she’ll come back in the third season.

Secondly, why all the hate for Iris West (Candice Patton) on The Flash? I hate to make this a race thing, but right from the start, a lot of people were very public about their dislike of Iris being Black in this version of the story. “I’m not racist or anything, but the character is supposed to be white!” and other crap like that. I also don’t quite understand how her character is annoying? You mean because she didn’t know Barry was The Flash for most of the season? That somehow makes her annoying…? If you want annoying, try Lois Lane. Then, when she did find out, “fans” of the show would endlessly call her a bitch for her reaction to the big reveal. The very same “fans” who claimed the character was too dumb to figure it out on her own even though she actually did. I’ve seen people going as far as saying on the official fb page of the show that they hope she gets killed off so that Barry can be with Caitlin (who has a love interest of her own already). Wow…. Newsflash: BarryxIris is canon and is endgame, and her being Black isn’t going to change it being canon or endgame so either stop complaining or stop watching.

Lastly, why all the hate for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), Thea (Willa Holland), and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) on Arrow? The hardcore fanboys despise Felicity because she…cries…? Like any normal person would in that situation…? [I’m talking about the big season 3 storyline here]. Felicity is perhaps the most intelligent character in the entire show and also one of the most likable ones. Seriously, how could anyone hate Felicity?! Like, people are seriously mad just because Oliver gets a “happily ever after” -type ending with her in 3x23. Their excuse is of course that now Oliver won’t be the Arrow anymore because he’s going to settle down with Felicity. I can’t even begin to list the reasons why that doesn’t even make sense, so I’ll just point out the obvious one: there’s going to be a season 4 (and probably a season 5 and 6 too) so of course Oliver will continue to be a hero in Starling City! Anyone who genuinely believes he’s done being Arrow/Green Arrow clearly doesn’t even know the show they’re watching. Now, in regards to Thea and Laurel, the only complaints I’ve seen about them is the same one over and over again - their characters are “bitchy.” (I’ve seen this opinion enough times for it to count as a serious problem in the fandom. So… much… complaining…) Let me clear that up for y’all: no, they’re not bitchy. They’re just very strong female characters and not the ‘damsel in distress’ I think a lot of viewers were expecting. Can’t you people just enjoying that Laurel is starting out as an awesome Black Canary and Thea is on her way to becoming a surely amazing Speedy? Seriously, Damn.

You know, I started this post asking why the fanboys hated all these badass and well-written female characters on these popular superhero shows that were probably intended for and marked to a primarily male audience. Then the question answered itself as I typed this up. Ugh.

I hope to see less online hate during the new seasons of all these shows.


When I read back into the history of SPN, and I found out that the role of Ruby was written for Kristen Bell, to be honest the disappointment I had that she didn’t take it was pretty real. I fell in love with Bell when she played Flora on Deadwood and as a matter of fact, Flora would have been an interesting model for Ruby, given her turn on a dime personality. 

So after getting over the disappointment I was glad that they found Katie to be Ruby. Katie Cassidy did a great job with Ruby because she maintained an interesting aloofness that made you really want to figure the character out, while at the same time wish that Dean would have put a bullet in her head the moment he met her. Cassidy brought instant mystery, and instant charisma to our screens, and her introduction to Sam was one of the best introductions of a new character we had see to date. Killing 2 demons with a knife and leaving with a slick one liner was just so great. Katie was amazing in season 3 because as much as you wanted to her dead, you also wanted her to be an ally.

Season 4 brought a new Ruby, and to be honest, not the Ruby I would have wanted to see. I get that Katie wanted more money, and more power to her, women have it tough in Hollywood so I’m proud that she went for it but sad because we lost an amazing character

I found out that Katie didn’t re-sign because after season 3 they weren’t even sure that Ruby would be in the story anymore and the writers strike also brought problems, so she signed on to do something else. 

Genevieve Cortese didn’t bring any of the foundation for Ruby that Katie had laid with her. She brought a heavy air to the character that felt like one part tomboy and one part 80′s hair band groupie that just washed the character out. I’m not going to say that Genevieve didn’t have some moments on the show that were ok, because she did, but her weak acting and lack of chemistry with everyone in the room made a once badass character a footnote character at best. 

I always think about what Ruby’s final scene would have been like in the hands of Bell or Cassidy. I wonder if I would have been sad to have her gone, if I would have mourned for her loss like I did Zachariah ( as much as I hated Zach, Kurt Fuller created a character that just blew me alway. Kurt made you see Zach’s underbelly and real issues and see him for what he really was, a suit that was just worried about his job, a solider that just wanted an end, a guy who wanted to retire to Paradise someday) 

However Ruby’s death on the show will always be my favorite. I don’t think I have ever felt more happy for Dean when he could finally knife her, and put out the garbage that had been collecting for too many years. To finally do what should have been done. 

that chat was true. I’m getting really tired of the Tessa is a whore or she doesn’t knwo what she wants and she’s not important. But then everyone goes and loves Sebby. Even though everything he’s done is unforgivable. and it’s not just one thing. It is repeated wrong after wrong after wrong. Sebastian doesn’t care. It’s not about demon blood. He’s made himself into his own demon and he doesn’t care. Cassie has written him as unforgivable for a reason. I understand you know she’s also testing us with nature vs. nurture but I think in this case she’s using both, it is both Sebastian’s nature and nurturing(the way his father raised him, and the way he’s raised himself) but he is not some redeemable angel. 

idk that’s just my take on the whole thing