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  • me: I just watched voltron and omg idk who my favorite character even is, they're all so good!
  • pidge: *is an altogether good, intelligent, and interesting character who has a bit of trouble connecting with others and who I headcanon as ace*
  • pidge: *is also a bit of an asshole with a smart mouth and Family Angst(tm)*
  • me with my track record: so I have a favorite character...

Katie | 16 | California | Bisexual

I’m Katie! I talked to a lot of great people last time so I thought I’d try again. I’m single, and I’m looking for someone who will go ghost hunting with me in the middle of the night and curl up with me to watch Netflix ☺️I’m an introvert if that’s not apparent, but if that’s your thing, follow me and hmu!


One thing I really respect about Jon Pertwee was how much he hated bullies, and how protective he was of his friends. In an interview in one of the DW magazines, he speaks of hating bullies ever since childhood because of the messed up British school system which allowed and even encouraged that kind of behaviour, and he talks about it a lot throughout the interview.

There’s this:

“I felt quite protective of Roger. There is a scene in The Sea Devils where they needed to shoot Roger floating in water to get an establishing shot. Now, Roger was terrified of water. It took a lot of persuading by me to get him to do it and a lot of Katy talking gently to calm him down enough to actually get in the water. Just as we had done that, the idiot assistant director shouted out: ‘Come on Roger, for God’s sake, you’ve wasted enough time already!’

“I was furious. I said to the AD, ‘Can’t you see how much it takes for him to do this? You shouting like that just ruins his confidence. Why don’t you stop being such an arse and jump in the sea yourself?!’ I never could stand anyone bullying people.” — Jon Pertwee, DWM 457.

And this, from an article about the filming of Terror of the Autons:

“The short-sighted Manning sprained her right ankle when she ran into a rock on the rough terrain, and started to worry that she might have to be replaced. When production assistant Nicholas Howard John—the brother of Caroline John—joked about this, he received a stern reprimand from Pertwee about upsetting his new co-star.” — DWM 311.

And Jon used to hold Katy’s hand whenever they were running because of her short-sightedness, and he would wrap his cape around her to keep her warm when they were filming on location.

no offense but i judge the entirety of a les miserables production on how hot the actor playing enjolras is

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there’s a lot going on in this video

  • carrie fisher presents for next to normal, a show about bipolar disorder and substance abuse and family (things she has spoken about a lot in relation to her own life)
  • the cast knocks their performance out of the park
  • at the end, aaron tveit looks like he’s about to fuck the woman playing his mother
  • and at the very very end, a young lin-manuel miranda appears

the show braindead has a lot of problems (namely all the whitewashing) but one thing that’s really gotten to me is the treatment of gareth’s autistic sister

gareth is an asshole republican politician, but then you find out he has an autistic sister (she’s not shown, so there’s no actual representation). he’s trying to get government funding for “autism studies” (never specified what that means), and that’s supposed to humanize him and make him likable. in reality, republicans have done so much harm to autistic people, and “autism studies” = “find a cure” eugenics

in the most recent episode, gareth calls home and talks to his mom. he asks how his sister’s doing, and his mom sighs sadly and says “she’s on a new medication, so she’s good.” i didn’t know there was such a thing as magical autism medicine.

i’m so tired of seeing autistic people used to make you pity their family. i’m not sick. there’s nothing wrong with me. i’m not a plot device to humanize my family members

Guess who managed to convince her father to let her borrow the car to drive herself to school this morning? And guess who nearly took out the little old lady across the street while she was at it? Yep, this  chick.        Oh don’t give me that look, I said nearly. Old little shit shouldn’t have been standing so close to the curb. She could of fallen or gotten hit by a car or just simply broken a fucking hip. Idiot.         …Good morning!

The workspace earlier today! I may be focusing a lot on traditional stuff behind the scenes here this winter! I plan to get booths at a couple local art fairs next year and I want to get some new paintings made to go along with the college ones taking up space around the house. I’ll be sure to document and hopefully post the majority of them to here beforehand.

We converted my mom’s “sewing room” into an art room last year, when it became clear I’d be taking more painting classes. It’s an office space that went unused for a long time and was used for storage, but it has some of the best lighting in the house (when it’s daylight out… this photo’s a bad example of that haha).

Jes: Some musings from my two weeks in Maryland: 

Andy is stunning in person, just wow. Also, a super comfortable cuddler, very easy to fall asleep with - I slept really well those first couple nights together - and it usually takes me time to sleep well with someone new. Of everyone I spent time with out there I’m closest to Andy and the transition from internet to real life was super easy and now I just miss them quite a lot.

Katie talks so much more than you anticipate her talking - but she’s hilarious so its really fun just listening to her. She’s also just incredibly beautiful in person as well, she kinda takes your breath away. 

Listening to her and Andy interact is great, you can tell they’ve known each other for awhile now, their conversations get so weird when they’re tired. lol.

Andy’s little bro Evan is also just super funny and great - I’m glad he got to hang out with us a bit - (He also made me a wand - I will show you guys soon!)

Moons is a sweetheart, like just a genuinely super sweet person and he kept just randomly reaching out to hug me (which he warned me he would do lol) - and then getting really flustered if I kissed his cheek (so of course i had to do it again - like duh). I’m super sad he wasn’t able to get away from the parents to see us a couple more times - I really wish we’d had more time together.

Laina is still one of my favorite people ever. I got to spend a couple days with her before but always with TT, and this time I had some time just with Laina and she’s hilarious - she’s also super sweet and thoughtful and the kind of person who makes you want to be a better person. 

And the voices guys, omg, the voices Laina does when she’s making gifs - or just randomly - so great. It kills me - Her and Andy got going a couple times and it was awesome. 

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