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“ Prince Charles invited her [Kate] to Klosters for his pre-wedding holiday. Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were to be married on April 9, 2005, and the Prince wanted one last skiing holiday with his sons first. It had really been intended as a boys-only trip, but Kate was not left out. She was photographed taking a gondola up the slopes with Charles and enjoying lunch with the princes and their friends. “ Wills and the Real Girl, by Katie Nicholl. O

anonymous asked:

You always say how the Middleton's have various reporters/papers on speed dial and have since early on. But, you don't think it's possible for MM to have the same?

I have never said she has or has not. 

However we know for a FACT the Editor of the Mail on Sunday was/is Kate’s PR man through her relationship with William. 

So think about it, do you really think the DM would write against a Middleton when the Editor is her PR man? Remember the Editor signs off on all stories that go in to the paper?

Also Katie Nicholls was Kate’s go to for several years and used to to print what she wanted until the Middletons stopped so Katie told some home truths in revenge.

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