katie x mcgrath

Katie: so I call her my hero & then we kiss, yes?
Director: no, and it’s a joking ‘my hero’ in a light tone
Katie: cool so seductive it is
Katie: also, you sure you just want a hug-
Director: no Katie there is not going to be a kiss
Katie: that’s ok I can wait
Director: *bangs head against wall*

Straight people, take a seat.

I started replying to some FF online, but brought the comments over here because I think it’s very weird people are attacking Supercorp shippers and assuming the dislike of Karamel and SG S2 is due to “gay things” only…

When it comes to this show, I binged the first season back innnn September?  I was semi-interested in the show, but once I started watching, I loved Kara’s storyline of growth and coming into being who you really are, and fighting the odds and evils of the world when one, it’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re a positive person in a very cynical world, and two, being positive and fighting for good in the wake of undergoing the horrible loss/ tragedy she has gone through.  It’s amazing she is not a bitter and sullen entity.  She’s a complicated character who is strong enough to keep hope alive despite what she’s gone through.  The show reminds me quite a bit of Buffy in that way (I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan, and think he would have been great for a show like this…)

Furthermore, Cat Grant was an essential staple to this show, and it’s a shame Calista couldn’t commit to it.  I’m a gay woman and like any gay lady fan, I can read into a situation and try and make it gay. XD  However, maybe it’s because I’m old now, but when it came to Cat/Kara, I admired that role so much because it was about the really special power of mentor/mentee relationships between females.  I’m a very career oriented individual, and to me, finding a Cat Grant as a life mentor?!?!  Oh my god, I would swoon and die.  That would be AMAZING. :D  I never read any romance into their situation, and I appreciated what it was.  Supergirl Season 1 was a non-romantic, girl-action and female relationships empowerment haven to me. (Believe it or not hetero people, gay women can have great relationships with straight women in a healthy, empower, and strictly platonic way).

Moving onto James Olsen… I wasn’t really sold on them as a couple, but in the wake of S2 I literally am like, James is 800x better than Mon-El, like the betterness limit does not exist, haha.  I wasn’t sold, but it’s so clear that the abrupt end to their prior season long slow burn as we went into S2 at CW, and then Mon-El just dropped in, like… it’s clear there was a huge direction change because we’re still suffering whiplash and brain damage from that choice.  No to James because they magically no longer like one another, only to spend an entire season not liking a boy who has openly praised his prior objectivity of women… to then her liking him….. 

The logic does not compute.  In the words of BTVS, “your logic does not resemble our Earth logic.” XD  It’s a very weird switch, it doesn’t seem thoroughly explained, and furthermore we were left with cliffhangers like the Jeremiah storyline, only having that really touched upon once, and soon to be twice, next week….  I mean, I just don’t understand it.  That’s pretty much where I’m at.  The transition of both networks and priorities for the show are incredibly apparent.  

The show has kind of become like a superhero high school teen drama; Alex with Maggie, Jo'on and M'gann, Kara and Mon-El, Winn and new girl, and James to go through his post-break up identity crisis (lol, love James, teasing).  Like… what about Alex and Jo'on focusing on Jeremiah?  What about Winn’s awesome progress and even his storyline with Toyman?  What has Kara done growth-wise outside of teaching Mon-El to behave like a grown up which should have been handled when he was age 5?  

Again, the storytelling just seems to have significantly deteriorated, and I haven’t even brought up Supercorp/ Lena, yet!  So the notion that a lot of this hate on S2/ Karamel is due to angry gay women is completely fallacious.  That’s just the queer-baiting cherry on top of the cake of disappointment and icing of bad writing.

That’s fine if you watch this show for really basic, white, hetero bullshit, but that shit is shoveled to me everywhere else on every other platform, and I’m more than good.  Not to mention, can we talk about how Kevin Smith, the praised addition to this show’s staff, is the guy who made a movie about a lesbian going straight again for a dude…. Like, I can’t even, hahahah.  Go back to Clerks dude, that shit was better.

In conclusion, there are copious valid reasons as to why fans are disgruntled by the show’s evident lull, not to mention Mon-El’s highly problematic character… I’m sorry, but he’s the kid who would be on Duke’s Lacrosse team in the real world (and by sorry, I mean not sorry).  Side bar, I actually feel badly for Chris now, and think his crappy acting with this show is due to his crappy character.  I’m disliking him less and missing him on Vampire Diaries. XD

As for Supercorp, there’s no need to elaborate further on what is blatant good screen/ scene partner chemistry.  Katie McGrath is a badass, and not just because she’s gorgeous.  Lena’s relationship with Kara is as natural as Kara’s with Alex.  Melissa and Katie act well together, and unless you’re a moron, you know acting is a hard craft and you don’t always have good chemistry with ever everybody.  If you want to say they’re only friends, I’ll even give that to you, but that doesn’t take away from the just terrible storytelling, poor character development and overall bad trajectory of Supergirl as a show.  Let’s aim for telling stories and showing characters that aren’t bland, basic and white like rice cakes that don’t support sexist undertones.  I’m over it. ^_^

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Post SG 2x13

Friends: What’s wrong with you?


Friends:  You watched the Supergirl episode, didn’t you?


Friends: We had a talk about this.  You know you shouldn’t have watched it.  You knew what was going to happen.


Friends: Maybe next week?


**runs back to Tumblr and fanfiction.  

***Prays for salvation

****Remembers there can only be one gay canon ship on a show at a time

Director: ok Katie look at her like she’s yet another annoying reporter
Katie: ok so like I’m in love w her

Director: ok Katie look at her like you just popped in to visit your only friend
Katie: ok I’ll look like I popped in to ask the girl I love on a date and I will bite my lip to further my point

Director: ok Katie look at her angrily, she just accused your mother of something terrible
Katie: ok so I’ll look like the girl I love just broke my heart

Director: no Katie
Katie: yas Katie