katie nguyen

i was tagged by the wonderful @studytherin (thank you xiuting!♡) to answer these questions and tag 20 people just 10 … I’m so sorry for being so late ;-;

🌈Name- katy nguyen

🌹Nicknames- kat, asparagus, bún thịt nướng, artichoke (my friends are weird people lolol)

🌈Gender- female

🌼Star sign- aries woot woot

🌈Sexual orientation- i don’t know tbh, but i do love hobi a loT

🌹Hogwarts house- gryffindor

🌈Favourite colours- many shades of blue and pink

🌼Favourite animals- giraffes, polar bears, panda bears, and dogs ;v;

🌈Time right now- 10:40 pm

🌹Average hours of sleep- 4-5 hrs oops

🌈Cats or dogs- dogs

🌼Favourite fictional characters- anthony donatelli, rudy steiner, agatha of woods beyond, alice howland, and ed kennedy

🌈Number of blankets you sleep with- just 1

🌹Favourite singers/bands- phil collins, bts, seventeen, infinite, monsta x, akmu, exo, keane, coldplay, ellie goulding, and the police (i’m kpop trash i know ;v;)

🌈Dream trip- germany, switzerland, france, the netherlands, japan, south korea, and thaliand. or else, i’d travel anywhere in the us or the world with my family or friends, it’d be really fun :DD

🌼Dream job- a history or psychology teacher, pediatric nurse, and/or an actress

🌈When was this blog created- a little over a month ago

🌹Current number of followers- 500+ (thank you again)

🌈When did your blog reach its peak- whenever I’m asleep or during class breaks lol

🌼What made you decide to get tumblr- the motivation to study and do better for myself… oh and all the kpop content here (yes yes yes)

i’m tagging: @yoonstudies, @ttstudys, @stitch-studies, @pouringrainies, @patriotstudies, @minastudying, @milkteafirst, @medkip, @green-tae-studies and @eunjustudies

if you’ve already done this, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to ;-;