katie tries to draw

Whatever you do don’t think about how devastated Lance and Hunk’s families must be about their disappearance. Don’t think about Mrs. Holt whose entire family is gone and who now has no one left. And WHATEVER you do, don’t think about how no one probably noticed or cared when Keith disappeared because he was completely alone.

…Don’t think about those things because they’ll make you feel as sad as I felt while drawing this.

i’m rereading Heroes of Olympus and i was like “what would these guys look like drawn in the Danny Phantom style?”

the answer is “better than this, probably”

also lol i somehow forgot about my original design for percy and drew him waaay too close to danny…but to be fair that’s p much how i picture him anyway


I still can’t shade. Anywhoies, here’s my Klance doodle of this post dedicated to @acnomogia, best bf everrrr. 

I wanna thank @itschildofthefairies, @kagero-assassin, and @neato-voltron for helping me out~ I feel like I’m giving an acceptance speech.

Tag squad: (beside those mentioned) @celestialgoddesslucy

(it’s smol, 4 peeps~ xD)