katie riley

Still cant get over how people still think Maya became Riley when Katy literally said you can’t become someone you’re really close too and was proven when Riley tried to become Maya and it failed horrendously 

reasons why girl meets world deserves more seasons.

01. riley matthews and farkle minkus show girls and boys everywhere that is it okay to be yourself. and that’s something i didn’t know.

02. lucas friar shows us that even if your past is rough, you can always learn from it, be better, and change.

03. maya hart shows us that it’s okay to be a little broken and that friendship should be so deeply valued.

04. cory matthews (ben savage) teaches so many lessons in class that actually help with people’s lives.

05. isadora smackle shows us that even though she has Asperger’s syndrome, she thrives in her life. her syndrome doesn’t own her.

06. farkle + riley show us what it’s like to be bullied and also show how to solve the conflict.

07. farkle minkus shows me in every episode how i deserve to be treated by my friends and/or significant other.

08. smackle and farkle show us to embrace our differences and our own personal interests.

09. the matthews’ teach us the importance of family when going through life

10. katy and shawn show us that there’s a second chance for everyone.

that’s just 10 of the many.


“they grew up by a bay window that opened to a world of possibilities and built a friendship that was a force of nature.”

     time to say goodbye to girl meets world.


‘’All right. She’s strong but vulnerable. She takes care of me. She needs taking care of, and this is the crazy thing. I mean, here we are in the middle of this outbreak situation, right, and… she’s all I can think about. I was almost killed up there in that stairwell, and the thing I was worried about wasn’t… wasn’t death. It was that I wasn’t gonna see her again.’’