katie's faves

Problematic Fave: Katie McGrath

- Kashy McGra™

- She have 3 birthdays (it’s a goddess thing)

- Embarrasing tattoo on her back

- No one believes her when she plays Straight™

- Green eyes out of this world

- Drama Gay Queen

- She doesn’t have any social media

- We don’t really know if she actually exist

- She wants to be buried with all her Star Wars toys and her Morgana figure

- Irish accent

- She loves to play villain on a corset

- Supercorp™, Karlena™, The Hug™, The Coat™

- Jawline more defined than your future

- 5’ 5½" (1,66 m)

- Use to wear a lot of black, knitwear, skinny jeans and very high heels

- She doesn’t even know she has an army of lesbians ready to die for her

- The Lip Bite™

- She like to kiss her co-stars (mostly woman, gorgeous woman)

- Yes, she have pictures kissing her co-stars on her phone

- Take her brother to interviews and talk embarrasings things

- Too excited about nerd things, especially getting on the Batmobil

- Natalie Dormer says to her “Do to me” and she get wet (for the Ice Bucket Challenge)

- She studied history

- She went through a real punk stage

- Shops for books like other women shop for shoes (She said it)

- Self-professed Tomboy!

- Had her face appear on UK postage stamps 

- Once dreamt of being the editor of Vogue China

“Boobs that defy gravity” - “That’s a lot of boobs” - “You’ve got boobs in the face” - “Babe, it’s hard [to run] when you have big boobs”.

- The Leather Jacket™



Voltron x Valentino Cosmo Collection 2015

 It’s 2k17 and these kids are more fashionable than u ;; Available on Redbubble! ]  ;; Edited description cos of the asks I get about the clothes.


Type 1 Pidge and lance! Originally it was just Pidge because any character I plan on cosplaying I automaticaly imagine as diabetic, but then my diabud @diabetiquette shared her diabetic lance headcanons in our  nerd group chat and so of course I had to add him in a set. I’ve had these like 3 quarters finished for months but finally just now completed them. Representation matters yo.

Do not repost

My Diabetic art

May we all live to see each of our favorite actresses of old play at least one (1) gay character