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The horrible way broadcasters are talking about female Olympians is a great example of everyday sexism

So far this Olympics, Katinka Hosszu broke the world record in the 400-meter individual medley. Shooter Corey Cogdell won her second bronze medal. Katie Ledecky broke her own world record in the 400-meter freestyle. The headlines write themselves, right? Well, not if you’re concerned with the real stars of these stories — men!

Images: Twitter/Chicago Tribune/Washington Post

“She is no easy task to beat in practice, even as a male,” he said. “I didn’t get broken by her, so I’m happy with that.” He added: “I saw her break a lot of guys in practice. … What I mean is if we’re doing a 3K threshold” — 30 all-out 100 frees — “she’ll just start beating you every single hundred, and slowly but surely you get broken like you do in a long race, like a mile. Your morale goes down pretty quickly when you get broken by a female in practice. I saw a couple of guys have to get yanked out of workout because they got beat by her.”

When I asked Ledecky about this, she claimed not to have noticed. “I was probably just concentrating on doing my own work,” she said.

—  “The Phenom” by Michael Sokolove in the NY Times Magazine

ok like this is how fucking good Ledecky is. look at her. she has already finished, touched the wall, turned around, fucking looked at her time, realized she got first, realized she broke her own fucking world record, realized she broke it by fucking 2+ seconds, FUCKING CELEBRATES, AND THE DAMN GIRL NEXT TO HER IS IN SECOND PLACE AND STILL HASNT EVEN FINISHED HER RACE.