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♡ under the cut, you will find over ### small/medium hq gifs of katie cassidy as dinah laurel lance in arrow. none of these gifs belongs to us, so credit goes to their lovely owners. please reblog or like if you plan on using these or found this useful. request are always open, you can send them here.

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Music keeps people alive. To be honest Bring Me the Horizon, Lana Del Rey and Katy Perry are the only reason why I am still alive to this day their music has kept me from giving up it’s been there when I was at my lowest and no one was around and no one cared. I don’t care if people call me emo for listening to bmth or a fag for listening to Katy Perry or weird for listening to Lana Del Rey. I really don’t give a shit. I owe my life to them.


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