My favorite couples of all time:

Sid & Nancy

Kurt & Courtney

Elvis & Priscilla

Brad & Angelina

Bonnie & Clyde

John & Yoko

Amy & Blake

Marilyn & Dita 

Johnny & Winona

Katy & Russell

Jyder Scene - Compare & Contrast


Jake sent the picture on purpose, of course. He thought that the pretext that he had set up for the “accident” had been pretty clever, but it had been no accident. After all the conversations he’d had with Ryder as Katie, all the intimate talks that they’d had, all the intimate photos that Ryder had sent him – Jake must have the greatest collection of dick pics that weren’t his own of any heterosexual man in America – Jake had to admit that something was going on in his head.

As Katie, Jake had discovered that maybe Ryder had a certain curiosity about him. About how they stacked up against each other. Jake had thought that was pretty funny, and as Katie, he encouraged it. But as the photos kept coming, and as Katie – fairly successfully, it seemed – fanned the fires of Ryder’s curiosity into something that he might actually want to act on, Jake had realized an unintended side effect: he’d gotten his own damn self curious, too.

From the photos, he was pretty sure he would win. But perspective being what it was – and camera phone quality being what it was – he had to admit that “pretty sure” was not 100%. It had started really getting into his head lately, and he’d found himself stealing glimpses in the locker room. Not cool. And not helpful, either; the glimpses were too fast and, anyway, who cared about their soft size difference.

(Actually, Jake had to admit that he did care, and that he really wanted to have Ryder beat both ways. But having him beat hard was, at least, more important.)

But while Ryder had expressed interest to Katie, even as her, Jake had been unable to actually goad him into actually going for it until this perfect plan had arisen. He grinned to himself and he jogged up Ryder’s block from the busstop and knocked on the door.