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New Muse! Colleen Holt (aka Mama Holt)

Art by captain-crykitty

  • Name: Colleen Holt
  • Age: mid 40s
  • Gender:  Cis Female
  • sexuality: bisexual
  • likes: Pastries, spring, birds, programming, writing, rain, wind chimes, her family
  • Dislikes: cold weather, lies, small-minded people, big crowds

Colleen is a lot like her daughter, Katie. They’re both clever and daring and never deal with anyone’s crap. She’s a strict mother, but loves her children with all her heart. For being a stay-at-home mom, she knows a lot about technology and programming. She’s never been a scientist but she can keep up with her Husband just fine when he discusses his work at dinner. Mrs. Holt is quite the Mama bear too and isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done to protect her family. When Sam and Matt went missing, she was devastated. Of all the things so could do for her family, she couldn’t fly herself into space to find them… Instead, she let Katie do it. Or at least, didn’t stop her daughter when she decided to sneak into the garrison. If the government wasn’t going to tell them what happened to their family, they’d find out for themselves.

A Very Merry Malfoy Christmas

Scorpius: Me
Albus: CC (@huffledoge / @w-a-d-a)
Astoria : EG (@egdramaqueen)
Draco: Arin (@space-marauder)
Narcissa : also me
Lucius: A (@youvegotenoughnerve)
Andromeda: Katie (@girlswillbeboys11)
Teddy: AK (@asktheslytherpuff / @ak-is-an-alien)
Harry: Jules (@hogwarts-tower)

((I sincerely apologize for the 79 gifs that are about to take up your entire dash. I didn’t add the extras just for this reason, and also, my arm is dead. Merry Christmas, AND A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO COLLABORATED ON THIS THREAD!!!! IT WAS SO FUN AND I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!))

Scorpius rings the doorbell

Astoria answers the door

She kisses Albus on the cheek, then greet her son

Albus grins smugly at Scorpius

They walk inside and into the dining room

Scorpius freezes

Scorpius sits next to Lucius, cowering

Lucius looks majestic af, sipping from his goblet

Draco’s eyes are narrowed as he looks across the table at Albus

Astoria kicks Draco under the table

Albus tries to make conversation

Andromeda reaches for Lucius’s goblet

Andromeda, Narcissa, and Astoria all share knowing glances

Long, awkward pause

Scorpius interjects

Astoria: “You talk about Albus as much as your father did about Harry when he was your age.”

Lucius sighs in defeat


Harry and teddy arrive at the Malfoy Manor

They enter the mansion



AU where Lena and Helena were best friends during their time in boarding school, and after years, Helena turns up in National City. They seem to pick up their friendship exactly where they had left it off…only for Lena to find out Helena is the vigilante, Huntress, who Supergirl has being trying to catch.

(gifs aren’t mine! sources x x x x x x )

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@highwaytothegrangerzone as Ebony/Enoby

@siriusly-not-over-remus as Vampire/Harry

@lifeasamarauder as Draco

@asktheboywholived Whatever Professors /B’loody Mary/ Whatever tf Else

@lizziebennetinjapan Narrator or Text

@whompingwillovv (me) as A/N

@girlswillbeboys11 as first time listener 








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ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ❝  …Shake up
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ Gotta shake up you’re freezin’
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ Make up
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ I’m gonna make up my reasons

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ I used to say I need you
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ But now I gotta leave you… ❞

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤ — The Black Keys – Sister

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Elegant, imponent, poweful, arrogant, proud, intelligent… reckless.

Bellatrix was my second daughter, so strong, knows exactly what she wants and she get it, in one way or another, even if the solution wasn’t… delicate.

She wasn’t gentle as Andromeda or was sofisticated as Narcissa but she is resistence, quick, passionate, inflexible as my husband and his family and she is beautiful as me

When that despicable blood traitor left us, Cygnus put all his expectatives and efforts in Bella and she never disappoint him but.. well she …

Violence is necessary but you can’t use it for fun, Bella always want to play with her food, loves to hear screams and loves to fight but sometimes she doesn’t feel true love.. as my family. —Druella Black (neé Rosier) about his daughter Bellatrix

Katie Mcgrath as Bellatrix Black

{Sorry if I wrote something wrong, English is not my native language }

suggested connections : (step)sister, (step)mother, ex-girlfriend, brother’s girlfriend, friend who lost a bet, sub.

   katie gripped tightly onto the female’s hips as she pushed the plastic cock inside of her, hungry at the sight of her ass bouncing. “you like my cock in your ass, pretty girl? this is what you get for not listening to me… fuck, you’re so tight.” her fingers circled the girl’s clit vigorously, knowing if she was rough to bring her to as many orgasms in one night as possible the girl was surely to feel it in the morning. “this is just the beginning, little slut. i’m gonna fill up all your holes tonight.” she let her palm smack the bare skin of her ass a few times, red marks forming on her soft skin.

x182 100x100 Katie McGrath Icons
  • Icons of Katie McGrath from ‘Dracula’, ‘Eden’, 'Roaring Twenties’, 'Freakdog’, 'Damage’ & 'Dates’
  • Credit is not required but appreciated.
  • Please do not modify in any way - I will happily edit them for you if you would like something specific.
  • Screencaps from screencapped.net, katie-mcgrath.com & katiemcgrath.france.free.fr
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  • One of the Dracula icons might be triggering (blood/gore).

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@compassionatedestiny (Starter! =D)

It was a normal day after school for a long haired brunette wearing glasses who was done with her classes for the day and was returning to her dorm. She walked down the halls of the Ra girls dorms and stopped at her door, humming softly to herself as she slowly opened it ready to relax. Inside, sitting on the floor, was her room mate and what appeared to be a cyclops monster having a tea party together.

Her mouth dropped open and she at first went back outside and closed the door again softly. ‘Okay, maybe I haven’t had enough sleep or I’m exhausted from class. I’m imagining things, I must be.’ she thought and rubbed her eyes before returning inside. They were still there. Now she wondered if she was going crazy and slowly asked, “M-Mikomi, who…who is that?” It looked like a duel monster spirit, but there was no way right? Maybe it was a guy in a costume.

In fair Verona, our tale begins with GRACE DALY, who is TWENTY-SIX years old. She is often called GONERIL by the SPADES and works as their CAPTAIN.

She was unexpected, as prophets and disasters often are. A raven-haired beauty brought into the world a little too soon, she was remarkable only for her insistence, for the way she stubbornly clung to life with too-small hands. She was a girl not quite ready for the world, a bird born with paper-thin wings, but like all resilient things, she grew—into something beautiful, something terrible, an angel with a halo that burned in the unholiest of ways. Her parents nurtured her like they would a rose, handled her so delicately that they hardly felt the sting of her thorns, but even if they had, they’d have loved her all the more for it. Their darling, their miracle, their baby—she was perfect in their eyes, immaculate when looked at in the right light. But Grace Daly has always been better-suited to the dark, to the shadows, and it was there that she became unrecognizable, a girl grown rotten from her parents’ sweetness. They created a monster when they loved her into ruthlessness, when they put her on a pedestal even God himself couldn’t aspire to, and everyone would come to see the mistake they’d made—everyone but them.

As for Grace, she made none. Every move she made was calculated, every strike meticulously aimed; she wore her lipstick like war paint and made her laugh her battle cry, terrifying and shadowed and raw. Ruthless—it was carved into her bones like an ivory title, aching and yearning and immortal—the conquering of an empire all her own. She only became crueler as she aged, conditioned to believe for all the world that it revolved around her. The only thing her father never gave her was her infamy, red-hot and burning, and she earned that herself, by taking lives and spilling blood that was never her own. Grace Daly was a wicked slip of a girl long before she broke into the Capulet ranks, all light eyes gleaming dark envy and a smile hiding sharp teeth, but she became something more dangerous once she’d fought her way into the fold: brutal. She was everything her sisters were not—silver-tongued and brass-knuckled, a hurricane in high heels, but she embraced the difference because it served her, for the black sheep get remembered.

But being remembered was hardly enough—not when her not-so-darling little sister could achieve the same recognition without anyone ever learning her name, so she looked elsewhere, as spoiled children who’ve found themselves suddenly deprived tend to do, and whether by a stroke of luck or a nod from fate, she stumbled upon the Spades. They were a crew unlike anything she’d ever seen, an assortment of puzzle pieces without a proper place strung together to make something dangerous. But strange though they were, and seemingly ill-matched, they were a well-oiled machine, fueled by fear and hunger and the ichor of ambition, and she saw potential in them—she saw destruction. She wasn’t the first turncoat to join their ranks, she’d come to learn, and she certainly wouldn’t be the last, but the Daly woman was unique in that she was not taken in like a stray puppy scratching at Faron Vasiliev’s door, a sinner begging for absolution from a man generous enough to give it. She was invited in, given a hand up—not in cruel kindness or pity, but in a sort of challenge—and sensing that Verona was on the cusp of a new age, she accepted, tossing her share of the current regime in with those who sought to tear it down. Treason looked good on her—she liked to think everything did—but a crown would look better.

It’s become her crowning glory, this name she’s built of her own volition, this throne slick with blood. Wicked—it’s etched into the scarlet curve of her smile, every bit a warning as it is an invitation to a reckoning—yours. Desire is impatient—is terror when it’s kept waiting, and her ascension has been years in the making, a slow rise hastened by treason, by betrayal, by knives in the backs of all she held dear. An empress in the making, she’ll build her kingdom on the ruins of the families she once served and do what all girls raised to believe they are princesses so love to do: she’ll rule. The world should know better than to write off a ravenous girl as a dreamer, a long-legged Icarus destined for the fall, for the sun’s not the villain in this story; she is, and queens aren’t born, they’re made.

Catherine & Regina Daly: Sisters. They’re beneath her, not merely in age, but in every way that matters. She’s never paid either of them much mind, too jealous of the attention they stole from her as a child to extend any sort of olive branch and too busy making a name for herself as an adult to tie herself to theirs, but she knows enough about them to be glad for the distance between them. Catherine, the baby, is about as contrary as the Daly girls come, with her blonde hair and heart of molten gold, and Regina, the bridge between the eldest and the youngest, is lackluster at best. They’d infuriate her if she gave them the courtesy of consideration, but she’s never been so generous with her attention. She’d like to forget they ever shared a home. 

Boris Kovrov: Rival. She’s convinced that the only advantage he has over her is time. He’s every inch the traitor she is, and—which is more—he was fallen when he crawled up to Vasiliev’s doorstep in search of acceptance, whereas she’d had the grace and dignity to knock. The door has been opened to them both, two turncoats from opposite sides of an age-old war, but old habits die hard, and it’s in her nature to want with reckless abandon what others have already claimed. He beat her to the punch; she’ll admit it, but he won’t ever have the chance again—not if she’s still breathing.

Vivianne Sloane: Bad blood. It’s strangely fitting and wonderfully hypocritical for a woman who thrived only after she’d abandoned her own son to curl her lip at betrayal; if Grace were more inclined to be preoccupied with anyone’s dilemmas but her own, she might stop to appreciate the irony. But alas, she simply doesn’t have the time. Besides, watching the Sloane woman stew in her own rage is infinitely more fun. Her former underboss has cursed her name lower than a dog’s, but the Daly woman merely laughs, knowing damn well she’ll have the last one. Good captains always go down with their ships, but great ones know when to jump.

Grace is portrayed by KATIE MCGRATH. She is currently OPEN FOR AUDITIONS.


I . a thousand shattered stars reside in the crevices of your bones / dust collecting within your lungs  / herald the day you exhale long forgotten constellations / forced to choke on the lost stories of old civilization / your father taught you this / we are all just stars that have people names .

II . canon divergent red paladin pidge gunderson / katie holt . ind . priv . sel . piloted by honey . 

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open to m/nb
suggested connection: Best friend, Boyfriend/potential lover

The blonde was lying on the couch, her head resting on his chest as they watched their favorite show. Katie felt so safe in his arms, letting out a sigh of content. “You know, I love these times we have together. You just make me feel so safe and comfortable, I feel like I could tell you anything.” She spoke softly, looking up at him with a bright smile.