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Dear Supercorp fandom:

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for engaging in utter character assassination aimed at ending her career over a joke song about a tv show about aliens

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for slut shaming her mercilessly for getting a divorce then getting a new boyfriend

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for spending the past few months sending aforementioned new boyfriend death threats, abuse, bodyshaming comments, and accusations of all manner of things

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for either claiming her relationship is pr or the result of an extra-marital affair 

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for twisting every word she says to either fit your narrative or make her look bad

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for twisting everyone’s words to either fit your narrative or make them look bad

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for going after every single one of her colleagues; cast, crew, writers etc; who has ever said anything in support of the opposing ship

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for making a guest star feel so unwelcome after one episode that he branded you ‘hooligans’

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for running the majority of the cast off twitter with your abuse and hatred

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for catfishing her colleague’s brother

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for holding her to a ridiculous double standard that has seen katie face no repercussions whatsoever for laughing her ass off at that part of the song

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for taking pride in your toxic behaviour and stop thinking it is justified because you are angry  

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you apologise for posts comparing her to mark salling, among others

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when she stops receiving comments on her instagram inviting her to slit her wrists

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you give any indication that the apology would even be accepted, since jeremy has apologised multiple times and you still haven’t forgiven him

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you take some repsonsiblity and realise that your reaction to this has been one million times more terrible than the joke song

maybe melissa should apologise for calling two fictional characters friends when you take some responsiblity and realise that it was not its status as an f/f ship, but rather the majority of the above toxic behaviours that made them want to debunk supercorp in the first place

just a thought!

It’s Your Daddy’s Birthday, Sweetie

Summary: It’s Sam’s birthday and your daughter and her uncle have a surprise for him
Words: 1k
Sam x Reader, Dean, Katie (OC)
Warnings: fluffs

Daddy!Sam ‘Verse - Masterpost

Kisses pressed to the knob of your spine and across your shoulder roused you from your peaceful sleep.

You hummed contentedly, letting your eyes flutter open to take in the dim light of your bedroom in the morning, the small windows at the top of your walls doing their best to let natural light flood the room.

“Happy Birthday, babe,” you murmured as Sam rolled you onto your back, kissing your exposed collarbone. “You’re old, now.”

He laughed softly, pulling back and smiling down at you.

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Brothers - Tommy Shelby

Request: Please can you do a Tommy/John fic were the reader is the only person that can calm them down when they are angry/upset and when they get themselves worked up the reader comforts him and it’s all fluffy and sweet 😭 sorry if it’s all jumbled 😂😂 P.s you’re writing is amazing <3 </i>- @ducks-are-kwl

Request: Could you write something in the lines of tommy being jealous over the reader being close friends with john even after they are together? Thanks!

Request: hey i’m the anon who asked for the tommy shelby smut and i just wanted to say it’s totally ok if you don’t like writing that and that i would love the jealous tommy cause honestly that’s what I was most looking forward to tbh

Brothers - Tommy Shelby 

“Do you have plans tomorrow?” John asked, stopping in the kitchen on his way out of the betting shop that night.  

You were sat at the table with Finn, watching the youngest Shelby for Polly while she was out. “No, I’ve no plans. What do you need?" 

For as long as you could remember you had been around the Shelbys. Growing up you and John were close friends. Your mother and his used to talk about the two of you marrying each other someday. You were like his shadow all through childhood. When John started going with Martha parts of your relationship changed but you remained close friends. You were there for him when she died and you took care of his children when he went away to war.  

"I’m taking Lizzie out tomorrow night and need someone to watch after the kids.” He explained. “Pol doesn’t like it but I need someone to help with them and Lizzie’s great." 

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My Babygirl-Part Nine

My Babygirl masterlist

“Ohhh.” Dean slightly winced as he watched you ram into the girl who had the soccer ball so that you could steal it. At nine years old you had this sense of fearlessness that Dean took credit for. He couldn’t help but cheer with the crowd as you broke away from the others on the field and headed straight for the goal. He watched as you score for a second time that game, thus solidifying the victory for your team since there was only ten seconds left in the game.

He stayed at the soccer field for a few more moments but after watching you leap into the arms of who you thought was your father he decided to leave. As he walked away Dean turned back one more time and couldn’t help the proud smile that overtook his face as he saw your teammates swarm around you; some hugged you while others gave you high fives.

“That’s my girl.” Dean said as he turned back around, walking away from you.

Originally posted by lalgibi

Sam and Dean sat in the very back of the recital hall to avoid any attention their presence might cause. They knew that only two people there would know who they were but since it was a private event they weren’t looking to draw any unnecessary attention to themselves.

It took everything Dean had to not fall asleep during the other performances but as soon as your name was announced Dean snapped awake. He watched proudly as you stood next to the piano in your concert dress before sitting on the bench.

The brothers were amazed at how you played; neither expecting a Winchester to have such talent. As you finished your final piece Dean almost burst out with applause but stopped himself when he realized how much attention he would cause to be ripped from you and given to him. Instead he clapped with a large smile on his face. 

Dean didn’t know anything about playing an interment, but for being eleven years old he thought you were amazing. When the concert ended Dean couldn’t help himself from passing by who he figured out was your piano teacher.

“Y/N, your student. One of the best performances I’ve seen from someone her age.” Dean said to the teacher. The elderly woman smiled and nodded her head.

“Oh yes, Y/N has amazing promise. She’s one of the best, and sweetest, students I’ve ever had the opportunity of teaching.” She kindly replied.

Dean simply nodded his head before turning to follow Sam out of the building. A large grin was on his lips, “That’s my babygirl.”

“Dean you have to be calm. You’re gonna gain a bunch of attention if you keep freaking out like this.” Sam tried to reason with Dean who was barely listening to him.

Dean had a routine every morning he woke up. He’d make himself some coffee as he went through the local reports for the town you lived in, just to make sure nothing supernatural was near you. Then he’d check your school’s website to see if anything important was happening, Sam had even hacked into the school’s records so Dean could check your grades. After this Dean would go through your social media sites. He would then follow up by glancing at the local hospital records, just making sure you weren’t there.

Was this routine obsessive? Yes, but Dean wanted to ensure that you were safe. Otherwise what was the point of him staying away?

Normally there was nothing that concerned Dean, that was until this morning when he saw the hospital records stating that you had been admitted with appendicitis.

As soon as he saw that Sam and Dean took off like a bat outta hell for the hospital you were at. Two hours later the brothers were parking the impala and Sam was holding Dean back to prevent him from making a scene inside of the hospital.

“I don’t know how much longer I can do this Sammy.” Dean said as they rode the elevator up to the pediatric wing of the hospital where you would reside.

“I know Dean; but it’s what best for Y/N.” Sam sadly replied.

Stepping off the elevator the brothers checked in at the reception area, posing as two FBI agents who had escorted a thirteen year old girl with appendicitis to the hospital who just wanted to make sure she was okay. They were given your room number and they quickly walked towards it, stopping as soon as they could see the window into your room.

Dean felt a weight lifted off of him as he saw you sitting there with different wires attached to you but you still had a smile on your face. A young boy, who Dean assumed was your younger brother, sat next to you while Y/M/N and Ryan were sitting on a couch, laughing at something you had said.

“Oh babygirl, don’t scare me like that again.” Dean whispered to himself as he rubbed his forehead.

Part Ten

Being in a relationship with George Weasley in the fall...
  • Sharing a cup of frozen butterbeer and some pumpkin juice together 
  • Going to Hagrid’s and picking out a pumpkin to carve together
  • You guys would probably argue slightly over what to carve because George wants to make a funny pumpkin but you want a scary one
  • “Love, what’s the fun in making a scary pumpkin? Everyone is going to carve a typical scary face so let’s make a funny one that like throwing up pumpkin guts!”
    “The whole point of Halloween is the scares. Besides George, your brother already made one like that and his is better than any pumpkin you could make.”
    “Ouch, not gonna lie my pride is a little wounded.”
  • Baking pumpkin seeds
  • Spending the night around the fire with Ron, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Lee, Katie, Finnegan, Fred and Angelina
  • Going around in a circle telling scary stories (that of which make Ron cower in fear)
  • Sitting in George’s lap and sharing a blanket
  • George laughing every time you get scared which results in you ignoring him for the rest of the night
  • “Oh c’mon, babe. You’ve gotta admit it was pretty funny! You should’ve seen how high you jumped!”
  • You get him back by hiding under his bed and grabbing his foot right before he gets into bed.
  • “Holy shit Y/n- what the bloody hell are you doing? You nearly gave me a heart attack!”
    “Oh c’mon, babe. You’ve gotta admit it was pretty funny! You should’ve seen how high you jumped! Sound familiar?”
  • To which he would apologize and buy you some chocolates to make up for it
  • Molly knitting you matching autumn sweaters 
  • Fred constantly reminding George of how ‘whipped’ he is
  • Going to every one of George’s Quidditch matches and cheering him on no matter how freezing the night games get
  • “Wow George, you’re almost as good as Fred!”
  • Sneaking into the kitchen and stealing candy which you share together in your dorm
  • “Sweetheart look it’s you, a Smartie!”
    “Oh that’s adorable. Look George it’s you, a Dum-Dum.”
    “I hate you.”
  • Warm kisses to help with the coldness of the season
  • Holding hands while taking strolls together around the castle grounds
  • Acting like children and making piles of leafs only to jump into them together and start over
  • Coming up with cheesy Halloween jokes
  • “What do ghosts eat for supper?… Spooketi!”
  • And
    “What is the most important subject a witch learns in school?”
    “Well I’d have to say my most important subject would be Potions or Defense-”
    “What? I don’t even take spelling. I already know how to spell words why would I need a class-”
    “No, love. It was joke- just nevermind.”
  • Cuddling together in his dorm room under a mountain high stack of blankets
  • Just being an extra super cute, adorable, cozy couple together in fall

because i love fall soooo much !!

- Daizy xx

Like I Do-Daniel Seavey

Summary: Your best friend, Daniel Seavey, is finally in town again with his band on tour and if there’s one good thing about living in Portland, its that you’re guaranteed a few concerts here and there. The Why Don’t We concert is the day after your birthday and even though you’re bummed that Daniel can’t make it to your party, you’re ecstatic to see him perform live. But all of that could change when a simple surprise has the ability to end your friendship…

♥ ♥ ♥

“God I just wish I could be there.” Daniel’s voice carries over the phone and you sigh as you sit on your bed. “I do too, but you’ve got the tour to think about.” you say reassuringly, sitting back into the array of throw pillows that took up most of the space on your bed. 

“I just feel like such a bad friend.” he sighs and you can hear chatter from the other Why Don’t We boys in the background. “Daniel you’re on tour with your band living your dream. I completely understand. You’re still my best friend and I still love you.” you insist and you can hear his million dollar laugh. 

“Are you sure?” he asks again. “I’m sure.” You had to admit, it did suck that the boys were in Portland, a day early for their show but you still weren’t able to see them on your big day. 

It was like the perfect timing of the universe was wasted but even though he was too busy to make it to your birthday party, you held onto the fact that you would soon see him tomorrow night for the concert. 

“Okay well at least let the boys and I sing to you?” he half suggests, half asks and you quickly agree. “Of course.” you laugh. “Guys, guys. Come here we’re gonna sing happy birthday to (Y/N) really quick!” he yells and you smile as they harmonize the song over the phone, adding a few birthday wishes and comments afterwards. 

“Night made guys! But anyway I have my party soon so I’ll call you tomorrow Dani?” you ask and he agrees. “Yes. I will see you soon though. I promise.” he says and you wonder what he possibly could mean by it. 

You shake off the thought, however, assuming he was only talking about tomorrow’s concert. “(Y/N)!” your mom calls from the living room and you hurriedly check your appearance in the mirror before heading downstairs. 

Your makeup, hair and outfit all looked great and you couldn’t be happier about what your parents had planned for tonight. It was nothing special, just an evening spent with your closest friends and family, but it still meant the world to you. 

When you reached the living room your parents were sitting side by side on the couch and you greeted them before sitting down in the chair next to them. “What time are all of your friends coming over?” your mom asks and you check your phone for the time, answering a few text messages as you answer her. 

“Umm I think around seven or so.” you tell her and she immediately gets up and gets busy. “Seven? We have to get going!” she insists and your dad gives you a knowing look before joining her. 

“Mom it’s only six!” you laugh and she just ignores you. “This party is going to be perfect.” she mumbles as she walks away into the kitchen. “Okay, okay.” you groan, getting up and following her to help.


“Wow.” you whisper as you look at the house. When your mom first suggested the idea of putting up a few directions, you brushed her off, not wanting to do too much for the party. 

Looking at them now though, you were glad that you had agreed. Everything was laid out so nicely: A platter of snacks in the middle of the dining room table surrounded by decorative plates, glasses and silverware, confetti sparkling all around them. 

Silver and gold balloons randomly danced on the floor, adding warmth and fun to the room, and pictures of you and your friends were on display for all of the guests to see. 

Last but not least, your favorite picture of yourself rested on the coffee table in the living room, attached to two big number balloons reading 1 and 8 with ribbons, the paper frame ready to be signed by all of your friends who showed up tonight. 

“I know its not much but…” your dad trails off, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. “Its perfect, really. Thank you guys so much.” you say before embracing them both in a big bear hug. “Anyway,” your mom starts and wipes a few tears of her own. 

“The guests will be here any minute now so I’m gonna go put something nice on.” she says before disappearing into her bedroom, leaving you and your father alone in the kitchen. "We’re so proud of you. And we love you so much.“ he says and you smile widely. 

"I love you too dad. Now go to mom before she yells at you to help her pick an outfit.” you chuckle to keep yourself crying and he too disappears from the dining room. For a moment you look around at the house, smiling to yourself at how perfect tonight will be. The only thing missing is Daniel.


Before you have a chance to get too sappy, a ring from the doorbell pulls you out of your thoughts and you skip to the door to answer it. You’re greeted by a few of your friends, Ashley, Leah and Jacki. “Hey guys!” you smile before hugging each of them. 

“Happy birthday (Y/N)!” they all three yell at once and you usher them inside. “Okay so gifts go in the living room, my mom is around here somewhere if you wanna say hi and don’t forget to sign the frame on the coffee table!” you tell them and they all three part ways, Leah heading straight for the snacks. 

“Hi girls!” your mom calls to them, suddenly reappearing as she hugs them, swallowing them up in conversation. The doorbell rings again and you greet the new group of guests with smiles and hugs as well. 

“Katie! Hannah! Soph!” you squeal before repeating what you had told your other friends. Soon the house is full and you smile before walking through the house, talking with groups of people before heading to the kitchen for a snack.

You were stuffing your face with a few crackers when your mom piped up from the other end of the dining room. “Daniel couldn’t make it?” she asks. “No, he got held up with sound check or something he said.” you frown and she does the same. 

“What a shame. You know we love him.” she sighs and you smile sadly. “Yeah I know but he’s very busy these days.” you sadly say before returning to your friends and chatting with them some more. 

“No, no. We look nothing alike!” you heard Leah scoff as she showed Jacki and Katie a picture of her and her brother. Popping your head into their little circle, you laughed at them before rolling your eyes. 

“You guys never stop fighting do you?” you groan playfully. “Oh shut up.” Leah laughs before turning back to her conversation. The doorbell rang again and you looked around the room carefully as you made your way to the door. 

Everyone seemed to be here so you couldn’t imagine who it was but you swung the door open with a smile anyway. “DANI!!” you scream as the tall boy comes into view behind the door, holding his arms out excitedly for you. 

“Happy birthday!” he yells and you jump into his arms as the other boys and everyone inside watches you. “I missed you.” he mumbles into your hair before you part and you punch him in the arm before speaking again. 

“You lied to me!” you yell, trying to sound angry but the smile on your face doesn’t even allow it to be believable. “Yeah I know. I wanted to surprise you.” he says with a grin before pulling you into another hug. 

“Hey, we helped!” Zach whines from behind him and you let go of Daniel to greet the other boys. “Hey guys!” you smile, hugging each one of them before leading them inside and setting their gifts on the floor by the coffee table.

“Damn (Y/N) you clean up nicely.” Jack says in a flirty tone, eyeing you before giving you a playful wink. “Oh my god.” you groan with a laugh. “Spare me.” you joke but Daniel doesn’t think its funny. “Hey!” he yells at Jack as you lead them into the kitchen.

“So how are you guys? How’s the tour going?” you ask them when you’re finally somewhat alone. “It has been good. So good.” Daniel says with a smile and the other boys quickly agree. 

“Yeah it has been so amazing.” Corbyn says and you turn your attention to him. “How are you and Christina?” you ask him and he blushes slightly before answering. 

“She’s great. She misses you though.” he says. “Yeah, we talked this morning. I can’t believe she’s going to New York soon!” you say excitedly. “I know. I’m so proud of her.” he says and Daniel goes to say something but he’s quickly cut off by Zach. 

“Oh my gosh who is that?” he asks, his eyes widening as one of your friends walks by. “Her?” you say, motioning to your friend Katie as she walks by you and the boys. Zach nods slowly and you answer the questions in his mind. “Yes she’s single. Go talk to her!” you laugh and he immediately leaves the group. 

“You guys can all go explore. There’s a really funny picture of Daniel and I in the living room just above the fireplace and there’s snacks in the dining room.” you tell them and they all wish you another happy birthday before leaving you and Daniel alone in the kitchen. 

“So how have you been?” you ask him, leaning agains the counter to face him. “Great. Tour’s been great, the guys are great. Life is just so good right now.” he says and you listen as he tells you a bit about Los Angeles. 

“I wanna live there so badly!” you exclaim and he chuckles. “Yeah but you would hate the traffic.” he comments. “I don’t care. I just wanna be under the sun and out of the rain. I want to meet celebrities and actually have things to do.” you complain.

“Well you could apply to UCLA.” he suggests and you look at him like you’re in the Office. “No I’m serious. You’ve got the brains and you’ve been saving for college since you were like twelve. I’m following my dreams so why is so hard for you to see yourself following yours?” he asks seriously.

“You’re right. Thanks Dani.” you agree and he claps his hands together. “I could totally be your life coach.” he jokes and you smile. “Mhhhmm.”


“(Y/N) have you seen the-Daniel oh my gosh!!” your mother yells, pulling Daniel in for a hug. “I thought you said he wasn’t coming?” she turns to you and you hold up your hands. “I’m not the one who lied. Daniel wanted to surprise me.” you explain and she smiles. 

“How are you? How are things? Have you eaten?” she asks quickly and you roll your eyes as she showers him with questions. Daniel doesn’t mind though and he talks with her for a few minutes before your mom whips out her phone. 

“I need some pictures of you two. Smile!” she exclaims and you and Daniel pose for some pictures together. He puts his arm around you and lean into him. “There we go!” your mom says as she takes the final couple photos. 

“It was nice talking to you Dani.” she smiles before hugging him and leaving the two of you alone again. “So I was wondering, if you’re not doing anything tonight, we should do something?”

“We could go to the movies or go out for dinner or something.” he says and your face falls as you realize that you already have plans for tonight. “Daniel I’m so sorry. I already have plans tonight.” you apologize. 

“That’s okay.” he says, leaning back on the counter. “With who?” he adds and you think for a moment before answering. You had never been the best with boys so you were hesitant to tell Daniel about your new “friend” Eric. After all, you didn’t want to jinx it. 

“Well I’m kind of talking to someone.” you smirk and you obviously captured his attention because his eyes meet yours as he tenses up. “Do tell.” he says quietly. 

“This boy named Eric that I met in Oregon City when I was visiting my Aunt Shelly.” you explain, feeling bad about the fact that this was the first time you had even thought about Eric tonight. 

Suddenly Daniel got quiet. “What?” you ask him but he just looks away from you. “Nothing. I’m just bummed I won’t get to hang out with you later, that’s all.” he mumbles and you nod. 

“Okay well at least we get to hang out tonight. And I can come over to the hotel after the show if you want.” you offer but he doesn’t answer. “Daniel what’s wrong?” you ask but before Daniel gets a chance to answer, your mom is yelling for everyone to come into the living room. 

“Picture time!” you hear her call and you nudge Daniel before piling into the living room with all of the party guests. “Okay we need everyone to gather around (Y/N) so we can take a few pictures!” she yells over the indistinct chatter as everyone moves around, everyone trying to be next to you for the picture. 

“Hold on mom, we’re still waiting on someone.” you say and she raises her eyebrows before remembering Eric. Looks like aren’t the only one who forgot… “Oh yeah. Everyone hang tight, we need to wait for (Y/N)’s boyfriend!” she says, adding emphasis to last word and earning a few “Oohs” and “Aws” from your friends. 

Everyone seemed to be laughing except for Daniel and Jack, who just exchanged a couple of glances. “Wait Eric is coming to your party?” Daniel asks you, his expression impossible to read. 

“Yeah I didn’t mention that?” you ask confused. “No. You didn’t.” he says as he turns away from you, leaving you wondering why he was suddenly acting like a wounded puppy. 

“Sorry!” you call after him as he exits the room and heads for the kitchen. “What’s his problem?” Katie asks, turning away from her conversation with Zach. “Who knows.” you shrug before checking your phone for a text from Eric. Just as you were about to call him, you hear a faint knock on the door.


“You do realize that we have a doorbell right?” you ask Eric sassily as you open the door for him. “Ha-ha.” he says jokingly. You haven’t been hanging out too long, but he was already used to your attitude. “Come on in, we were just about to take some pictures.” you say, leading him inside and giving him a hug before taking his gift for you from him. 

“Hmm I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t get me anything?” you scold him with a smile. “I know. I just wanted to do something nice for you.” he says sweetly, making your heart beat faster and faster. 

“That’s really nice of you.” you say and he smiles, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck nervously. “PICTURES!!” your mom yells and you realize that everyone is watching you and Eric. Especially Daniel.

“Oh yeah, um, yes. Let’s go.” he says, grabbing your hand and leading you to where everyone else was waiting. “Eric honey, nice to see you!” your mom beams and you quickly bring a finger to your lips to shush her. 

“Okay, okay. Come on everyone!” she yells and soon all of your friends and family squeeze in next to you, Eric on your right side. “Alright, great.” your mother says, turning the camera from landscape to portrait. 

“Daniel get in next to (Y/N).” she says and Daniel pushes his way between you and Eric. “I, okay.” you say with a small giggle as Daniel touches his cheek to yours. “Sorry bro.” he mumbles in Eric’s direction.

 After your mother is done taking a few more pictures, she lets everyone go back to what they were doing. “All right guys. I got some goodies! I’ll leave you all alone now.” she says and everyone parts ways again. “So you’re in a band?” Eric asks Daniel. 

“Yeah, Dani is actually on tour right now!” you answer excitedly but Daniel just clears his throat. “Don’t call me that.” he says dryly, turning his attention to Eric. “Yeah I’m in a band. What do you do?” he asks cockily and you frown at how rude he’s acting. 

Pulling him aside, you excuse yourself from Eric and push Daniel in another direction to talk to him privately. “What’s up with you tonight? You’re being rude.” you ask with a frown. 

Daniel was not being himself. “What do you mean?” he asks innocently, the tone of his voice making your blood boil. “You know what I mean Daniel. You’re acting jealous that I have other friends!”

“It’s not my fault that you’re gone all the time and it sure as hell-” you stop yourself before you can say anything else, not wanting to raise your voice around all of the people in your house. “Say it. I probably deserve it.” he says and you just sigh, feeling bad about spending your time with him fighting.

“Look I don’t want to do this here. You need to cool down okay? I’ll meet you outside in like five minutes to talk.” you say and he sulks to the front door after nodding understandingly. “(Y/N)!” Eric calls from across the room and you walk over to him before telling him what’s going on. 

“Sorry but I need to go talk to Daniel. Something’s up with him.” you say and Eric just nods, a grin taking over his face. “What?” you ask and apparently you’re being funny because he just laughs in response. 

“It isn’t obvious?” he asks like you’re missing something. “Apparently not. Tell me.” you beg and he takes a drink of his water before saying something you thought you’d never hear. “Daniel likes you.”


As you make your way to the door you can’t stop thinking about what Eric had said. Daniel can’t like you, you’re you and he’s Daniel Seavey, American Idol fan favorite and famous boy band member. It just doesn’t make sense right? 

“Right.” your subconscious agrees and you sigh before running a frustrated hand through your hair. Even if Daniel did like you, why was he just now acting like it and how did he expect you to react? 

Did he think that you were just going to drop everyone, aka Eric, to be with him or did he think that you’d reject him and that’s why he kept quiet all this time? A hand on your shoulder keeps your thoughts at bay and you turn to see Jack once more. 

“Jack I’m not in the mood for your jokes right now.” you sigh, your hand fiddling with the door knob as he looks at you in confusion. “No. I am all out of jokes.” he laughs and you smile at him. 

“I was just gonna say…Go easy on Daniel okay?” he sighs and you go to protest but he puts his hand up. “He just, he really missed you.” he says before walking away from the door. “What does that even mean?!” you mumble to yourself before opening the door. 

The cool air hits you fast and a shiver runs through you as your eyes meet Daniel’s. “Are you ready to talk?” you ask, your voice low, just loud enough for him to hear from his spot in the driveway where he was leaning against the car you assume the boys had taken here. 

“Yeah. Sit with me?” he pleads and you join him on the hood of the car. “I feel really bad about the way I acted. You were right, I wasn’t being myself.” he says, his words came out in a jumbled mess, and you could tell he had been out here thinking of how to apologize. 

“Its okay Dani-Daniel.” you correct yourself. “You just need to talk to me. Now tell me what’s going on with you.” “Its nothing really. I was just overreacting.” he shrugs, but you know him better than that. 

“Daniel we’re not going back inside until you tell me what’s wrong.” you say stubbornly and stands up to face you. “I don’t like Eric.” he says plainly and you refrain from rolling your eyes at him. 

“Why not? He’s great. You would know that if you gave him a chance to talk.” you defend, holding your ground on the car hood. “Just the way he was acting all cool.” Daniel squints. “I don’t know why, I just don’t like him.” he says and by now you’re standing.

“Daniel that’s not good enough. I need an actual reason!” you yell as you get closer to him. “Why? So you can try to make excuses for him (Y/N)?” he barks, his voice just as loud as yours. 

“Excuses? He has literally done nothing wrong!” You yell. “You always do this! No one is ever good enough for me! Well guess what Eric IS!” you continue to yell. “He doesn’t know you like I do!” Daniel argues, crossing his arms. 

“OF COURSE he doesn’t! We’ve know each other since we were kids.” you say and you wonder if Daniel knows how impossible he’s being. “Yeah well…” Daniel yells and for a moment he looks like he’s wondering whether or not to continue. 

“Well what?” you challenge and something stirs inside you as Daniel gets closer and closer. “He doesn’t love you like I do. He can’t. No one can.” he whispers the last part before crashing his lips onto yours.

When the kiss is over, he looks at you with pleading eyes. “Say something (Y/N).” he begs. “Anything.” You look up at him softly, a few tears rolling down your cheeks as you process what just happened. 

“I’m sorry Daniel but I don’t feel the same way.”

♥ ♥ ♥

Author’s Note: OKAYYY WOW. Are you guys crying? Because I cried while writing this! Anyway, this was not requested it was just an idea that came to me late last night and as I started writing it, I really liked the way that it was turning out and I wanted to finish it up and share it with you guys. I know its kind of sad BUUUT if you guys really want a part two…I CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN! ;-)

The Rogue [Grayson] Part One

Summary: Being the little sister of a cartel leader is hard. Your skills are put to the test when you’re forced to go undercover and destroy one of the country’s most dangerous cartels, The Rogue. What you weren’t planning on, was to get involved with their leader. 
Word Count: 2,081
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, abuse, death, sexual intercourse, cussing.
A/N: So, this idea just came up to me and I feel like it’s probably not a good idea to start up a new mini series when I’ve already put two of them on hold. But maybe this is what I need to break free of my writer’s block. I wanna thank my lovely Katie ( @twininspiredwriting​ ) for being a huge help through my block. Without further ado, I present to you The Rogue.

The Rogue Masterlist.

“Your brother is a coward, you know.” Slater laughed mockingly, letting his dark eyes roam over your helpless body before tearing them away. He looked at the knife in his hand, twirling it like he was a kid and it was a knife made of plastic. “Sending his little sister to fight his battles. You girls, you’re just as weak as everyone say you are.”

You tried to keep the look of disdain off your face as he uttered those sexist words, but your lips scrunched together like you’d eaten something sour, eyes narrowing into slits as you looked up at him. The thick rope was starting to chafe around your wrists, burning your sensitive skin as you wrung your hands around in a desperate attempt to free them so you could kick his sorry ass. But it was useless, you were bound tight by the ankles and wrists, sitting on a chair in the middle of a beat down warehouse. Slater and his three guys were surrounding you, the three of them looking on with no emotion showing on their faces as Slater blabbered away.

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Early Morning - John Shelby

Could you do a imagine where John finds the reader walking on the side of the road in the rain after they have had a fight (she wants another baby but he doesn’t) so he trys to make up for it? Thanks

Hi, could you do a imagine with John trying to convince you to have a baby. Your not sure if it’s the right time but his kids are growing up and he wants to have one last baby.

Early Morning - John Shelby

Your mother had always said that communication was the key to any healthy relationship. Be it friends, lovers or just family, if you didn’t communicate there was no way the relationship could flourish and be successful. And you thought, surely, after 14 years together you and John should have been experts at communicating. But you had let that nagging doubtful voice in the back of your head win out over the reasonable one that told you to talk to John.  

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Imagine Sam and Dean looking after your daughter so you could have a spa weekend

“But where’s Mommy?” Katie asked for what must’ve been the tenth time since they sat down for breakfast.

“She’s out with Auntie Ellen and Jo,” Sam reminded her, “So it’s just me, you, and Uncle Dean until Sunday night.”

She nodded, frowning slightly, “And what day is today?”

“Saturday, kiddo,” Dean told her, ruffling her hair and making her giggle.

“’M not a kiddo,” she protested, still giggling slightly, “Daddy, tell ‘im.”

Sam nodded solemly, a small smirk on his lips that his brother noticed but his daughter was totally oblivious to.

“Yeah, Uncle Dean,” he agreed, “Kate’s four now.”

“Yeah, four,” Katie nodded, and Dean laughed, dropping his head, his niece never ceasing to provide humour.

Katie smiled, reaching her hands up for Sam to lift her out of her seat.

He got up, picking her up and resting her on his hip.

“Whattaya want to do today?” he asked her, kissing her cheek.

“Wanna watch ‘punzel,” she told him, and he laughed softly.

“Of course,” he agreed, walking her through to your room, where Tangled was already set up in the DVD player.

“I miss Mommy,” Katie murmured as Mother Gothel started singing ‘Mother Knows Best’, obviously remembering how you always sang along, dancing her around the room.

“Yeah,” Sam sighed, kissing the top of her head, “Me too.”

B A B E ? ❦  s h i r o

+ for: @crazy-kat-in-the-hat

+ words: 900+

+ genre: pregnant s/o, angst

+ summary: DO SHIRO!! (please if you don’t mind. Love you!) aka pregnant s/o and shiro reacting. 

+ key: _____ = your name, (b/n) = boy’s name, (g/n) = girl’s name

+ i’m going to try and get some asks out before i do the valentine’s day requests. : - )

+ request? + masterlist?

+ hunk + keith + lance

The thing about Shiro was that you really never knew how he would react to something of such a high caliber. Even now, when you and Shiro had been married for a year and some months and had been trying to conceive a child, your hand still shook as you held the pregnancy test to your face.

It had been months you had been awaiting this moment and you finally felt like it was here. You looked at the stick and almost let out a sob.

Keith had been over that day but you couldn’t wait to tell your husband the news, you ran into the kitchen where the two stood talking to each other with laughs. When Shiro turned to you his smile fell.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, seeing the tears falling down your face.

Keith straightened up from where he was leaning against the counter at your appearance. The two men stared at you long and hard. You held up the test with shaking hands and he took it gently from your fingers. He caressed your fingers, ‘no matter what it says, we’ll still have each other,’ he had told you before. You couldn’t get it past your mind that this was your last chance.

Shiro looked to you, his face really falling now as he looked at the negative on the small device. He was on the brink of crying but he just wrapped his arms around you and shushed your small cries.

Keith was unsure what to do, tapping his foot a few times before walking over to the couple. You looked at him walking over and quickly pulled him into your hug before the three of you fell to the kitchen floor.

“I’m sorry, Keith,” you whispered to him. He only nodded, petting your hair softly as Shiro had his hands around the both of you. “Thank you,” you muttered, kissing them both on the cheek.

You had called your mom the next day, questioning her about your dilemma. She had explained it was genetic. She was lucky to even have you, and even then it was later on in her years that she did. Her sister was not so lucky and was unable to have any children.

“Adoption is always an option, sweetheart. No one will think any less of you. It’s even more of a blessing for that child who could be going off to somewhere terrible and rather into a loving family such as your own,” she chuckled into the speaker.

“Yeah, I’ll think about it. Thanks mom,” you whispered hoarsely into the phone.

“I love you.”

“Love you, too,” you said before hanging up.

A week later, you finally managed the courage to go into the clinic to get yourself checked out. The Doctor later told you that your eggs were very minimal and there was a higher chance of never having a baby then there was to have one.

You cried in her office for an hour, and she let you. She knew it was a difficult topic to consume. Once you were finished, Shiro took you home and everyone was there for the weekly dinner. You felt like you couldn’t face them but did anyway.

“Hey! How did it go at the doctor’s?” Lance greeted at the door, his smile sincere for once.

“It went terribly,” you mumbled, pushing past him and into your room.

Lance stood behind you, shrugging his shoulders towards Shiro exasperated by you and himself, stating he was only trying to help. Shiro put his hand on his shoulder and just shook his head. The two rejoined the gang, discussing the day’s events and other hot topic news. Such as Pidge’s school project getting an award and patent. Hunk being accepted into culinary school.

You came out an hour later, the group laughing and you smiled at their excitement. Keith was the one to notice you and you smile softly at him.

“_____? Would you join us?” he asked, everyone stopping in their conversation to look at you.

“Uh, I have some news.”

“We already know about you and Shiro,” Lance called, being swiftly hit in the gut by Keith and Hunk on either side of him.

You laughed slightly, they all could see the red rims around your eyes but you were really trying to hold it together. “No, uhm,” you looked to Shiro for a moment before continuing. “Shiro and I have discussed adoption and I’ve finally come to decision that we are,” you smiled.

The gang smiled widely and quickly rushed towards you with a laugh.


“Do you what you’re going to name it?”

“You should name it Lance.”

“No, if anything it should be Keith!”

“Guys!” Shiro shouted, everyone turning their wide eyes to Shiro. “We don’t even know the gender yet, and we’re not naming them after you two,” he stated with a laugh. “We already have the names.”


Shiro gave a devilish smirk your way and you stated, “Well, if it’s a girl Katie and if it’s a boy Hunk,” you told them.

“What?! No!” the two shouted.

“What have they done for you? I’m always here! I’m like a brother to you, _____,” Lance exclaimed jumping onto you.

“I am your brother, _____,” Keith stated, crossing his arms.

You looked at Keith with a deadpanned look, “No, you’re not.”

“Well, I’m close enough to be!”

Pidge and Hunk had already in the plan to make the boys angry, you had already decided on (b/n) for a boy and (g/n) for a girl. This was all just for your enjoyment.

“Oh, do I love you kids,” you laughed to yourself, watching them. This was your family and soon another would join.

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“Please don’t go” - Harrison Osterfield Imagine part 3

A/N: I feel like this part did not turn out very good and it is more like a filler anyway so I could get to the point of the story. So dont hate me if it is crap. Oh well, hope you enjoy anyway x

Word Count: 882

Warnings: none

Summary: Harrison sees you at the party, will he confess his feelings or not?

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Chapter Six

Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

 Prompt: The next chapter in the Give Us a Chance Series

 Mentions: Jamie & Jordie Benn

 Warnings: Angst. A cuss word or two maybe?

 Preview: “I don’t know Jordie, I and Tyler just became friends again. I don’t know how well being stuck on a boat with him would go.” You answered unsure about how you actually felt about going.

 Characters: 1294 words.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five 

The Masterlist is right here. 

Originally posted by dallas41chicago88

You knew this was a step in the right direction. After the talk with Tyler, you had felt better. You knew you were closer to getting your life back, what you didn’t know was if that involved Tyler.

You weren’t avoiding him anymore, but you weren’t going out of your way to see him either. You were currently laid out on the lawn in your bikini. If you were supposed to be enjoying the outdoors, at least you would get a tan.

You were focused on your book when you heard a commotion across the yard. You watched as Tyler, Candace, Jamie, and Jordie were all headed for the dock. You figured they were going out for a day on the lake. You smiled and went to return to your book when Jordie noticed you.

“Y/N!” he called out running up to you. He flashed you his killer smile and you knew he was about to ask you to come with. 

“We were just about to go out on the boat, come with.” He smiled reaching out his hand.

“I don’t know Jordie, Me and Tyler just became friends again. I don’t know how well being stuck on a boat with him would go.” You answered unsure about how you actually felt about going.

“We are all going to be there, we won’t let it get awkward, I promise. Plus, I miss hanging out with you, please?” He replied confidently once again he flashed his smile hoping he could convince you.

“Fine, I’ll come.” You flashed him a smile, for the first time in a while it was sincere.

His smile grew and suddenly you were thrown over his shoulder headed towards the boat dock.

“Jordie, I need shoes! And What about a towel?” you asked squirming in his grasp but it was no use.

“You’ll be fine.” He ignored your protests. “Look who I found!” He answered as he placed you down in the boat.

You were met by excited greetings from Jamie and Candace. Tyler shot you a soft smile from the driver’s seat.

Candace came and sat next to you and she began to fill you in on things. You pretended to listen as you watched Tyler speak to Jordie. You were worried, that maybe Tyler wasn’t okay with you being here.

You hadn’t even noticed that Candace had stopped talking until Jamie sat next to you and grasped your leg.

“He wants you here.”

You just nodded. Jamie was always good at reading your mind, almost as good as Tyler.

“He misses you.”

“I know Jamie, I know.” You answered sending him a small smile. He left it at that and you began to watch the waves behind the boat as the splashed. Music had been put on and you found yourself moving back and forth. Candace suddenly grabbed your hand bringing you to your feet against your wishes. She danced with you and you could feel eyes watching you. You glanced over and Tyler was glancing at you ever so often while trying to keep his eyes on the water in front of him.

You sat back down once the song was over. You swayed back and forth in your seat to a few more songs, laughing at jokes made by the Benn Brothers and occasionally chatting with Tyler, while Candace switched songs on the aux cord. For the first time in a long while, you felt as if things were normal. 

That normalcy was short lived when you heard a familiar song come from the radio speakers.

You knew what Candace was doing, and you weren’t sure how to react. You just sat there listening to the lyrics of the Katy Perry song.

“& On my 18th birthday, we got matching tattoos…”

You glanced at the small honeybee tattoo on your wrist, following your glance to the small matching bee sitting on Tyler’s shoulder. He followed your eyes and frowned.

“In another life, I would be your girl. We’d keep all our promises, be us against the world…”

 The song continued and you could feel the tears coming, you didn’t want to cry in front of him. Not now, not after you were finally starting to feel like yourself again. So you decided to do something drastic. Tyler wasn’t going so fast anymore and you figured you would be fine. You suddenly stood up on the seat and moved to the edge of the boat. You jumped before you could fully hear Jamie’s objection.

You hit the cool water with force. At first, the feeling was deafening, but suddenly you never felt freer. You felt the pressure just roll off you. It felt like you were under for years when it had only been a few moments. You held your breath as you heard the motor cut. You closed your eyes as you pushed yourself up towards the surface. You smiled as you wiped the stuck hair from your face.

You looked up at the boat sitting a few yards from you. All three boys were now standing on the edge of the boat their eyes scanning for where you would surface.

Tyler’s eyes found you first. “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR DAMN MIND?”

You just smiled. “What? I know how to swim.” You started to swim towards the boat.

Jamie and Jordie sighed breaths of relief.

“The water is really nice actually.” You stated matter of factly as you got hold of the ladder on the boat.

“Not funny,” Jamie answered

You just chuckled as you got on the boat. Tyler quickly wrapped you in a towel while you insisted you were fine.

“You really scared me… us, you know” He said as he sat back down on the driver’s seat.

“Don’t you guys play a sport where people literally punch one another?” you asked with a smirk.


You smiled as Tyler turned the boat back on and began driving once more. Your eyes drooped as you yawned. You leaned against Jamie and closed your eyes drifting to sleep to the song on the radio.

 If we crawl ‘til we can walk again.

Then we’ll run until we’re strong enough to jump.

Then we’ll fly until there is no wind.


You woke up, quickly realizing you were laying on something that was not moving. You were about to sit up when you heard talking. Your curiosity got the best of you and you continued to pretend you were asleep.  

“Candace what you pulled back there wasn’t cool! What if she had actually gotten hurt?” Tyler asked

 “I was just trying to help! I’m doing more than you are!” she responded defensively.

 “I’m trying Candace. I just got her back into my life! I’m not trying to push her!”

“I have to say I agree with Tyler, you need to let him handle it,” Jackie added.

 You could hear Candace huffed as she headed upstairs.

Tyler groaned in frustration and you could just imagine him leaning over putting his head in his hands.

“But Your sister has a point, Ty. Losing Y/N is probably one of your dumbest mistakes.” Jamie stated blatantly.

“You don’t think I know that? I’m going to win her back; I’ll wait as long as I have to.”

You peeked over the back of the couch and when you saw that everyone was distracted, you slowly sneaked towards the front door. You somehow escaped the Seguin house and started the walk over to your own. Were you willing to take Tyler back? You weren’t so sure of your answer just yet.

The Bet

“Oi, good morning Shebly’s.” You sang as you opened the door of the betting house early in the morning, ready for work.

“Morning Y/N.” They all said unanimously as you hung up your coat and walked into the hustle and bustle of everything. You’ve been friends with the Shelby’s as long as you can remember, they were basically a second family to you ever since your father died. Aunt Poll was like your mother, and you trusted her advice very much, and all the Shelby brothers were just that to you, or so it felt. And then there was John…who held a special place in your heart whether he knew it or not.

As you ready your cash box for the money sure to be brought in by the betters, you notice for the first time John sat over the books, scratching his head. You furrow your brows as you realize he didn’t say hi to you this morning and he wasn’t his usual charming self.

You walked over to him, planting yourself on the table, forcing him to look up from the books. He was taken aback to see you, and his face slowly grew red as he smiled.

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Imagine your daughter asking Dean for a cousin

“How about you ask Uncle Dean for a cousin?” 

The words had been playing on Katie’s mind since Sam had said them, and you realised, the moment that Dean walked into the room, your daughter was going to take her father’s advice seriously.

“Unca Dean?” she said sweetly as he set his beer down on the table.

“Yes baby?” he responded, causing her to preen under his attention as always.

“Please may you have a kiddo?”

Dean frowned, sure he’d misunderstood.

“What was that, darlin’?”

Katie sighed, looking to you for help, but you just shrugged.

“I wanna cousin,” she continued, and Dean laughed a bit, holding his hands out to take her from Sam’s lap.

He sat her on his hip shooting knowing glances at you and his brother, letting you know he knew you were behind this.

“Sweetheart, if I had a kiddo, I’d have less time to spend with you,” he told her, and she gasped, obviously not thinking that far.

“But I wanna spen’ time together,” she told him, pouting.

Dean grinned, peppering kisses over her cheeks.

“Then it’s a good thing I’m not planning on babies any time soon.”

Daddy!Sam masterpost

moody | john shelby

john has to deal with his moody teenage daughter who doesn’t like the reader

send requests here

Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre

When you married John, you knew that there was going to be issues with the kids. They were so used to having their mum, Esmé, around them constantly and now to have you, was going to be a major shock to them. The youngest ones didn’t mind as much, they didn’t really understand. His eldest, Katie, was the one with the main issue. John tried hard to make Katie understand that you were there for good, she just wouldn’t accept it. Katie would constantly make up lies, in hopes that you and John would divorce. John would tell you that the stunts she pulled didn’t matter to him, but it didn’t help in any way.  

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First Date

fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender

pairing: Katt (Keith x Matt Holt)

rated: PG 

summary: Matt invites Keith to the fall festival.

words: 2,559

My week three entry for my fic-fest! It’s my new fav rarepair lol. – Now on AO3!

“Just ask him already,” Pidge said, finally fed up with her brother’s incessant worrying, “What’s the worse he can say?”

“He could say no,” Matt replied with a dramatic huff, “He has the power to reject my offer, me, and consequently, my feelings. It’s a little nerve-racking, Pidge.”

Matt watched his little sister roll her eyes before throwing her alien blanket off of her and stepping from couch cushion to couch cushion to reach her brother.

“Katie, what –“

Pidge plucked the phone from her brother’s hand. She scrolled through his contacts until she found Keith’s name and gagged at the red heart next to it. “Does he not know about the emoji.”

“No,” Matt said defensively.

Pidge hit his name to send a text. She typed, “Do you want to go to the festival w/ me?” and hit the blue arrow to send. She handed her brother’s phone back to him. Matt yanked it from her to assess the damage.

“Oh no, oh no, he’s read it, Katie! What do I do!” Matt said, overtly dramatic as he watched in horror as the little message bubble indicated Keith was typing. It stopped, and so did Matt’s breath.


Matt flopped down into the recliner as Katie returned to her nest on the couch. She pushed up her glasses, satisfied.

Matt told Keith he would meet him at the festival at eight. His heart skipped a beat when Keith sent, “See you there :).”

Matt paced around the house impatiently. He ate his lunch slowly, and had texted Shiro several times and was ignored. Matt chalked it up to Shiro being at work, but still, he needed someone to talk to. The clocked ticked closer and closer until it was seven p.m., and Matt finally trod up the stairs and to his room.

Matt made his way to his closet and flipped the light switch. His closet was a mess of formal clothing, torn shirts, and piles of clean jeans on one side while dirty laundry piled in a dark green basket on the other. His eyes scanned the section of formal clothing and thought about a button briefly before he dismissed the idea. He looked at his shirts, and due to the fact most, if not all, had holes in some way, shape, or form, he would have worn a t-shirt of some sort. That left him with his in-between clothes; shirts that were too casual to be considered formal, and too formal to be considered purely casual. He pulled out a light-wash denim button up and a pair of form-fitting khaki-colored jeans. He was putting on his socks when his phone started to ring.

He patted himself down before he realized it was still in his old pants. He dug it out and answered it before it could stop ringing.


“Hey Matt,” a relief washed over him when he realized it was Shiro’s voice, “I just saw all your texts. Are you alright?”

Matt’s stomach lurched at the thought of seeing Keith in thirty minutes. “Yeah. Totally,” he lied. Shiro laughed.

“If it makes you feel any better, he’s just about as nervous as you are.”

Matt tried to picture Keith rushing about is room to get ready but failed to conjure an image.

“Are you trying to make me feel better, Shirogane?”

Shiro laughed again. “Not at all,” Matt laughed, “Keith sent me about a dozen snapchats with different outfit ideas.”

“Really?” Matt asked in disbelief. He didn’t see Shiro nodded, but felt it instead. “I have to go Shiro. It’s about time I start heading over to the festival.”

“Have a good night Matt.”

“That’s the plan,” Matt said before hanging up. Matt looked at his clock again, and it was twenty minutes until eight. He had enough time.

He walked down the stairs, and Pidge was still in her nest, except this time, a sandwich balanced on her blanket-covered knee.

“I look cool, right?” Matt said, proud of the ensemble he was wearing. He stuck his arms out and turned for his sister. She eyed him analytically before saying,

“You still look like a nerd to me.”


She laughed. “You look fine Matt. Now go before you’re late.”

Matt said his goodbye and left his warm house and into the cool autumn air. Leaves crunched beneath his feet as he walked the few blocks into their small town’s “downtown” area. From his viewpoint, he could see the various covered tents and warm lighting of the streetlights and lanterns. He could smell the fried food and the sweet scent of caramel. As he got closer, a line of hay cubes lined the walkway to the fall festival, a few jack-o-lanterns laughing at him as he walked.

He scanned the excited crowd of the festival until his eyes landed on a familiar mop of black hair. Keith was currently peering over a stall of custom-made knives. His red plaid long sleeves were rolled to his elbows and his hair was tied back into a short ponytail. Matt approached him, and unsure of how to get his attention, he called out to him with a wave.

Keith turned, and Matt could feel his breath hitch in his throat. Keith looked stunning in the ambers of the setting sun. His skin held an ethereal glow and his purple eyes glittered in wonder. His face broke into a shy, small smile when he finally saw Matt. Matt’s heart skipped a beat.

Matt walked over and tried to emulate a fake, confident stride. “Going to add another knife to your collection?” Matt looked at the knives, their handles a relief of scenes, ornate and well-crafted. Matt took a gander at the knife he thought Keith was looking at: the blade was a holographic purple with a light blue shimmer. The handle was more decorative than practical, its design an intricate dedication to the cosmos. The price tag read $200.

“I’m thinking about it,” Keith replied coolly despite his blush. Keith eyed the knife one last time before saying, “You hungry?”

“Sure,” Matt replied. He had the urge to grab Keith’s hand. Matt shoved his hands in his pockets to hide the twitch. “I know a stall around the central plaza that has really good teriyaki chicken.” A wave of excitement flashed on Keith’s features and Matt felt his smile widen. Screw it. “Come on,” Matt grabbed Keith’s hand and pulled him through the growing crowd of the festival.

When they got to the booth, they had to wait in a relatively long line. The two boys talked about their different classes, and, “How was fencing practice, Keith?” and “Have you figured out the code for your robot yet, Matt?” It was a comfortable conversation that neither of them wanted to stop. Keith couldn’t stop looking away when Matt looked at him, and Matt couldn’t stop looking at Keith. It was a crush in its purest form, and the two boys were smitten with each other despite their obliviousness about the other.

When they got to the front of the line, Matt paid for their food, much to Keith’s dismay. Matt winked at him. “You can get drinks, alright?” Keith blushed. Small victories.

The two wandered around the festivals, looking at different stalls and buying small trinkets for themselves or family. Matt held their bags, and Keith bought himself hot chocolate and Matt apple cider. They made it to the middle of the plaza and sat on the edge of the water fountain, the cold stone sending a shiver up Keith’s spine.

“How do you like the Garrison so far?” Matt asked as he watched Keith take a sip of his drink. Keith looked thoughtful for a moment before replying,

“It’s better than the other places I’ve been.” Keith’s father moved around a lot due to his job. Keith wasn’t exactly an “Army Brat,” but he was pretty close to it. The Garrison is the fifth town Keith and his father had moved to this year, but it’s the first town Keith has found friends in. “A lot better,” he added.

Matt smiled to himself. “I’m glad.” He elbowed Keith jokingly, “I bet it’s ‘cause of me, right? I’m quite the charmer.” Matt posed goofily, chin resting in the curve between his thumb and forefinger. He smiled at Keith, expecting to make him laugh, but instead, a pink blush dusted high across Keith’s cheeks. Matt’s stomach kicked his ass.

“Yeah,” Keith said quietly. With a small bout of confidence, Keith smiled behind his thermal cup to Matt and said, “You’re a great deciding factor.”

Matt’s heart leaped out of his chest, up his throat, and almost splattered pathetically onto his lap. His mind turned a mile a minute and his thoughts were jumbled in tangled knots. He was expecting a cute laugh, not a vague confession. Matt certainly didn’t expect Keith to look up at him from behind Keith’s long eyelashes. He wished his heart would stop its beating.

Matt nervously scratched the tip of his nose. Keith was looking at him, expecting him to say something, and when Matt didn’t, Keith’s attention turned to the brown lid of his hot chocolate.

“I’m glad you think that, honestly,” Matt said quietly. His eyes were on the crowd in front of him; the busy stalls bustled with customers and children ran weaved through the crowd in a game of tag. Under a deep purple tent, a woman with starlight hair caught his attention. A black sign with gold foil lettering shimmered TAROT READINGS, and from her expression, she had been watching them. She made a gesture, her hands motioning Matt to continue on with what he was saying. Weird.

Matt looked at Keith, and the faint pink blush still high on Keith’s cheeks. “I mean that,” Matt added, a little oddly. Keith raised an eyebrow. “When you first came here, I thought, “Man, I’d sure love to befriend that guy,” but then Katie beat me to it, and I got the label, “Katie’s brother” even though I wanted to be your friend. And then, you spent the night for the first time, and I was like, “This is my chance to befriend this really cool guy,” and I thought you were so cool when you kicked my ass in Double Dash, and then you laughed and said –“

“Better luck next time,” Keith chuckled at the memory.

“Yes, yes!” Matt said exasperatedly. “I thought you were the coolest person ever, well, aside from me,” Keith elbowed him and Matt laughed, “I think that was the night I decided I liked you, uh,” red bloomed on Matt’s cheeks, “Liked you more than just the I-think-you’re-cool kind of like.” Matt stopped and thought about what he said. How embarrassing.

“This is a terrible confession,” Matt admitted.

Keith laughed, soft and hiding his snort behind a warm hand. “It’s not so bad,” Keith said, his smile wide and brilliant. The sun finally sank and gave way to a few scattered stars. The town lights glowed warmly against the cool dark blue. Subconsciously, Keith pushed a strand of black hair behind his ear. Matt followed the movement with his eyes. “It’s… nice”

“Nice.” Matt echoed. Keith is out of his league, isn’t he?

“I mean,” Keith stuttered out, “I’ve never really… I never heard a confession, more like, no one has ever confessed to me,” Matt turned to Keith, his companion looking down at his lid again. Maybe it was the cool autumn air that made his face a rosy pink. “And I never bothered with relationships before because I constantly move around.”

Matt’s heart sank.

“But I would like to. Be in a relationship with you, that is,” Keith hastily finished, sensing Matt’s disappointment. Keith covered Matt’s free hand with his own. Keith’s hand was noticeably warm while Matt’s hand was a stiff cold.

Matt laced their fingers together, glancing at their hands with a small smile. “Would you like to be my boyfriend, Keith?”

Keith squeezed Matt’s hand. “Yeah,” he started softly, “I’d really like that.” And just like that, with those few words, Matt’s heart lifted from the pits of his chest and high into the starry night sky.

The two finished their drinks and made their way through the festival again, this time, stopping by the Tarot Reading booth. Matt learned the woman’s name was Allura, and she told Matt that Keith had gotten a reading from her before Matt had arrived. Keith denied that fact with a cherry-red face, but his denial only made Matt and Allura laugh.

They left her booth, and Keith pulled Matt back toward the booth Keith was at when Matt first arrived. The knife he wanted was marked down fifty dollars, and Keith readily paid for the custom knife. Matt offered to pay, but Keith shook his head.

“How about you pay for dinner?”

Matt’s smile reached his ears in a goofy grin. “Sure thing.”

They ate dinner in a small café a few streets away from the downtown area. They shared an order of cheese fries and enjoyed their burgers. Matt plucked a fry from Keith’s hand once, twice, and on the third time, Keith got back at Matt by taking a long drink of his chocolate milkshake. Dinner lasted an hour longer than originally planned, the two caught up in talking about anything and everything and when town’s clocked signaled it was fifteen minutes until midnight, they left the café.

Matt walked Keith home, their hands clasped together and bodies huddled closely for warmth. Matt walked Keith up to the second floor of Keith’s apartment complex, and when they made it to his door, neither of them wanted to say goodbye.

“I had a lot of fun today,” Keith said, brushing a strand of hair behind his ear. “Thank you for taking me to dinner.”

“Thank you for coming with me,” Matt replied. Matt’s eyes shifted from Keith’s purple eyes to his lips. Matt wondered if he was being obvious.

He was.

Keith leaned forward, slightly on his tip-toes. Matt closed the gap by snaking his arm around Keith’s waist. The kiss was shy at first, but when Matt applied a little more pressure, Keith returned it. They pulled apart when the doorknob to Keith’s door twisted.

Matt took a step back as yellow light flooded the dark hallway.

“Keith,” a gritty voice said, “Oh.”

Matt waved to Keith’s father awkwardly. He’s only seen him once, and it was only in passing. The man was tall and almost pure muscle aside from a slight beer belly. Mr. Kogane regarded Matt with curious eyes, and then looked to his blushing son.

“Oh, don’t let me get in y’all’s way. Sorry, bud. There’s hot tea in the kettle. Yer friend is welcome to join in, too.”

“Dad,” Keith stressed, burying his face behind his hand. Mr. Kogane laughed and shut the door, returning them to the dark. Keith’s apartment light flickered on.

“I’m sorry, Matt,” Keith said from behind his hand. Matt removed it and kissed Keith’s forehead.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Keith nodded. “Sure.”

Matt watched Keith enter his apartment before finally leaving. He got a few odd looks as he walked home, and when he walked through the front door, Katie wondered if the goofy grin would still be there in the morning.

It was.

Pidgance Cat Cafe AU

blame @gladelockwood for planting this little seed in my braid.
In this AU the cat’s are all adoptable and taken from kill shelters meaning they are given second chances, some have injuries, but the staff takes care of them very well and they also have experts come in when needed for the babs. Also on the summer basketball practice, that’s something my school used to do so I added it in for memories sake from when my brother had to go and do then came home like dead af from heat because we live in the kinda south.

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Hartwin, writing prompt no.89?

89. Wait, why are you crying?

“And now, students, it is time to leave—”

“Finally, for fuck’s sake,” Moira mutters, and Daisy snickers, drawing a brief look from one of the teachers, the same who’d confiscated the beach ball being tossed around the field of chairs and Michael’s air horn. She looks at him with an insouciant little shrug, turning back to “diligently” listen to the rest of the headmaster’s longwinded farewell speech. 

“And begin a new chapter in your journey—”

“God, that’s a unique metaphor,” Daisy says, looking around. Everyone’s on the edge of their seats, some having taken off their caps in preparation. The crowd’s murmuring, too; it’s been nearly three hours and the sun is already going down.  

“It’s a canned speech,” Moira replies. “My brother says he recycles it every single year.” 

“Very original,” Katie mutters from behind them. “What do you think is longer? The four years or this pomp and circumstance?” 

The girls laugh, just as the headmaster congratulates them for the last fucking time, and that’s everyone’s cue to leap up and shout shouting, cheering, and throwing their caps in the air. Applause breaks out from the stands, along with a few smuggled air horns. The teachers stationed around the field are trying to move everyone into a few orderly lines, but most barrel through, pulling out their phones. Daisy, Moira, and Katie stay for a while, watching people clear out, and together, let out a big sigh. 

“I got to find my family,” Katie says at last, “but we’ll meet during the summer, right? Before uni?” 

“Yeah, of course,” Daisy says, hugging them both. “It’ll have to be in a few days or at the end of July.” 

“That’s right, your trip!” Moira exclaims, then yanks out her buzzing phone with an apologetic smile. “We’ll plan something, don’t worry. And call me if your brother ends up single!”

“Not likely!” Daisy calls, waving as Moira begins to walk away, and with a final goodbye to Katie, starts to look for her family. 

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SPN: the next generation episode 7

Dean x daughter!Katie, Sam x daughter!Reader, Katie x cousin!Reader, Sam x niece!Katie, Dean x niece!Reader

read more: pilot, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

A/N 1: there he is episode 7 already. it took again long but some stories take time. I hope you like it.

A/N 2: Sorry for the delay, I hope you enjoy it ! Feedback is appreciated.

Dean POV

I begged and begged but she just looked in front of her just out of blue. It was like she wasn’t there he. Tears were streaming down her face, she didn’t look at me at all, I’m getting worried about her. I looked around the room and I looked over to the dream versions of Y/N, Sam and me. The looked betrayed and angry that why Katie is so upset. We never looked at her like that. “Katie, baby girl, look at me. I’m here for you. I’ll never leave you or betray you. You’re my daughter and I would never do this to you.” I hugged her tight and didn’t let go.


Sitting in the motel room looking at Katie and Dean sleeping, I couldn’t do anything it’s was up to Dean and Katie. They can do it I know they can, the look on their faces were so different Katie was crying and Dean had a broken face. They were in pain and we can’t do anything about it.

I looked over to Y/N with guilt all over my face. I know that she want to help Katie but I couldn’t let her. She is still healing after the accident and the potion doesn’t  work if she is wounded. She didn’t left Katie’s side after we brought her here. “Y/N ? Do you want something to eat ?” I asked her. She turned around with tears. “No ! The only thing I want is that Katie and uncle Dean to wake up !” she yelled. My heart broke to see my daughter like this, she only wanted to hunt to prove us that she was capable of doing it. Why didn’t I realize it sooner ? I couldn’t stand it so i walked out the room. Standing in the fall weather trying to clear my head.


Still sitting there with Katie between my arms trying to convince her that I’m her real father and that the other me she saw was fake. Then I realized something, when I was under a djinn spell I killed myself in the dream so I could go back. “Okay, Katie look at me.” she carefully turned her head to me. “There is my baby girl. Okay, we need to do something but it would not be fun and it can be painful.” I saw light in her eyes slightly coming back. She nodded and I let her out of my grip. I stood up and looked for something sharp that I could use. I  had nothing in my pockets but then I saw in the corner of my eye something that would help, I took it and went back to Katie. “Katie, this is going to break my heart and yours but you need to listen. I’m going to stab you with this.” her eyes went wide after I said I was going to stab her. I couldn’t do it until Katie finally spoke up. “Dad, I …. know you can’t do it but we need to.” the light in her eyes was bright, I had my baby girl back. My hands were shaking until I finally stabbed her.

All of sudden I was awake and alert, I was a little dizzy but I could hear my baby girl crying not far. Once my head stopped spinning I turned my head and saw Y/N hugging Katie, they were both crying. As I got up Sam bursted in the room and we he saw us, relief washed over his face, he moved and went to hug me and said “I’m glad both of you are back. I nodded and quickly made my way to my daughter and hugged as if life depended on it, shedding a few tears as well “It’s okay baby girl, everything is fine now, I’m here” I whispered her as she was trembling in my arms. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Sam and Y/N hugging each other too.

It has been a long day and after everyone calmed down well all went to bed but stayed with each other because none of us could let go of each other.

The next morning Dean was already gone getting breakfast. You and Katie were still sleeping and Sam was already up in the shower. Everything was normal and felt normal. You felt the bed dip a little so you slightly opened your eyes to see who it was. You saw Katie sitting on the bed as she turned to face you. “ Wake up sleepyhead, Dean brought breakfast.” Katie said but you didn’t wanted to leave your the warmth of your bed so you turned away from her but Katie would face your back and you closed your eyes again.

You woke up again feeling someone poking you in the side, you turned around to face Katie. “If you want to eat something, you need to eat now before Dean eats Your breakfast.” you’re groaned and got out of bed. Still, in your Ravenclaw t-shirt and sweatpants, you sat at the table eating your breakfast. Sam was sitting beside you doing something on the laptop and Katie and Dean were cleaning their guns.

After you were done eating you changed yourself into some flannel and jeans. You were busy cleaning your gun but your thought were somewhere else. “Dad ? How did you know where to find us ?” you asked. “Uhh… Dean woke me up when he saw that your room was empty. He woke me up and we looked through the whole bunker but couldn’t find you and Katie. So, we looked in your room and saw that you were looking for a hunt. My alarm bell was going off so we stepped into the Impala and drove to you. When we came there we found your motel room with the location where you’d went and now we here we are.” you nodded. “I’m sorry, that I worried you.” Sam stood up and came closer to you. “It’s alright kiddo, you scared the crap out of me but I get why you did it.” you looked at Sam confused. “I was a little overwhelmed by the fact that you were hurt. I couldn’t handle myself, I was too scared that I would lose you too. I can’t lose you, you are the world to me.” you shed a tear and hugged your dad.

You stayed in the position for a minute until Dean and Katie broke it. “Sorry that we didn’t mean to interrupt your father-daughter moment but I think it’s time to go.” Dean said. The two of you nodded and got yourself ready. Katie approached you after you were done packing. “Y/N, uncle Sam told me what I missed those few hours. I know that you want to save me and please don’t blame yourself for what happened. One thing you need to know, you are more like a little sister to me than a cousin just remember that.” You gave her a smile and a nodded. “Let’s go home, and please this time, take enough rest to fully healed.” You gave her a little smirk. “I can’t promise that… just kidding,  I’ll get enough rest but stop babying me.” your father, uncle and Katie laughed. “We promise. Let’s go home.”

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