katie told me i had to draw it

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I meet Black Veil Brides December 8th 2014 at the black mass tour I'v been a fan of BVB for 5 years and never once thought I would ever see them live let alone meet them! well I was waiting in line outside the venue before the meet and greet talking with my friend Katy about see our favorite band members shes a Purdy girl as to me I love the whole band don’t get me wrong they have helped me through so much in the last 5 years but there’s always just been something about Jinxx that I love welly anyway we were let inside the area where the meet and greet would be taken place at about 4:45 and we had to get checked off a list then they told us to get in one long line so me and Katy obviously ran to the front it was another 10mins or so before the band came in but you knew when they were coming because of the cheering outside. When they walked in I was freaking out like this is really happening I am in the same room as my idols as my saviors it all I had not to brake down in tears right then and there let alone let them see me cry. It was my turn to go up and get my things signed I had my poster and a drawing of the BVB logo first up was CC he was super kind and funny I got up and he shook my hand the goes “do you like pugs? I like pugs. YOU! should go to a pet store and buy me a pug” he had me laughing hysterically I promised him the next time we meet I’d have a pug of some sort for him and he said he won’t forget my face. Next was Jake he was waay more calm but still very nice he sign my things like CC and asked me how my weekend was we talked for about 2mins before I got to yes my favorite Jinxx at this point I was really nervous I had gotten him a big stuffed tiger so I handed that to him and he looks at me shocked and goes “is this for me?” I nodded and he goes “is this really for me” at this point I started to cry and call it dumb all you want but I was in front of my Idol and he was being very sweet and just a good person to me I nodded again and he got from the table and hugged me (even though he wasn’t allowed to give anyone hugs) telling me not to cry witch just made me cry more, He said It would ruin my awesome war paint (I did his style) witch made me smile I told him he was my idol and I loved him to witch he said he loved me too and he loved the tiger witch he named spooks for some reason and then hugged the tiger then signed my things. Next was Ashley now the girl before me aka my friend Katy who is 20 but looks younger had Ashley sign her butt so when I got to Ash I said “ I bet you enjoyed that huh” and he looks at my friend again then back at me and goes “ I don’t know she seemed under age I hope I don’t get arrested haha” and signed my things. And lastly was Andy I gave him my letter for the band and a sketch book I had filled up compleatly with drawing for everyone he then looks at me and goes “ hi i have a question have you ever thought of accidental murder? like i would never murder some one unless i couldn’t help it like I was a mentally insane or something but like if i was on a roller coaster and i was kicking my legs and accidentally kicked someones head off it would be accidental murder…these are the things i think about before i go to bed..be worried” I looked at him and said “oh I am” and we both laughed he signed my things and I got my picture with them now that would be the end of the story except JINXX WAS A LITTLE SWEET HEART AT THE END OF CONCERT! so it was after they played in the end and they were throwing guitar picks out to the crowed I was front row and trying hard to catch one of Jinxxes when he looks down and points me then his head like a I remember you motion and tosses one down to me but it goes over my head and I miss thats when he gets down and personally hands me one and says glade to see you smiling. This will always be the best day of my life BVBarmy for ever